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Pugin Master

All Pugin questions

Where is Tollbooth St Johns? Edinburgh
Where did AC Pugin claim he had been thrown into a pit with hundreds of bodies? Near Place de la Bastille
Who was the hero of Fribourg? Joseph Pugin
AC Pugin was a regular contributor to which fortnightly magazine? Le Cabinet des Modes
Who was the painter friend of AC Pugin who married one of AC Pugin's sisters? Louis Lafitte
For which architect did AC Pugin take a job as a draughtsman? John Nash
What role did AC Pugin have working for John Nash? draughtsman
AC Pugin painted the scenery for which play at Nash's theatre in Camarthen? The School for Scandal
AC Pugin paited the scenery for The School for Scandal, put on in whose Camarthen theatre? John Nash
AC Pugin was a draughtsman on which restoration project of John Nash's? St David's cathedral
In which year did AC Pugin marry Catherine Welby? 1802
The principal seat of the Welby family was in which Lincolnshire town? Denton
Catherine Pugin was a devotee of which Scottish preacher? Edward Irving
Where was Edward Irving's chapel? Hatton Garden
Whose preaching did Pugin describe as “services at which no human child could possibly keep his eyes open”? Edward Irving
Ferrey suggested that the preaching of which man drove Pugin into the arms of Rome? Edward Irving
After an illness in which year did Pugin go to Christchurch and Salisbury to recover? 1825
Where did Pugin go to recover after his illness in 1825 Salisbury and Christchurch
Pugin noted the collapse of which robert Wyatt construction in 1825? The tower of Fonthill Abbey
when he was 14 Pugin visited which castle which was under restoration? Rochester
Where do Pugin lower himself into a well in search of treasure? Rochester castle
where did Pugin have a trench dug to expose foundations only to narrowly escape injury when the trench collapsed? Rochester castle
which antiquarian broker On St martins Lane became a friend of Pugin.? Edward Hull
which artist did Pugin hang curtains for being a particular fan of his work? David Roberts
Who was the curator of prints and drawings at the British Museum? JT smith
What was the nickname of JT Smith? Rainy Day Smith
Where did the welby family live in Islington? 2 Pullins Row
Which book did Catherine and Adlard club together to buy? Payne's "Age of reason"
After whom did Catherine name Pugin? Thomase Northmore
Thomas Northmore was a founder of which club? Hampden club Hampden club
what was the name of catherine's half sister? Selina Selina
when Adlard and Catherine tried to establish a community it was based on whose ideas? William Godwin
What do Southey and Coleridge call The welby's Godwin based experiment? Pantisocracy
where did Catherine and Augustu marry? St Mary Marylebone
Where did the Pugins live immediately after their marriage? 2 Pullins Row with the Welbys
whose impeachment did Catherine and Auguste cover? Lord Melville
whose funeral was the Subject of the first illustration to appear in The Times? Nelson
How was Auguste listed in Holder's Directory? Artist Artist
who did Catherine fall Out with when they didn't give August any architectural commissions? Nash
who owned the Repository of the Arts? Rudolph Ackerman
what was Ackerman business on 101 The Strand called? Repository of the Arts
where was the Repository of the Arts? 101 The Strand
what was the name of Auguste's book showing Regency London? The Microcosm of London
who co-ordinated the production of The microcosm of London? Rudolph Ackerman
To whom was Catherine's inheritance entrusted? Adlard
following Catherine' father's death where did AC Pugin and Catherine move to? 39 Keppel Street Bloomsbury
On which date was Pugin born? 1 March I812
Where was Pugin born? 39 Keppel St Bloomsbury
who drew the picture of Pugin aged 2? Louis Lafitte. Louis Lafitte.
what was the name of Pugin's aunt who married artist Louis Lafitte? Jeanne Adelaide
At what age and in what year did Pugin take the first holiday he was later to remember? Aged 6 in 1818 a trip through Huntingdonshire Lincolnshire and Yorkshire
In I818 where did the Pugin family stay with Adlard? Rauceby
for what book published by John Britton did Auguste provide drawings? "The Architectural antiquities of Great Britain"
Who edited and published 'the Architectural antiquities of Great Britain for which Auguste produced drawings? John Briton
what was the second book that Auguste worked with John Britton on? Specimens of Gothic Architecture.
where did the Pugin family move to in 1819? store street
who wrote the text for " specimens of gothic architecture'? Edward Willson
Where did Edward Willson live? Newport near Lincoln
What royal event was August commissioned to illustrate in 1820? The coronation of George IV
It has been suggested that August had an affair with which poet shortly after Pugin was born? Margaret Harries
Where did Pugin retrieve Catherine's luggage from as steamboat as she was too nervous to travel on it? Dover
in which year did Pugin draw his first church? 1821
where did the young Pugin make drawings or tumbledown cottages? Hastings
Pugin would entertain his parents with drawings based on what stories? Arabian Nights
When Pugin was 11 he was sent to which school? Christs Hospital the Bluecoat School
in 1823 the Pugins moved from store street to which street? Great Russell St
which architect built both Keppel st and Great Russell St? Thomas Cahill
which seascape painter was a student of the Pugins? Edward Cooke
Which architect engraver and lifelong friend of Pugin was a pupil at Great Russell Street? Talbot Bury
what did Pugin draw for his fellow Students to show who was in and out of favour in the Pugin household? Wheel of Fortune
which of the Pugins' pupils got lost at Versailles? Talbot Bury
where did the Pugins go on tour in 1824 the drawings later being used in a book? Normandy
What book was based on the drawing made on the 1824 tour in Normandy by the Pugins and their students? Specimens of the antiquities of Normandy
which French city became a Touchstone for Pugin? Rouen
In which french french town did Pugin break a hole on the vault roof and lowered some of the smaller boys through to draw the structure of the pendant vault? Caudebec
WHo guided and assisted the Pugin group Arcisse de Caumont
which French antiquery became a lifelong friend of Pugin's after they met on the 1824 trip to Normandy? EH Langlois
what did Pugin buy from the Ducal Palace in Caen? Tiles and fragments of stained glass.
