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Radiolgy chap1

German physcicsts discovered x-rays on Friday November 8, 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
How it began He was experimenting with cathode rays outside of glass tube when he noticed a fluorescent light coming from the corner of the room
The 1st x-ray was taken of what? His wife's Anna hand
X stands for Unknown
Roentgen won the first Nobel Prize in? Physics in 1901
When did he die? February 10, 1923 of colon cancer
What is Radiation energy transmitted by waves through space and matter
What is energy? the capacity to operate or work
Mechanical Energy Sound, Ultrasound
Electrical EKG, EEG
Electromagnetic Radio waves, MRI, non-ionizing, Gamma Radiation
HEat Thermograms
Nuclear Nuc Med emits gamma Radiation( a form of electromagnetic radiation) and is able to ionize atoms
What is Ionization? a process by which a neutral atom gains or loses an electron, thus acquiring a net charge
X-rays are a man-made form of what? electromagnetic energy
x-rays are created when electrons moving at high speed are? suddenly stopped
what is a photon? the smallest unit of light. zero mass and no electric charge
The speed of light travels at? 299,792,458 m/s 186,282 miles per second
EInstein's Theory of Relativity implies that nothing can go faster than the speed of light
Almost none of the electromagnetic spectrum can reach? the surface of the earth
X-rays have? very short wavelengths, very high energy
Gamma ray highst energy, shortest wavelength
What is angiography? study of the blood vessels after the injection of a contrast
Cardiac Catherization a catheter is placed into one of the heart's chambers
Coronary Arteriography helps to diagnose atherosclerosis
Angioplasty treatment for a blocked blood vessel
What is a Technologist? skilled in a practical art/higher-level of problem solving skills and education requirements.
What is a Technician? Technical detail/work under supervision
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