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7-14-11 Vocab

Psychology Final vocabulary

acuity sharpness or clearness
adducted referring to movement of the extremeties toward the center of the body
ageism discrimination against old people
ambloyopia known as lazy eye
atrophy wasting away
autonomy independence and sense of self
basal metabolic rate the amount of energy that an individual uses at rest
bereavement a state of having sustained a loss
carcinogen cancer producing agents
cataracts a cloudy formation on the lens of the eye
climateric changing of life
conscience a person's internal system of values
cooperative/associate: a play style typical of preschool children in which they begin to take turns and share
dermis the innder layer of the skin directly below the dermis
DNR to not recessutate, an order that guides health care workers with regards to the wishes of the patient
egocentric self centered
emotions expressed feeling tones that influence a person's behavior
empty-nest syndrome a term used to define the reaction to having grown children leave home
enuresis bed wetting after the age when urinary control has been established
estrogen hormone produced by the ovary
euthanasia refers to the deliberate ending of one's life as well as witholding treatment
homeostasis a balance
hospice care provides care to terminally ill patients in the comfort of their homes
hypertension high blood pressure
initiative erickson's task for the preschool child demonstrated by pretend exploration and trying of new roles
insomnia inability to sleep
intimacy a feeling of warmth, love and affection
larynx the voice box that houses the vocal cords
latency the period described by Freud when school aged choldren sexual energies are relatively dormant
life expectancy the average number of years of life
mammography breast x-ray
menarche the on set of first menses
mourning the natural process that one goes through following a major loss
neurons nerve cells
ova female sex cell
parallel play a play style typical of toddlers whereby they play alongside each other but do not really interact
procreation the ability to reproduce
proximity nearness in location
puberty the period following childhood before adolescence
reciprocity the moral feelings of concern for what is fair to others
regression the return to an earlier stage of development during stressful periods
scoliosis abnormal curvature of the spine
school phobia an intense fear of going to school
somatic pertaining to the body
testes male gonads
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