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What to do with a pick up order: Name, Phone, Order, Repeat!
What takes 10 minutes with a pick up order? Combos, small orders, easy orders.
What takes 15 to 20 minutes with a pick up order? chicken wings, spicy squid/ prawns, large orders.
what takes 20 to 30 minutes with a pick up order? when its really busy
When don't we accept credit card #s? with pick up orders
What do we do with a delivery order? Address, phone, order, repeat!
How much is a delivery charge? 4$
What type of payment do we take with delivery? Cash, Charge, Debit, no amex, no cheque, no gift cards. (If charge, give # to delevery guy)
Where should all orders be written on? An order pad.
Should you flip unfinished orders over to write a new one? No.
What should you write on the bottom of the bill and on the tear away portion? the time of all orders
If someone wants a combo #2 with no dry garlic pork, replace with sweet & sour pork, how do you write it? (No DG PK, SS PK)
How to write Special Chow Mein SP CM
How to write Chicken Chow Mein CCM
How to write Pork Chow Mein PK CM
What is MCM? Mushroom Chow Mein
How to write Curry beef or Chicken Chow Mein? CUR BF CM or CUR CH CM
Beef Chow Mein? BF CM
Shrimp Chow Mein? SH CM
Beef and tomato Chow mein? BF TOM CM
Special Fried Rice? SP FR
Chicken or Pork Fried Rice? CFR or PK FR
Mushroom Fried Rice? MFR
Curry Beef or Chicken Fried Rice? CUR BF FR or CUR CH FR
Beef Fried Rice? BF FR
Shrimp fried rice? SH FR
Beef Tomato Fried rice? BF TOM FR
Special Chop Suey? SP CS
Chicken, Beef or Pork chop suey? CCS, BF CS, PK CS
Vegetable Chop Suey? VEG CS
Curry beef or chicken Chop Suey? CUR BF CS, CUR CH CS
Beef and Broccoli Chop Suey? BF BROC
Almond Guy Ding Chop Suey? AL GD
Tofu Vegetable Chopped Suey? TOFU VEG
Lemon Chicken? LEM CH
ALmond chicken? AL CH
Sweet and Sour chicken balls? SS CH BALLS
Peking chicken? PEK CH
Chicken and Black Bean CH & BB
Which two beef orders should you always clarify? "Crispy Ginger Beef" and "Ginger Beef And Green Onions"
Ginger Beef? GING BF
Crispy Beef? CRISPY BF
Beef and Black Bean Sauce? BF + BB
Beef and Black Pepper Sauce? BF + BL PEP
Sweet and Sour Pork? SS PK
Pineapple Sweet and Sour Pork? PIN SS PK
Honey Garlic Pork? HG PK
Sliced BBQ Pork? BBQ PK
Prawns? P-
Spicy Prawns? SPICY P-
Prawns with black bean, tomato, or curry? P- BB, P-TOM, CUR P-
Wonton Soup? WT SP
Crispy Wonton? SS WT
Wor Wonton? WOR WT
Lettuce Wraps? LET WRAP
Egg Roll? E ROLL
What's in Wonton Soup? Pork & Shrimp filled dumplings with broccoli and BBQ pork in consume broth garnished with green onions (4 in small, 12 in large)
Whats in Hot and Sour Soup? Spicy and sour soup with shrimp, tofu, carrots, egg, mushroom, pickled radish and bamboo shoots. (sml and large)
Whats in Wor Wonton? Pork & shrimp filled dumplings (10) with prawns, scallops, bbq pork chicken, bok choy, carrots, baby corn, snow peas, re peppers, and water chestnuts in consomme broth (one size)
What's in lettuce wraps? Diced chinese sausage, bacon, celery, water chestnuts,an carrots served on fried rice noodles. (comes with hoi seen sauce, a sweet tasting sauce that enhance flavours in the wrap)
whats in Calamari seasoned and lightly breaded fried squid served with sweet chilli sauce
whats in potstickers pan fried pork and vegetable filled dumplings served with red vinegar (6)
Whats in chicken corn? diced chicken, egg, and cream of corn (comes in small and large)
whats in Crispy Fried Wontons minced pork and shrimp speially wrapped in wonton wrapper served with sig sweet and sour sauce
whats in anegg roll bean sprouts, celery, carrots, cabbage, onions wrapped and fried in our special batter
whats in dry garlic pork lightly breaded pork, fried and seasoned with garlic salt
whats in mini spring rolls bite sized vegetarian spring rolls
whats in edmame beans steamy soy beans seasoned with course salt
whats in dry garlic wings fried chicken wings seasoned with garlic salt
whatts in honey garlic wings fried chicken wings, stir fred with sig honey garlic sauce
whats in spicy wings fried chicken wings stir friend with spicy salt seasoning
whats in appy platter crispy fried wontons, mini spring rolls, dry garlic pork, crispy fried prawns
whats in romaine caesar romaine lettuce tossed with caesar dressing and croutons (could add chicken)
whats in mixed greens mixed greens tossed with black seseme vinaigrette
whats in ginger beef and green onions sliced beef stir fried with onions and green onions served on a sizzling hot plate
crispy ginger beef crispy strips of lightly breaded beef in a sweet and tangy sauce
whats in beef and black bean sauce? sliced beef stir fried with baby corn, carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, and water chestnuts in savoury black bean sauce
whats in beef and black pepper sauce sliced beef stir fried with red and green peppers, mushrooms, baby corn, onions in spicy pepper sauce
what do we have for western food? -fish and chips -grilled cheese -chicken burger (lettuce tomato mayo) -chicken strips (spicy plum sauce) -cheese burger (lettuce tomato mayo) (all items include fries)
Whats in combo 1 chicken chow mein sweet and sour pork spring roll
whats in combo 2 chicken chow mein dry garlic pork spring roll
whats in cmbo 3 chicken chow mein pork fried rice sweet and sour pork
whats in combo 4 chicken chow mein pork fried rice vege chop suey 5 chicken balls
whats in combo 5 chicken chow mein sweet and sour pork almond chicken
whats in combo 6 chicken chow mein sweet and sour pork vege chop suey almond chicken
whats in combo 7 chicken chow mein sweet and sour pork 5 crispy fried prawns
whats in combo 8 chicken chow mein sweet and sour pork vege chopped suey 5 crispy prawns
whats in combo 9 plain chow mein vege chop suey steamed fried rice
what is our fried rice stir fried with peas and egg in soya sauce
what is our fried rice house special shrimp, chicken, bbq pork, and mushrooms (no sauce)
Created by: sashamaria
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