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Digital IR System

Digital IR System #9

General term for the process of aquiring images of the body using x-rays, displaying them digitally, viewing/storing on a computer Digital Imaging
Stores the image of the body part for Computed radiography Photo stimuable phosphor plate
A cassette less digital x-ray system or flat panel detector Digital Radiography
Two types categories of digital radiography Indirect conversion, direct conversion
In digital radiography the two step process in whic x-ray energy is converted into light, then to an electrical signal Indirect conversion
In digital radiography the process in whic detectors convert x-ray energy directly into an electrical signal or digital signal Direct conversion
A means for adjusting any digital image of a body part with computer software Post Processing
What material is used in a computed radiography imaging plate. Phosphor
To process a CR image you will need: Computed Radiology reader unit, Computer system with monitors
What does ALARA mean? As low as reasonably achievable
After using a CR imaging plate, an image is recovered the plate is erased with: An intense white light
In conventional radiography what items are needed to form an image of a body part? film and intensifying screens within a cassette
What are two common post processing techniques for CR? Subtraction, Contrast enhancement
A post processing technique that can remove anatomy such as bones or organs is called? subtraction
A post processing technique that can change contrast from very high to very low is called? contrast enhancement
What does PACS stand for? Picture Archival and communication System
What does AEC stand for? Automatic Exposure time
Storage phosphors in CR plates are hyper-sensitive to? scatter radiation
If a CR plate is used for two separate exposures, the side not receiving exposure must? be covered with lead
Exposure technique chart must be used when using? a digital imaging system
What should be used for body parts that have extreme difference in tissue density A compensating filter
What will occur in digital systems if there are too few photons reaching the image receptor Quantum mottle
What are the advantages of using CR and digital radiography systems? The ability to see images quickly, A wide dynamic range is enabled, image density and contrast can easily be adjusted.
Aprox. how many times can the phophor plate inside the CR cassette be used before replacing? 10,000 times
The CR digital system image plate is scanned with a _____________ ___________ after being inserted into the reader device. lazer light
Because of wider dynamic range of digital systems, a slightly higher ______ setting may be acceptable for radiography projections using a grid or bucky kVp
The erasure process will begin if the CR cassett is opened and plate is exposed for: 15 seconds
this glows when hit by an x-ray photon scintillator
Once the image is converted to light, the light is converted to an electrical signal, this is called CCDs Charged Coupled devices
A slightly higher ______ setting when using a bucky or grid will reduce exposure time and penitrate better kVp
___________ __________ must be placed near the center area of the CR plate Body part
The body part and collimated field should always be centered to the _________ __________ when possible image receptor
In CR or DR how may margins should be seen on IR when collimating? All 4 if possible, but at least 2
How long can a CR cassette be opened and exposed to light once the exposure is made with out compromising the image? less than 15 seconds
CR cassette is not light tight but is designed to protect from? dust, scratches
T or False ID markers are not used in CR and DR because they can be easily added with computer software. False, it is reccomended to use markers while preforming exrays to reduce errors.
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