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Pathology Add/Dest

Additive & Destructive Pathologies

MegaColon Additive - enlarged colon
Gout Destructive - deteriorates joints
Leukemia Destructive
Diverticulitis Additive
Anencephaly Destructive - lacks cranium covering brain
Prostate Cancer Depends on stage, and if tumor exists
Acromegaly Additive - limbs are abnormally large
Rheumatoid Arthritis Additive - joint inflammation
Emphysema Destructive - increased air in lungs
Hydrocephalus Additive - fluid in cranium
Cirrhosis Additive - causes hardening
Osteroporosis Destructive
Gallstones Additive
Aseptic Necrosis Destructive - tissue dies due to infection
Cystic Fibrosis Additive - fluid in cysts
Kidney Stones Additive
Bowel Obstruction Destructive - increased air in bowel
Pneumothorax Destructive - air in chest cavity
Atelectasis Additive - no air in portion due to collapsed lung
Ileus Additive - is the actual bowel obstruction
Volvulus Additive - bowel twisted on itself therefore thicker
Intussusception Slightly Additive - part of bowel telescopes over
Colon Cancer Depends on stage and if tumor exists
Osteogenesis Imperfect Destructive - excessively fragile bones
Ulcers Destructive - tissue is eaten away
Pleural Effusion Additive - fluid in pleural cavity
Empyema Additive - pus trapped in bronchioles
Pneumonia Additive - fluid in lungs
Atrophy Destructive - tissue broken down
Ascites Additive - fluid in abdomen
GERD Destructive - Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease
Hydronephrosis Additive - fluid in renal pelvis
Ectopic Kidney Destructive - usually non-functional so withers away
Multiple Myeloma Very Destructive - bones are eaten away severely
Paget's disease (earlier stages) Additive - bone thickens
Abscess Additive - collection of pus
Edema Additive - swelling
Tumor Additive - solid or fluid filled lesion
Anorexia Nervosa Destructive - weakens body due to malnutrition
Emaciation Destructive - substantial loss of fat and sometimes muscle
Pheumoconiosis Additive - Black Lung
Pneumonectomy Additive - lung cut out so less air
Hyperparathyroidism Destructive - causes bones to lose calcium
Osteolytic Metastases Destructive - destroys bones
Osteomalacia Destructive - softens bones, bones bend easier
Tuberculosis Additive - very contagious, lung infection
Aortic Aneurysm Additive - bulging of aorta
Aerophagia Destructive - excess air in stomach/esophagus
Chronic Osteomyelitis Additive - inflammation of bone marrow
Advanced Paget's Disease Destructive - bone breaks down
Active Osteomyelitis Destructive
Carcinoma Destructive - cancer in epithelial cells, weakens body
Osteoblastic Metastases Additive - spread of osteoblasts that form bones
Osteochondroma Additive - tumor of cartilage and bone
Degenerative Arthritis Destructive - breaks down joints
Created by: kairis276
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