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summer spanish 7->8

1 uno
2 dos
3 tres
4 cuatro
5 cinco
6 seis
7 siete
8 ocho
9 nueve
10 diez
11 once
12 doce
13 trece
14 catorce
15 quince
16 dieciseis
17 diecisiete
18 dieciocho
19 diecinueve
20 veinte
30 treinta
40 cuarenta
50 cincuenta
60 sesenta
70 setenta
80 ochenta
90 noventa
100 cien
200 doscientos
300 trescientos
400 cuatrocientos
500 quinientos
600 seiscientos
700 setecientos
800 ochocientos
900 novecientos
1000 mil
1.000.000 millón
yo I
you (informal - for use with friends, family, pets)
él he
ella she
uste(Ud.) you (formal - use with people older, strangers, "important people")
nosotros we (all male or mixed group)
nosotras we (all female)
vosotros y'all (all male or mixed group) (informal and only used in Spain)
vosotras y'all (all female) (informal and only used in Spain)
ellos they (all male or mixed group)
ellas they (all female)
ustedes (Uds.) y'all (formal in Spain; always used in Latin America)
la persona person
la mujer woman
el hombre man
el chico boy
la chica girl
el/la estudiante student
el maestro teacher (male)
la maestra teacher (female)
el compañero de clase classmate (male)
la compañera de clase classmate (female)
el amigo friend (male)
la amiga friend (female)
la madre mother
el padre father
el hermano brother
la hermana sister
el abuelo grandfather
la abuela grandmother
la familia family
hablar to talk
hablo I talk
hablas you talk
habla he/she talks; you (formal) talk
hablamos we talk
habláis y'all talk
hablan they talk; y'all (formal) talk
estudiar to study
estudio I study
estudias you study
estudia he/she studies; you (formal) study
estudiamos we study
estudiáis y'all study
estudian they study; y'all (formal) study
comprar to buy
compro I buy
compras you buy
compra he/she buys; you (formal) buy
compramos we buy
compráis y'all buy
compran they buy; y'all (formal) buy
tomar to take (also, to drink)
tomo I take
tomas you take
toma he/she takes; you (formal) take
tomamos we take
tomáis y'all take
toman they take; y'all (formal) take
escuchar to listen
escucho I listen
escuchas you listen
escucha he/she listens; you (formal) listen
escuchamos we listen
escucháis y'all listen
escuchan they listen; y'all (formal) listen
trabajar to work
trabajo I work
trabajas you work
trabaja he/she works; you (formal) work
trabajamos we work
trabajáis y'all work
trabajan they work; y'all (formal) work
comer to eat
como I eat
comes you eat
come he/she eats; you (formal) eat
comemos we eat
coméis y'all eat
comen they eat; y'all (formal) eat
beber to drink
bebo I drink
bebes you drink
bebe he/she drinks; you (formal) drink
bebemos we drink
bebéis y'all drink
beben they drink; y'all (formal) drink
leer to read
leo I read
lees you read
lee he/she reads; you (formal) read
leemos we read
leéis y'all read
leen they read; y'all (formal) read
vender to sell
vendo I sell
vendes you sell
vende he/she sells; you (formal) sell
vendemos we sell
vendéis y'all sell
venden they sell; y'all (formal) sell
vivir to live
vivo I live
vives you live
vive he/she lives; you (formal) live
vivimos we live
vivís y'all live
viven they live; y'all (formal) live
escribir to write
escribo I write
escribes you write
escribe he/she writes; you (formal) write
escribimos we write
escribís y'all write
escriben they write; y'all (formal) write
abrir to open
abro I open
abres you open
abre he/she opens; you (formal) open
abrimos we open
abrís y'all open
abren they open; y'all (formal) open
mirar to look at or watch
miro I look at
miras you look at
mira he/she looks at; you (formal) look at
miramos we look at
miráis y'all look at
miran they look at; y'all (formal) look at
tocar to touch (also to play an instrument)
toco I touch
tocas you touch
toca he/she touches; you (formal) touch
tocamos we touch
tocáis y'all touch
tocan they touch; y'all (formal) touch
Created by: emilyn
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