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Composition Titles

Composition titles and genres needed to know for History 1 An Overview

Title of CompositionGenre and Composer
Orlando Opera Seria by Handel
Pelléas et Mélisande Opera by Debussy
Winterreise OR Winter's Journey Song Cycle by Schubert
Fidelio Opera by Beethoven
Water Music Orchestral suite by Handel for King George the First
Beatrice and Benedict Opera by Berlioz
Harold en Italie Program Symphony by Berlioz
The Creation OR Die Schopfung Oratorio by Haydn
The Magic Flute OR Die Zauberflote Singspiel Opera by Mozart
Cosi Fan Tutte Opera Buffa by Mozart
Moonlight Piano Sonata by Beethoven
Music for the Royal Fireworks Orchestral Suite by Handel for King George the 2nd
Surprise Symphony by Haydn
The Art of Fugue Keyboard Music by Bach
The Lovely Maid of Mill OR Die Schone Mullerin Song Cycle by Schubert
The Trout Piano Quintet by Schubert
Christmas Oratorio Oratorio by Bach
Don Giovanni Opera Buffa by Mozart
Eroica Symphony Symphony by Beethoven
Julius Caesar Opera Seria by Handel
Les Troyens Opera by Berlioz
Lord Nelson Mass by Haydn
Madame Butterfly Opera by Puccini
Military Symphony by Haydn
The Marriage of Figaro Opera Buffa by Mozart
The Rake's Progress Opera by Stravinsky
To The Distant Beloved Song Cycle by Beethoven
Waldstein Piano Sonata by Beethoven
Haffner Symphony by Mozart
Indomeneo Opera Seria by Mozart
Jupiter Symphony by Mozart
Romeo and Juliet Program Symphony by Berlioz
The Seasons OR Die Jahreszeiten Oratorio by Haydn
Goldberg Variations Keyboard Music by Bach
Le roi Lear Concert Overture by Berlioz
Missa Solemnis Mass by Beethoven
Rinaldo Opera Seria by Handel
Treatise on Orchestration Writing on music by Berlioz
Farewell Symphony by Haydn
London Symphonies Symphonies by Haydn
Pathetique Piano Sonata by Beethoven
Revolutionary Etude Piano Work by Chopin
Rob Roy Concert Overture by Berlioz
St.Mathew Passion Oratorio by Bach
Well Tempered Clavier Keyboard Music by Bach
Acis and Galatea Masque by Handel
Appassionata Piano Sonata by Beethoven
Children's Corner Piano Work Collection by Debussy
Die Entfuhrung ans dem Sarail Singspiel Opera by Mozart
Israel in Egypt Oratorio by Handel
Linz Symphony by Mozart
Music for Heaven and Earth Orchestral Work by Louie
Pastoral Symphony by Beethoven
Prague Symphony by Mozart
St.John Passion Oratorio by Bach
The Beggar's Opera Ballad Opera by John Gay
The Firebird Ballet by Stravinsky
The Musical Offering Chamber Music by Bach
The Sunken Cathedral Piano Work by Debussy
Almira Opera Seria by Handel
Brandenburg Concertos Concerto grosso by Bach
Choral Symphony Symphony with choral singing by Beethoven
Claire de Lune Piano Work by Debussy
Emperor Op. 67 No.3 String Quartet by Haydn
Hammerklavier Piano Sonata by Beethoven
Jeux Ballet by Debussy
Le Quattro Stagioni Solo Violin Concertos by Vivaldi
Oepidus Rex Opera/Opera-Oratorio by Stravinsky
Star-filled Night Piano Work by Louie
Waverly Concert Overture by Berlioz
Barcarrolle (Boat Song) Piano Work by Chopin
Berceuse (Cradle Song) Piano Work by Chopin
Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue Keyboard music by Bach
Emperor Concerto Concerto by Beethoven
English Suites Keyboard Music by Bach
Italian Concerto Keyboard Music by Bach
Leonore Concert Overture by Beethoven
Messiah Oratorio by Handel
Ode for the Birthday for Queen Anne Sacred Vocal Work by Handel
Prelude,Op.28 Pianno Works by Chopin
Quinten String Quartet (Orchestral) by Haydn
Symphoniy of Psalms Choral Work by Stravinsky
The Childhood of Christ Oratorio by Berlioz
The Damnation of Faust Choral Work by Berlioz
The Eternal Earth Orchestral Work by Louie
Unfinished Symphony by Schubert
Utrecht Te Deum Sacred Vocal Work by Handel
Agrippina Opera Seria by Handel
Alexander's Feast Opera Seria by Handel
Belshazzar Oratorio by Handel
Canticum Sacrum Choral Work by Stravinsky
"Dissonace"K565 String Quartet by Mozart
Dragon Bells Keyboard Work by Louie
Ebony Concerto Concerto by Stravinsky
Egmont Concert Overture by Beethoven
Ein Feste Burg Ist Unsur Gott Cantata by Bach
Erlkonig Lieder by Schubert
Esther Oratorio by Handel
Estampes Piano Work by Debussy
French Suites Keyboard Works by Bach
Grande Fugue Op.133 String Quartet by Beethoven
Jephta Oratorio by Handel
Judas Maccabaeus Oratorio by Handel
Les Noce Ballet by Stravinsky
Mass in B- Mass by Bach
Mass in Time of War Mass by Haydn
Music for Piano Piano Work by Louie
Ode for St.Cecilia's Day Sacred Vocal Work by Handel
Paris Symphonies Symphonie by Haydn
Polonaise in Ab Op.53 Piano Work by Chopin
Razumovsky String Quartet by Beethoven
Relflections in the Water Piano Work by Debussy
Requiem K626 Requiem(Mass) by Mozart
Rondo Alla Turca Piano Sonata by Mozart
Samson Oratorio by Handel
Saul Oratorio by Handel
Solomon Oratorio by Handel
The Last Seven Words of Christ (Die Sieben Letzten Worte) Oratorio by Haydn
West Side Story Musical by Berstein
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