What award was made to Louis Lafitte? legion d'honneur
which body was set up in 1818 to deliver the building of new churches? Church Building commission
what term of abuse was levelled at the product of the Church Building commission's efforts? Commissioner's gothic
Who rebuilt the British Museum? Robert Smirke
who were the royal goldsmiths? Rundell Bridge and Rundell
For what purpose did Pugin attend Christie's auction house with John Bridge in I826?? (check year) Sale of Duke of York's plate.
Who was in charge of the refurbishment of Windsor Castle? Nicholas Morel
How old was Pugin when he designed furniture for George iv at Windsor? 15
Pugin supervised the manufacture of his furniture designs for windsor.where was the workshop? Aldersgate Street
Which piece of Pugin furniture at Windsor was destroyed in the fire or 1992? sideboard
which French designer involved at Windsor was thought of as 'a very ignorant conceited man and extremely unpleasant to be Connected with?' Desmalter
Pugin contributed a number of views to his fathers book of I828. what was in called? Paris and its environs
Pugin drew Notre Dame Hotel de Cluny and Sainte Chappelle for which book of his fathers? Paris and its environs
what was Auguste's next book after 'paris as its environs'? "Examples of gothic architecture
Pugin started working in the theatre after meeting which scene shifter? George Dayes
what was Pugin's first Job in the theatre? super-Fly for Der Freischutz
what did a super-fly man do in the theatre? manage special effects
Pugin's job as a super-Fly man for Der Freischutz was at which theatre? English Opera House
which sussex castle did Pugin draw for his father's book "Examples of Gothic Architecture"? Herstmonceux Castle
which Scottish architect did Pugin develop a friendship with when he Came to London to find furnishings for a house in Murthly Perthshire? ''James Gillespie Graham"
which Jacobean House did Pugin visit and draw for Gillespie Graham? Hatfield House
where was the house designed by Gillespie Graham for which Pugin supplied carvings casts models and drawings? Murthly in Perthshire
who at the Covert Garden Theatre did Pugin approach requesting employment? Thomas Grieve
what was Pugin first production far Thomas Grieve at the Covent Garden Theatre? The Devils Elixir
The centrepiece of The Devil's Elixir was the collapse of what? St Anthony's shrine.
what was the centrepiece of the Devils Elixir? collapse at St Anthony's shrine
Pugin designed a suite of interiors for which james Gillespie Graham building in Perthshire? Murthly
What interiors did Pugin design for murthly? Great Hall. Hammerbea ceiling chapel entrance hall staircase library drawing room
The Drawing Room at Murthly was in which style? Louis XIV
In November I829 where Pugin take a lease in order to set up his own business? 12 Hart St
who was Pugin's main customer at Hart St? Mrs Gough
where did Mrs Gough live? Perry Hall Warwickshire
what did Pugin design for Mrs Gough? furniture including sideboard and chairs
Pugin supplied furniture to Mrs Gough fiat packed. What assembly instructions did he supply? Glue not needed they are sufficiently firm without.
when Pugin asked Mrs Gough for £10 how much did she send him? £20.00
What did Pugin give to the Priory at Christchurch? Altar table
In 1830 what gift did Gillespie Graham give to Pugin? Inscribed compasses
Who gave Pugin a gift of inscribed compasses Gillespie Graham
What gift from Gillespie Graham is Pugin holding in the Herbert portrait? Inscribed compasses
Who wrote the ballet Kenilworth? Deshayes
What ballet was written by Deshayes? Kenilworth
What did Pugin produce for the Production of Kenilworth? scenery
Princess Victoria copied some of Pugin's clothes designs for Kenilworth for use where? with her dolls
On which production with volcanic effects did Pugin work? Last days of pompeii
Bought in 1831 what was Pugin's first boat called? Elizabeth
What was the name of the man who accompanied Pugin on the Elizabeth from Westminster and up the Medway? Ward
Where was Pugin shipwrecked near? Leith
What is the title of Pugin's early attempt at an autobiography? Designs for furniture
What was the name of the younger half-sister of George Dayes? Sarah Anne Garnett
Anne Garnet was the half sister of which of Pugin's friends? George Dayes
How many years older than Pugin was Anne Garnett 3
Before they married where did Pugin take Anne on holiday? Christchurch
What was the occupation of Anne Garnett's father? tailor
What was the occupation of Anne Garnett's mother? miniaturist
For what reason was Pugin put in the sponging house? non payment of rent
Auguste asked which publishers to underwrite a bond for Pugin's release from the sponging house? Weale and Hogarth
Who is thought to have paid off Pugin's debts? Selina
Which historic location did Pugin recreate for a production of Henry VIII? Westminster Abbey
What was ommitted from the scenery design of Westminster Abbey for the production of Henry VIII for historical accuracy? Hawksmoor's towers
What Christmas pantomime did Pugin work on in 1831? Hop o my thumb
Where did Pugin and Anne Garnett marry? St Mary's Whitechapel
When did Pugin and Anne marry? 12th January 1832
What aspect of Irving's ministry was satirised in Hop O My thumb? glossolalia, speaking in tongues
What disease was gripping England at the time of Pugin's first marriage? cholera
On which ship did Pugin and Anne sail from London to Leith in 1832? Royal Sovereign
Near where did the Royal Sovereign lose her top mast gaff topsail and flybynight? Fern Islands
When Pugin arrived in Edinburgh in 1832 there was a cordon sanitaire in force due to an outbreak of which disease? cholera
