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Social Narratives

using social stories and other social narratives to teach children with ASD

How do social narratives provide support and instruction to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder? They describe social cues and appropriate responses to social behavior and teach new social skills.
These are individualized stories about a social situation that often include information about how others feel, why the situation occurs, how others may react to the situation, and where and why the situation occurs social narratives
What are the most basic of social narrative strategies? These provide an individual with statements, comments, and questions to use in specific social scenarios social scripts
What is the strategy of social narratives that uses visual symbols like those in cartoons, often laid out in a comic-strip like format to make abstract events more meaningful? cartooning
some evidence suggests that individuals with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism may benefit from more form this form of cartooning comic strip conversations
These are written in the first-person perspective from a child's hero or role-model and deal with a situation that is difficult for that child Power Cards
This method of social narrative includes the steps of: identifying the error, determining who was harmed, deciding how to correct the error, and developing a plan so that the error does not reoccur social autopsies
If the social narrative strategy is not working after two weeks, what should be done? the narrative and implementation strategy should be reviewed
Created by: ClaireWitt
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