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CBA exam study questions

what is work? what gets done; driven through specific lifecycle; assigned a status and has audit trail.performed by you or system
work type? type of work being performed.. ex. address change.
work object? the specific instance of a work type (a pc. of work)
what is BPM? aligns an organization w/the wants and needs of its clients by Promoting efficiency, incorporates innovation & flexibility; requires defined business rules, routing of work, iterative methodology of continuous quality improvement
PRPC Functional Capabilities (Six r's) Receiving,Routing,Reporting, Responding, Researching, Resolving
Recieving: Accept and capture the essential data decribing the multiple sources.
Routing: Use characteristics of the work, together with knowledge about the workforce, to make intelligent matches and assignments
Reporting: Provide real time visibility of work in progress, work completed, productivity, bottlenecks, and quality
Researching: Access external systems and databases through connectors, to support analysis & decision making
Resolving: complete work & uupdate downstream systems promptly through automated processing & automated support of users
what does a shape represent? A rule
what is a smart shape attached to ? a rule
what are the roles in PRPC? Work User, work mgr., business architect,system architect, & system administer
Portal? Allows the user to interact with PRPC through a role based interface.
Intergration Used by SA and others to share process commander applications and data with other systems; connect to & work w/multiple systems of record.
Where Am I? click on the icon on a worklist or work object form to show where you are in the flow; a diagram appears in a separate window with an arrow marking the current assignment
Explain navigation slices The components of your application are readily accessible through navigation slices; when you log into the Developer portal you will see slices.
Process used by System & Business Architects to plan the process flows and maps; and to determine how work gets completed
Policy Decisions Used by BA's to capture SLAs, Manage bus. rules, review and analyze avail. dependency networks.
Policy Decision Decision rules that are already out there to use for types of rules associated with decisions.
User Interface Used by SA & others to design and manage: user portals, UI pages, forms, and other presentation layers
Integration Intergration rules used by SA to share process commander applications & data with other systems; connect to & work w/mult. systems of record
LDAP Authentication An example of integration
What is Monitor Activity Includes links to monitor work status, track progress, and define custom reports on data and rules.
What are Cases and content Cases and Content Management provides ability to define structured and unstructured content with cases managed and generated by the application. (SLA, Properties, Folder & Covers)
Rules Are atomic building blocks of an application such as the UI, Business Logic, & Data storage; these are combined to build your application.
What's a field A property; it holds data. The field corresponds with a property and is stored in the database in a row.
Where do you see a property on the screen.
Processes flows in which the lifecycle of a unit of work moves until it is resolved.
Shape: All shapes represent a rule.
What is the BA(business analyst) role? BA captures objectives; and puts directly into the system
System Architects(IT) Generate the application structure and complete the applications.
Describe the essential elements of a BPM application the BA captures the objectives and completes the application profiler that generates the applicaton profile; that is consumed by the app accelerator which creates rules and generates use cases and application structure(classes, flows, UI,etc.)
How is the Developer portal different from the end user portal or worker portal? The developer portal allows the developer to go through all the roles without signing in and out of the application as different users. Click the link to impersonate the user to step through the process.
What do flows represent? Business processes, Contain network of shapes and connectors, create and operate work objects
What does the nework of shapes and connectors work? Each with associated parameters and values; govern how work objects process through their lifecycle
How do you use Process Explorer? It shows the starter flow and subflows for the application; it identifies flow relationships.
How do you access the Process Explorer From the Developer portal home page select the Process slice.
Flow Editor? To edit the flow utilize flow editor by clicking on the flow editor icon.
Start shape: identifies the start task of a flow; every flow has a "start shape".
Flow end: Marks the end of a flow; when processing reaches this point no further processing by this flow rule happens
Comment allows you to add notes
Assignment Shape Purpose is to pause in the flow it is a task that must be completed before the flow can progress. Can be routed to a indiv. grp or sysm; may include an SLA.