What was the first spire that Pugin designed for Gillespire Graham? Montrose
The spire at Montrose was based on which Lincolnshire church? St James Louth
Whose repairs at York Minster did Pugin object to? Robert Smirke
When did Anne give birth? 20th May 1832 in the afternoon
What relics of Anne were found after Pugin's death? death mask cast of her hand and a scrap of a baby's smock she had been sewing
On what day did Anne Pugin die? 27th May 1832
Where did Anne ask to be buried? Christchurch Priory
Where in Ramsgate did Selina live? Rose Cottage
What was the first of Pugin's Ideal schemes? The Chest
In what work did Pugin first draw his coat of arms? The chest
What was 'gules on a bed or a martlet sable with his mongram above'? Pugin's coat of arms
What was the name of the Salisbury stonemason that Pugin befriended? William Osmond
How did Pugin describe neo-classical memorial tablets? Blisters
In the tour of 1832 the sight of which cathedral brought tears to Pugin's eyes? Wells
Which cathedral caused Pugin to exclaim "the most magnificent thing for detail that can be seen…Gothic for ever" Wells Cathedral
Apart from the rights to "Examples…" what did Auguste leave to Catherine inhis will? 5 Shares in Brunel's cemetary company
What was the second ideal scheme? The Shrine
Auguste died on which date? 19th December 1832
Where was Auguste buried? The Welby family vault at St Mary's Islington
Who wrote the text for the second part of "Examples"? Edward Willson
When did Catherine Pugin die? 28th April 1833
Where was an auction of Auguste and Catherine's belongings held? Mr Wheatley the bookseller
How much did the sale of Pugin's parents' possessions raise? £808 and 16s
Why did Pugin not attend the sale of his parents' possessions? He was marrying Louisa Button
Where did Pugin marry Louisa Button? St Andrews Holborn.
Where did Puginand Louisa move to after their marriage? Ellington cottage St Lawrence nr Ramsgate
Which building featured in a Tennyson verse did Pugin find disappointing? Tintern Abbey
Who did Pugin call "The monster of architectural depravity this pest of cathedral architecture"? James Wyatt
A visit to which cathedral prompted Pugin to call James Wyatt a "monster of architectural depravity"? Hereford
Whose sermon on national apostasy was the spark for the Oxford Movement? John Keble
What was Pugin's third ideal scheme? St Margaret's chapel
Whose 'Monasticon Anglicanum' made a deep impresion on Pugin? William Dugdale
What did Pugin find in the garden of Ellington Cottage? tracery from an ancient chapel
Who oversaw the plates through the production process of volume 2 of 'Examples of Gothic Architecture'? Thomas Larkins Walker and Benjamin Ferrey
On March 11th 1834 Louisa gave birth to which child? Edward Welby Pugin
In which year was Edward Pugin born? 1834
Which church in Nuremburg was part of the 'finest journey' Pugin had known? St Lawrence Nuremburg - Lorenzkirche
Having visited which church did Pugin write to Osmond saying "I could have repeated the song of Simeon without profanation"? St Lawrence Nuremburg - Lorenzkirche
A visit to St Lawrence Nuremburg prompted Pugin to write that he could have sung what without profanation? Song of Simeon
When did Selina Welby die? 4th September 1834
How much was Pugin left in his Aunt Selina's will? £3,050
On what date did the Houses of Parliament burn down? 16th October 1834
Where did Pugin move after Selina's death? Salisbury
Which paper said of the rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament 'the British people intend to have the choosing of the architect'? Morning Herald
Who was originally charged with the rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament? Robert Smirke
What was William Osmond's wife's name? Charity
Who was the builder from the High Street in Salisbury that Pugin befriended? Frederick Fisher
Which family of catholic architects from Salisbury did Pugin befriend? the Penistons
The catholic chapel in Salisbury was administered by which architect? John Penistone
which Salisbury solicitor became a lifelong friend of Pugin? John Lambert
How much land did Pugin buy at Alderbury? half an acre
How much did the half an acrea at Alderbury cost Pugin to buy? £150
What was the name of Pugin's turreted fortified red brick house at Alderbury? St Marie's Grange
The library at St Marie's Grange had a view of which building? Salisbury Cathedral
How thick were the walls of St Marie's Grange? 3 feet
What defences did Pugin build at St Marie's Grange? moat and drawbridge
What two inscriptions did Pugin put on St Marie's Grange? Laus Deo (Praise the Lord) and Hanc domum cum capella edificavit Augustus de Pugin 1835 (Augustus Pugin built this house and chapel in 1835
What did Pugin use black bricks to write on the wall of St Marie's Grange? M' and a cross
Who called St Marie's Grange 'a case of extreme medievalism'? Nicolas Pevsner
In which year did work on St Marie's Grange commence? 1835
Who built St Marie's Grange? John Michael Peniston
What was the subject of Pugin's first diary entry? Harlequin Steamer burnt in London
What was Pugin's first joint publication with Ackerman Jnr? Gothic Furniture in the style of the 15th Century
Gillespie Graham used Pugin to make drawings of which type of convent in Edinburgh? Ursuline (St Margaret's)
Where at St Marie's Grange did Pugin put Louisa's initals? Door spandrels and chimney pieces
What was painted over the chapel door at St Marie's Grange? Gloria in excelsis
What motto did Pugin add to his coat of arms? En Avant
When did the Pugins leave Ellington Cottage? May 1835
