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Rad Test Review

This term is used to describe energy that is transmitted by waves through space or matter is called? Radiation
Demand on time, energy and resources with some threat is? Stress
What are the most common cassette sizes? 14x17,10x12, 8x10
Electrical pressure that forces current through the tube and represents contrast and quality is KVP
Type of imaginf uses non-ionizinf form of energy to produce an image is Sonography/Ultrasound
Increased metabolism, heart rate, respiration and central nervous system is best described fight or flight response
what is the distance between the exiting x-ray beam and the film? Source-to-image-distance
1kv is equal to 1000 volts
This is an effective method of treating a blocked vessel that uses a balloon is? ANGIOPLASTY
What are the Southern Accreditation of Colleges, Tennessee Board of Regents, Joint Review Committee on Education is Readiologic Technology? The VSCC Radiolgy Program is accredited by these organizations
What is the small focal spot and detail screens? When Radiographing a small anatomical part, you should implement this
What is used to keep the density constant? Phototimers serve this purpose
What is a CT? type of imaging visualizes a section of anatomy by "slices"
What are good techincal skills, interactive relationships, customer/patient realtionships? This is expected of a good radiographic student and employee
PBL stands for Postive Beam Limitation
The radiographic settings such as KVp,mAs and photocell selection is found in the Control Console
What are the Federal Agencies that monitor Radiation and Health Safety? OSHA, Nuclear Regualatory Commission and Radiation Safety/ States
This device holds the cassette under the x-ray table? Bucky tray
Diagnostic ranges for KVp and mAs are 30-150 kvp 10-1200 mas
Created by: leslier