Assignment:Flow Actions local flow action and a connector flow action; local flow action is something done to the work object and the connector is the arrow leading from an assignment. connector flow action= top; local flow action=bottom
Describe a Connector Flow action they lead away from an assignment,advances the work object through the process; they are usually displayed in a pull down list (the short descr. determines the text in dropdown)
Describe a Local Flow action they do not advance the work, standard local flow actions include(adding a note to work obj, reassigning the work object to another user or group.
Router? A router is attached to an assignment shape and sends work object to new assignment; it is sent to any operator other than the current user
what is a Decision shape represent? Represents an automated decision based on inputs from the flow and the work object.
what can a Decision shape call? -Decision Tree; Decision Table, A Map Value or a Boolean Expression (When rule).
What is the determines the connector? The shape that it is connected to
Explain what connectors leading from the assignment shape specify? They specify flow actions.
Explain what connectors leading from a Decision shape specify? Decision Results
Explain what connectors leading from a Utility shape specify It specifies the path through the flow.
what are characteristics of properties Define data associated with work; some are set in the background; are listed in the Property category and should be defined for usability.
What are the property types? Common data types are text, integer, true or false(for boolean value).
What to keep in mind when naming a property? Case sensitive, must capitalize the first letter of the property with all other letters lowercase; no punctuation; must start with a letter. Properties may be alphanumeric or alphabetical. no punctuation;no spaces.
What is a Section? It defines the appearance & content of horizontal portions of a work object form (screen)...listed in the User Interface category.
what is contained in a section? properties, labels, and other UI elements.
Where do you open section rules? under the User Interface slice or the Application Explorer.
What is a "Smart Layout"? it provides templates to ease UI creation and apply a consistent look to your application.
Layout group? used to add container, section, layout tab, or repeating layout.
Basic group? used to place simple UI controls in a cell
Advance group? Label, Input box, text area, icon, button, check box, radio button, url, calendar, select, image.
How do you add properties to a "section rule"? Click the bullet preceding the property name and drag to the cell whre you want ot place the textbox control.
Things to know about Decision Rules Decision rules are maintained separately from the flow and allows the business users to maintain assigned decision rules.
What are references to a "Decision Shape"? Connectors from a decision shape represent the possible paths the work object may take based on the result status. and are automatically generated from the Allowed Results of the decision rule.
In what slice do we find the decision table rules in an application? Policy Decisions slice.
Explain the Decision Table rules? Define a series of test performed on property values to make an automated decision. Each row is evaluated sequentially from top to bottom. Each row contains test conditions and a result. The return condition is the first row that evaluates to true.
How to find the Decision Table from the flow? Select the decision shape and use the "open Icon to open the rule.(click on the pencil)
How are properties referenced in the application? With a dot.
How do you complete a Decision Table Form? In the table tab, record the conditions to be tested in each row and in the result column of each row enter the result when all the conditions in the row are true.
Work has a process lifecycle that can be entered, assigned,viewed, searched, processed, resolved or reopened
Work Item? A specific instance of work type; stores information that can be processed or accessed in reports
What is a Business Process Describes and controls precisely how business is conducted; defines data and information flows and interactions nternally & externally
What is BPM Business Process Management? Methodologies, technologies & activities that connect all the elements, interactions & assets involved in executing a process
what is incorporated in Business process management? planning, designing, building, operating, maintaining, & improving business processes
Data model provides the foundation for the BPM application
Elements of a BPM application user interface, business logic, reports, data behavior and storage, other capabilities
Elements of a BPM Application is the Process The process represents a work flow or process, comprised of business rules that determine how work is completed and resolved.
Elements of a BPM Application: User Interface Design and manage user portals, forms used to collect information, pages used to display information or other presentation layers
Elements of a BPM Application: Logic and Decisions Evaluate info, perform calculations, route work,automate decisions
Elements of a BPM Application: Integration Share data with other internal or external systems; connect to and work with multiple systems of record
Elements of a BPM Application: Reporting Monitor work status and track progress
Elements of a BPM Application: Case Management Consolidate, view, and coordinate the processing of related work items; define structured and unstructured content, with cases managed and generated by the application
Process Commander applications provide process mangement and automation through six functional capabilities, informally known as the 6 Rs...What are they Recieving,Routing, Reporting, Responding, Researching, Resolving
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