What did Pugin consider to be the embodiment of continuous native catholic traditions? Sarum Rite
Where in Salisbury did the Pugins lodge whilst waiting for St Marie's Grange to be finished? High Street
Whose office did Pugin use whilst he was lodging in Salisbury? William Osmond
What building did Pugin restore in Salisbury at the behest of Mr Payne? the hall of John Halle
Of which Salisbury priest did Pugin say 'his manner of saying mass….the most impressive I ever heard'? Charles Cooke
Which author, catholic bishop and antiquery whose works were leant to Pugin by willson was the intellectual predecessor of Pugin? John Millner
Who is thought to have introduced Pugin to Barry, as well as opposing Smirke's appointment at the Houses of Parliament? Sir Edward Cust
Barry and Pugin first worked together on which building? Edward vi grammar school in Birmingham
At Edward vi grammar school in Birmingham Pugin drew on which of his ideal schemes? St John's Hospital
for the headmaster of Edward vi grammar school in Birmingham Pugin designed a table for how many people? 8 expandable up to 24
What school in Edinburgh did Pugin help Gillespie Graham with? Heriot's hospital
the commission for the new Houses of Parliament specified that they should be in one of which two styles? Gothic or Elizabethan
Pugin helped which two architects with their Westminster competition entries? Barry and Gillespie Graham
When was Pugin received into the catholic church? 6 June 1835
Having dined with Lord Radnor Pugin produced drawings for the remodelling of the façade of which building? Longford castle
Pugin produced drawings of a proposed remodelling of Longford Castle for which man? Lord Radnor
For whom did Pugin design a lodge at Clarendon House? Sir Frederick Hervey-Bathurst
What did Pugin design from Sir Frederick Hervey-Bathurst? a lodge at Clarendon House
What did Pugin add to the top of St Marie's Grange? gilded chrest of fleur de lis
How much did Barry pay Pugin for his work on the Westminster competition? 400 guineas
How much did Gillespie Graham pay Pugin for his work on the Westminster competition? 300 guineas
What Ideal Scheme was adapted for the House of Commons in Gillespie Graham's competition entry? St Marie's College
Having claimed that gothic was ugly and outdated, who was the target of Pugin's first published polemic? AW Hakewill
What work did Pugin advertise on the back of his pamphlet attacking Hakewill? Contrasts
Which Nash church was criticised in Contrasts? All Saints Langham Place
Which college entrance was compared unfavourably with that of Christ Church Oxford in Pugin's Contrasts? Kings College London
Kings College's entrance was compared unfavourably with that of which other college in Contrasts? Christ Church Oxford
Which London facade by George Dance drew criticism from Pugin in Contrasts? The Guildhall
What was contrasted with Chichester's Market Cross? Stephen Geary's Kings Cross
Where was the catholic chapel in Salisbury? St Martin's Street
Who mounted the drawings for Barry and Gillespie Graham's Westminster competition entries? J Hogarth
What did Pugin design for Colonel Baker? Fountain
For which historic site in Edinburgh did Pugin design a reconstruction at the behest of Gillespie Graham? Holyrood
In Contrasts which medieval church in Bristol is contrasted with a modern chapel? St Mary Redcliffe
In Contrasts Pugin showed a boy being chased away from what by a policeman? a pump in Soho
What is the dedication on the front page of Contrasts? Dedicated without permission to the trade
On the front page of Contrasts Pugin 'advertised' a new church competition in the gothic or Elizabethan styles. How much is the limit on estimates? 1500
Busts of which two architects appear in a shop window on the front cover of contrasts? Nash and Soane
On the tailpiece of Contrasts the works of modern architects are weighed against the works of 14th century architects. What biblical inscription from the book of Daniel is written? They are weighed in the balance and found wanting
Where were the winning and commended designs for Westminster exhibited? National Gallery
Who saw his defeated Westminster entry exhibited in his building, the National Gallery? William Wilkins
How many chapters are there in Contrasts? 5
How many appendices are there in Contrasts? 21
In Contrasts Pugin complained that ancient buildings were either mutilated (like Salisbury by Wyatt) or neglected sich as which cathedral described as being in 'a vile state of repair? Ely Cathedral
In Contrasts Pugin criticised which building's gothic interiors that he himself had worked on? Windsor Castle
Which verse by Ward is included in Contrasts? Reformation
Why did Pugin delay publishing Contrasts? To enable Volume 2 of Examples to be published first
Who was satirised on the frontispiece of Contrasts as the author of the 'new square style'? Robert Smirke
When was volume 2 of Examples published? July. 1836
When was Contrasts published? 4th August 1836
What was Pugin's next book after Contrasts and the last to be published by Ackerman? Details of Antient Timber Houses
Barry and Pugin have to produce estimate drawings? 5 months
Who described Pugin as 50 horsepower of creation? Charles Barry
Who was the first person to respond in print to Contrasts? Rev Arthur Fane in the Salisbury and Wiltshire Herald
Who was the only friend of Pugin to support him in print over Contrasts? John Peniston
As a result of contrasts where was Pugin banned from drawing? Salisbury Cathedral
Who was the first daughter of Pugin and Louisa, and Pugin's third child? Agnes
