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port adjectives1

Port adjectives 1

(the) worse (o)pior/(os)piores
bad mau/má/maus/más
beautiful lindo/a, bonito/a
better melhor/melhores
big / large grande/grandes
cheap barato
clean limpo/a
closed fechado
cold frio/a
delicious delicioso/a
difficult difícil
direct directo
dirty sujo/a
easy fácil
expensive / dear caro
fat gordo/a
good bom/boa/bons/boas
happy contente, feliz
honest honesto/a
hot/warm quente
intelligent inteligente
long longa
long (in length) comprido
low baixo/a
married casado
near / close (to) perto (de)
new, young novo/a
old velho/a
open aberto
packed with people ,fully booked (e.g. hotel) lotado
perfect perfeito/a
pretty/good looking bonito/a, giro/a
serious / honest sério
short curto/a
small pequeno/a
small (short in high) baixo
strong forte
tall alto/a
thin magro/a
tired cansado/a
ugly feio/a
weak fraco/a
Created by: usch64