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Round White Potatoes 1
Onions 2
Red Delicious Apples 3
Carrots 4
Iceburg Lettuce 5
Cauliflower 6
Celery 7
Grapefruit 8
Valencia Oranges 9
Mushrooms 10
Tomatoes 11
Cantaloupe 12
Kiwi 14
Cucumbers 15
Flat Leaf Spinach 16
Broccoli Crowns 17
Red Grapes 18
Peaches 19
Baby Carrots 20
Seedless Cucumbers 21
Assorted Pears 22
5LB Red Patatoes 24
Honey Dew Melons 25
Idaho Baking Potatoes 26
Vine Tamatoes 28
Mixed Squash 30
Mixed Fruit 32
Sweet Potatoes 33
Nectarines 34
Plums 35
Sweet Corn 36
Grape Potatoes 38
Lemons Or Lime 39
Strawberries 40
Blueberries 41
Asparagus 43
Roma Tomatoes 46
Cabbage 47
Gala Apples 48
Pineapple 49
Rose Bouqets 51
ASS'T Bouquets 52
Granny Smith Apples(pack) 53
Mangoes 55
Garden Salad 57
Avacados 58
Green Beans 60
Red Onions 61
Romaine Hearts 62
Cherries 63
Green Grapes 64
Yukon Gold Potatoes 65
Garlic 67
Seedless Watermelon 70
Fuji Apples 71
Green Peppers 74
Sweet Onions 75
Multi Color Peppers 76
Granny Smih Apples (single) 79
Gala Apples 81
Braeburn Apples 81
Aldi Large Eco Bag 83
Aldi Small Eco Bag 84
24PK Spring Water 85
Choclate MIlk 88
Scoop Cat Litter 201
Complete Nurture Dry Cat 202
Complete Nurture Dry Dog 203
Homogenized Milk 209
2% Milk 210
Skim Milk 211
24PK Cola Cans 213
4LB Sugar 214
Insulated Bg 216
Created by: amayne
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