Which 1836 pantomime satirised Barry where a box of drawings transformed into ' the office of the society of yarn spinners'? Harlequins and George Barnwell
What was Pugin's 2nd building to be built? lodge at Clarendon Park
The first friendly response to Contrasts from outside Pugin's circle of friends was from the chaplain to the Earl of Shrewsbury. What was his name? Daniel Rock
Daniel Rock was the chaplain to which person? Earl of Shrewsbury
Who showed Contrasts to the Earl of Shrewsbury thus sparking the relationship between Pugin and the Earl? Daniel Rock
What was the name of the Earl of Shrewsbury? John Talbot 16th Earl of Shrewsbury
What was Alton Towers called before the 16th Earl of Shrewsbury changed its name? Alton Abbey and before that Alton Lodge
Alton overlooks which valley? Churnet Valley
Which friend of Pugin's was the model for Disraeli's Eustace Lyle? Ambrose Phillips
Where did Ambrose and Laura Phillips live? Grace Dieu
The early buildings at Grace Dieu were by which architect? William Railton
The first new rood screen and manastery in England since the reformation were built by which architect at Grace Dieu? William Railton
Which group of German artists had views in sympathy with Pugin? Nazarenes
Which author wrote “Broadstone of honour” expressing the catholic romantic ideal? Kenelm Digby
Pugin drew illustrations for which work by Rock that was to take 12 years to complete? The Church of our Fathers
Which college became the 'centre of the world for Victorian catholics'? Oscott
Who was the bishop of the Midland district? Thomas Walsh
Before Pugin's arrival who was the architect at charge at Oscott? Joseph Potter
What post was Pugin appointed to at Oscott? Professor of Ecclesiatical Antiquities
Which artist a follower of the Nazarenes and a friend of Pugin painted the altarpiece at Oscott's Chapel? John Rogers Herbert
Where did Pugin design his first ecclesiastical stained glass? Oscott College
What term is applied to the large tables made for Oscott? Constructional tables
Which publication made the comment that ' The Greeks appear at an almost interminable feud with the Goths'? Quarterly review
Which architectural critic criticised Pugin's 'graphic sarcasm' in Contrasts? William Leeds
Where did Pugin design a unitarian chapel for Barry? Manchester
Who introduced Pugin to Charles Scarisbrick? Edward Hull the antiquarian
What did Scarisbrick originally ask Pugin to design? a garden seat and a chimney piece
Pugin designed the Great Hall, Oak Room and Kings Room at which Lancashire building? Scarisbrick Hall
The doors to the library at Scarisbrick are made from what? Altar wings
In which year did Pugin write 'An apology for a wok called Contrasts'? 1837
Who did Pugin visit in Rouen in 1837? Langlois
In which year did Pugin visit Alton Towers for the first time? 1837
Where in Chelsea did Auguste and Louisa move in 1837? No 3 Prospect Place
Pugin's lodgings at No 3 Prospect Place Chelsea were built on the site of which catholic martyr's mansion? Thomas More
Which boatman who had also ferried Turner became a friend of the Pugins? Greaves
Which building home of the 2nd Marquis Breadalbane did Pugin at gillespie Graham's behest design the library and Banner Hall? Taymouth Castle
Pugin's first Oscott lecture was published in which publication? Orthodox Journal
Who described Pugin's first Oscott lecture as 'frothy and foaming'? William Leeds
What type of monks occupied Mount St Bernards? Cistercians
Which of Pugin's churches was the first to have its foundation stone laid? St James Reading
On which project did Pugin first work with George Myers? St Mary's Derby
Where did Pugin and George Myers first meet? Beverley
Where was George Myers from? Hull
Pugin missed out on a church commission in Manchester because he couldn't produce a design that would cost less than what amount? £6,000.00
At St Mary's Uttoxeter a silver pyx in which shape held the sacrament above the the altar? dove
For which church did Pugin charge no fee and donate a 16th century Flemmish triptych? St Augustine's Sollihull
Who was the President of Oscott? Dr Weedall
What did Pugin describe as the 'first great day for England since the Reformation'? consecration of the chapel at Oscott
Which French writer wrote of ' vaste college avec une belle eglise' at Oscott? Comte de Montalembert
To whom did Pugin sell the copyright of Example of Gothic Architecture? Larkins Walker
What Irish Earldoms did Shrewsbury hold? Wexford and Waterford
The foundation stone for St Mary's Derby was laid on the same day as which event? Coronation of Queen Victoria
Who laid the foundation stone of St Mary's Derby? George Myers
Who did Pugin replace as the architect of St Albans Macclesfield? Matthew Hadfield
Pugin replace Matthew Hadfield as architect of which church? St Albans Macclesfield
Which was the first church where Pugin installed a rood screen? St Alban's Macclesfield
How much did Shrewsbury give to St Albans Macclesfield to secure Pugin the job as architect? £50 a year
Although St Albans Macclesfield was opened in 1841 it was not consecrated until which year? 1931
Why was St Albans Macclesfield not consecrated until 1931? it took until then for the debts to be paid
Myers was brought in to fix the work of which builder at St Albans Macclesfield? William Smith
Pugin wrote a letter of protest in respect of which proposed monument in Oxford? Martyrs Memorial
Which priest was behind the drive to build a catholic church on St Georges Fields in Southwark? Rev Thomas Doyle
What did Pugin say to the building committee at Southwark when they asked him how much his scheme would cost? Whoever heard of a complete cathedral being built in the life of one man?
