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which is NOT an element of data quality Data back up
The protection measures and tools for safeguarding information and information systems is Data Security
computer software programs that assist in the assignment of codes used with diagnostic and procedural classification are Encoders
A special web page that offers secure access to data is called Portal
what technology would allow a hospital to get as much medical record information online as quickly as possible Electronic document management system
What is necessary to ensure that each term in a EHR has a common meaning to all users Controlled Vocabulary
What tasks may NOT be performed in an electronic health record system Assembly
Electronic systems used by nurses and physicians to document assessments and findings are called Electronic patient care charting
Data definition refers to Meaning of data
The ability to electronically send data from one electronic system to a different electronic system and stil retain its meaning is Interoperability
The key data element for linking data about an individual who is seen in a variety of care settings is Unique patient identifier
A hospital HIM department wants to purchase an electronic system that records the location of health records removed from the filing system and documents the data of their return to the HIM department. What electronic stystems would fulfill this purpose? Chart tracking system
What does an audit trail check for? Unauthorized access to a system
An individual designated as an inpatient coder may have access to an electronic medical record in order to code the record. Under what access secruity mechanism is the coder allowed access to the system? Role-based
What is false about a firewall? Firewalls are effective for preventing all types of attacks on a healthcare system
The technology commonly utilized for automated claims processing (sending bills directly to third-party payers) is Electronic data interchange
A software interface is a Program to exchange data
What is the BEST way to ensure that data breaches are minimized when a coder from homes computer is unatteneded? Automatic session terminations
What security measures should be in place to minimize security breaches in electronic billing systems. Edit checks
what would be the best technique to ensure that registration clerks consistently use the correct notation for assigning admission date in a electronic health record? Provide an input mask for entering data in the field
In hospitals, automated systems for registering patients and tracking their encounters are commonly known as ---------systems ADT
what provides organizations with the ability to access data from multiple databases and to combine the results into a single questions-and-reporting interface? Data warehouse
The ___________ is a type of coding that is a natural outgrowth of the electronic health record. Computer-assisted coding
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