What was the fist of Pugin's churches to be opened? St Augustine's Solihull
What was Pugin's first cathedral to be completed? St Chad's Birmingham
What did John Hardman's company originally make? buttons
On what street was St Chad's Birmingham built? Shadwell Street
Where did the 15th century pulpit and great brass lectern at St Chad's come from? Louvain
Who forbid Pugin to fast during Lent 1839? Bishop Walsh
Where in May 1839 was Louisa received into the catholic church? Alton Towers
In the Summer of 1839 what project did Pugin develop at Alton next to the ruins of Alton Castle? St John's Hospital
The chimneys at St John's Hospital were based on which Lincoln building? Jews House
At which of Pugin's churches did the belfry fall down? Keighley
Who did Pugin replace as the architect of Alton Towers? Thomas Fradgely
Thomas Doyle promised Pugin that he would win if he entered the competition to design which cathedral? St George's Southwark
Who was the priest at St Mary's Derby when the opening went awry? Mr Sing
Who did Mr Sing bring to the opening of St Mary's Derby causing a walkout by Pugin, Phillipps and Shrewsbury? M. Guynemer of the London Philharmonic Society
What piece of music caused Pugin and his friends to walk out at the opening of St Mary's Derby in 1839? Beethoven's mass with choir and orchestra
At the opening of St Mary's Derby what item of clothing was Walsh compelled to remove and return to Shrewsbury? Gold cope
Who wrote a 19 page review of Contrasts in 'British Critic' praising Pugin as a first rate architect but criticising his written style? Tom Mozley
Edited by JH Newman what was the de facto house magazine of the Tractarians? British Critic
The foundation stone of which cathedral was laid 19 days after the consecration of St Mary's Derby? St Chad's Birmingham
By what nickname was Warwick St Chapel known due to is selling tickets to mass? Shilling opera
Who was the bishop of Western District who rallied other bishops in a bid to ban Pugin's medieval style of chasubles? Bishop Baines
Which bishop complained to Rome about Pugin's designs? Bishop Baines
Which body of the Catholic church wrote to Walsh about Pugin leading to the banning of Pugin's vestments? Propaganda
Pugin was forced to sign a letter certifying that he did not expect to receive any payment from Bishop Griffiths for which building? St George's Southwark
In the Winter of 1839 where in Ramsgate did Pugin take lodgings? Plains of Waterloo
Which style did Pugin adopt with St Giles Cheadle? Early English Gothic
St Eswald at Old Swan was to be designed as a complete parish church from the reign of which King? Edward I
What type of octagonal spire did Pugin adopt for his ideal parish churches? Broach spire
Broach spires are typical of churches near which town in Lincolnshire? Sleaford
In a Lent pastoral letter in 1840 who attacked Pugin, Phillipps, Spencer and Digby claiming that all divisions could be traced back to recent converts? Bishop Baines
To which body in Rome did Shrewsbury pass a copy of Baines' pastoral letter leading to Baines being called to account in Tome for 10 months? Propaganda
Who was the stonemason who did much carving at Oscott and later Cheadle? Thomas Roddis
Who did Pugin work with on designs for encaustic tiles? Herbert Minton
Built in 1835 what was Pugin's first convent? Sisters of Mercy at Bermondsey
For the convent known as Hardmans Hospital whose instructions did Pugin follow? Mother McAuley
Which child of Pugin's born on 2nd June 1840 was named for a 7th century Northumbrian saint? Cuthbert
What did Agnes say Pugin's present to her on her 4th birthday was ? He designed a cathedral
What was the centrepiece of the Talbot Gallery? An equestrian figure of the 1st Earl
In the Talbot Gallery at Alton Towerss Pugin depicted the descent of the Talbot family from which King? William 1
Which royal paid a 3 day visit to Alton in 1840 for which Pugin did much to make it a medieval pageant? Queen Adelaide
Which Italian priest joined the household at Grace Dieu? Luigi Gentili
Luigi Gentili was a member of which order? Institute of Charity – the Rosminians
What was Pugin's first attempt to create an urban gothic house? Bishops house in Birmingham
Whose initials were spelt out in black brick on the bishops house in Birmingham? Bishop Walsh
Who was Newman's curate? John Bloxam
At which Oxford college in October 1840 did Pugin dine with Bloxam and a group of tractarians? Exeter College
Weedall was replaced at Oscott by which man? Nicholas Wiseman
Where in Chelsea did the Pugins move to in the Spring of 1841? 42 Cheyne Walk
What disease did Pugin complan of in November 1840? rheumatic fever
Pugin threatened to resign from St Chads over Wiseman's proposal to remove what? Rood Screen
The drawings of which church were in the words of Pugin ' the first really good thing I have done'? St Giles Cheadle
Where did Pugin spend the Winter of 1840/1? The Plains of Waterloo in Ramsgate
Where di Pugin describe as 'a most barren spot for catholic ideas in these days'? Thanet
Who was the Ramsgate evangelical who was opposed to Pugin? Lieutenant Hutchinson
Who lectured Pugin on the evils of catholicism the Oxford movement and the virtues of 'Good Queen Bess'? Thomas Whitehead
Which year did George Gilbert Scot say was when architecture was morally awakened? 1841
In 1841 Pugin wrote an article entitled 'elevation of the cathedral churchof St Chad Birmingham' but it dealt more with the English parish church. Where was it published? Dublin Review
Pugin's St Chad's article contained a number of plates of unfinished churches. Which 2 bore a resemblence to the finished article? Southport and Uttoxeter
Under what name were Pugin;s two Oscott lectures published? The True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture
What was Pugin's first True Principle? There should be no features about a building which are not necessary for convenience construction or propriety
What was Pugin's second True Principle? All ornament should consist of enrichment of the essential construction of the building
What did Pugin describe as being ' in the revived Pagan style' with its ' fictitious dome'? St Pauls
What did Pugin defend as both mystical and natural? crockets and pinnacles
How did Pugin denounce stucco – blind windows and false fronts? deceptions
Which two cities were described as ' those inexhaustable mines of bad taste? Birmingham and Sheffield
What book caused Gilbert Scott to say ' A new phase had come over me. I was in fact a new man'? True Principles
Who remarked that True Principles has ' passed almost into a proverb' among gothic architects? Charles Eastlake
Whose 'Specifications for Practical Architecture' was Pugin accused of plagiarising? Alfred Bartholomew
In the 2nd edition of Contrasts Pugin changed his conclusion. Rather than falling into disrepair what building might have had ' the lantern terminated at a miniature dome'? Ely
Two important sets of plates were added to the 2nd edition of Contrasts. What did they show? Towns and residences for the poor
What type of prison is depicted in the 2nd Edition of Contrasts as well as being the model of the modern workhouse in the same book? Panopticon
Who introduced Pugin to JH Newman? James Mozley
In response to which publication did Pugin write: 'the Prospect at Oxford is most glorious'? Tract xc
Who upon meeting Pugin said: “The impression left on my mind was as if a fire engine had passed me”? John Hardman Powell
Where in Worcestershire did Pugin build an H shaped charity school? Spetchley
In defending which church in the Dublin Review did Pugin set out his views on asymmetry? St Wilfred's Hulme
In his defence of St Wilfred's Hulme what principle did Pugin outline for the first time? Asymmetry
Which church did Pugin build for the Amherst family> St Augustine's Kenilworth
Who was Pugin's first Anglican patron? Viscount Midleton
Where in Surrey did Pugin build farm buildings for Viscount Midleton? Peper Harrow
The consecration of St Chad's started with which act? A fast
For the opening of St Chad's the relics of St Chad were brought from where? Oscott
How many bishops attended the consecration of St Chad's ? 13
The vestments used at the opening of St Chad's were the gift of which person? Shrewsbury
After the opening of St Chad's where was a grand dinner held? Town Hall
Who supplied the food for the St Chad's opening feats? Mr Lisseter of New Street
Which catholic priest was the only person to cause trouble at the opening of St Chads? Thomas McDowell
In which year was St Marie's Grange sold? 1841
Where in Europe did Pugin go to discuss a new cathedral at Nottingham with Shrewsbury? Spa
After the disappointment of missing out on Mary Amherst, to whom did Pugin have a marriage proposal accepted? Ann Greaves
Who was Pugin's neighbour at The Grange, Ramsgate? Bings
Which half-sister of Lady Shrewsbury did Pugin use as a go-between between him and Mary Amherst? Anne Talbot
The convent next to St Barnabas in Nottingham was for which order? Sisters of Mercy
Who was the German priest who visited Pugin for Christmas 1845? James Jauch
In which publication did Alexander Beresford Hope write ' The artisitc merit of Mr Pugin'? The Ecclesiologist
Who wrote 'The artistic merit of Mr Pugin' in the Ecclesiologist? Alexander Beresford Hope
Who convinced Pugin to go to Ann Greaves' father and ask to be released from the engagement? John Hardman
What price did Pugin pay to be extricated from the engagement to Ann Greaves? The price of a church
Who did Mary Amherst's mother suspect of being unduly influential over Mary's decision to join the convent? Gentili
What were the small squares of plain glass called used in windows at Cheadle? Quarries
How much money was finally made available for Maynooth with the rest 'left to providence'? £30,000.00
How long was the planned refrectory at Maynooth? 120ft
What caused Mr Champernowne to abandon plans at Dartington? Repeal of the Corn Laws
Which Pugin immitator designed a church at Hanley Swan in Worcestershire where Pugin was brought in to design fittings? Charles Hansom
Which Cambridge College chapel was Pugin brought in to restore? Jesus College Cambridge
For which castle owned by the Myddleton family did Pigin design and Crace produce fabric and carpet designs? Chirk castle
Which Dorset parsonage is Pugin's most fully realised house design? Parsonage at Rampisham
For whom was the parsonage at Rampisham designed? Frederick Rooke
After leaving Ramsgate where did Acquarone go and for whom did he become chaplain? Oscott to be Newman's chaplain.
Who replaced Acquarone as the children's tutor? Mary Holmes
Who published ' Aunt Elinor's Lectures on Gothic Architecture'? Mary Holmes
Where did Mary Amherst become a nun? Loughborough
What was Mary Amherst's name as a nun? Sister Mary Agnes
Pugin invited which 4 painter friends to visit him at Ramsgate in July 1846? Etty Herbert Clarkson and Stanfield
Which church did Shrewsbury think' would improve the taste of young England'? St Giles Cheadle
What at Cheadle did George Gilbert Scott say ' made the water run down both sides of his mouth'? The stenciling
Who called Cheadle ' the most splendid building I ever saw'? JH Newman
How high is the spire at Cheadle? 200ft
Who painted the Nazarene paintings inside St Giles? Edouard Hauser
Who was the editor of the Annales Archeologiques who attended the Cheadle opening? Adolphe-Napoleon Didron
Who was the editor of the Kolner Domblatt who attended the Cheadle opening? August Reichensperger
Who was the French glass artist who atteded the opening of Cheadle? Henri Gerente
Which Archbishop came from Australia for the opening of Cheadle? Archbishop Polding
Who preached the sermon at the opening of Cheadle? Gillis
Who wrote a review of the opening of Cheadle for Tablet? Frederick Lucas
Which order did Frederick Faber found? Order of the Will of God, the Wilfridians
What house did Shrewsbury present to the Wilfridians? Cotton Hall
What was the last church that Pugin designed for Shrewsbury? St Wilfred's, Cotton
Who was Pugin's doctor at Ramsgate? James Daniel
What church was commissioned to be built by George Gilbert Scott in Ramsgate as a response to Pugin's influence? Christ Church
What was Hardman Powell referring to when he spoke of 'the glamour produced by time'? uneven medieval glass
For what reason did Francis Oliphant come to work in Ramsgate? To assist with glass designs
Who was called in to the Houses of Parliament ot advise on gas brackets and ended up giving the work to his brother James? Michael Faraday
Who was the niece of Pugin's neighbour Mrs Benson? Helen Lumsdaine
Where was Helen Lumsdaine's father the rector? Upper Hadres
To whom did Pugin write: ' If all employers were like you the exercise of the architectural craft would be the most delightful pursuit possible'? Rev James Hornby
On which church did Pugin work at the behest of James Hornby? St Oswald's Winwick
Which painter of Hardman's was at the House of Lords when the Queen came to visit? Thomas Earley
Which publication ran features on the House of Lords for 5 weeks and wrote ' the finest specimen of gothic civil architecture in Europe'? Illustrated London News
Although its articles ran to 11 pages, which publication did not mention Pugin in its review of the House of Lords? Illustrated London News
What did Pugin consider to be the 'test act of a Goth's faith'? a visit to Italy
Helen Lumsdaie wrote to Pugin: ' I never wished to be a catholic more than on..” which day? Easter Sunday
What did Newman exclaim when he saw the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at Cheadle? Porta Coeli, heaven's gate
Where did Pugin first see the mediterraean? Marseilles
When they met in Rome, what did Newman ask Pugin to design for him? An oratory
When Pugin refused Newman's request to design an oratory what did he say he would rather design? A mechanic's institute
Which Nazarene artist and personal hero did Pugin meet in Rome? Friedrich Overbeck
To whom did Pugin say he expected St Peter's to be rebuilt in the gothic style? two prelates
What did Pugin present to Pope Pius ix? A bound copy of Contrasts
Which Pope did Pugin meet? Pope Pius IX
Pugin was scandalised by the nudity in which work of art? Michelangelo's Last Judgement
Who wrote 'Stones of Venice' in 1851? John Ruskin
What church did Pugin build for John Lambert at Salisbury? St Osmunds
Who did Pugin build St Thomas's Fulham for? Elizabeth Bowden
Four whom did Pugin build 14 bede houses in Lincoln? Richard Sibthorp
The central portion of Alton Castle was designed to be a residence for whom? Wiseman
Shrewsbury proposed adding an extra floor to Alton Castle in the style of which other building? Linlithgow Palace
Wiseman became Bishop of London after the death of which bishop? Griffiths
What role did Thomas Earley have in Hardman's company? Painter and gilder
Which painter, a student of Overbeck did Powell criticse for being slow? Enrico Casolani
Which two people were sent by Hardman to work with Pugin in 1847? Frederick Hill and Edwin Hendren
Which building did Pugin rebuild for the Duke and Duchess of Leeds? Hornby Castle
Where was Helen Lumsdaine when she wrote to Pugin to assure him that contrary to a previous letter her feelings for him were unchanged? Scotland
When Pugin proposed marriage to Helen Lumsdaine where did she propose meeting? Aitchison's grocer shop in Queen Street
Where did Pugin see ships foundering from The Grange? Goodwin Sands
For which reason did Pugin hire the lower floor of a house in King Street? hospital for shipwrecked mariners
Who established the Seaman's hospital in respose to Pugin's hospital? Lieutenant Hutchinson and Mr Hoare
What type of fishermen did Hardman Powell complain made The Grange smell? Herring fishermen
At which church in County Durham did all the windows leak? Ushaw
How many people spent Christmas 1847 at the The Grange? 34
How high was the Christmas tree at The Grange for Christmas 1847? 10 ft
Where was Helen Lumsdaine received into the Catholic Church? Edinburgh
Pugin's promise of marriage to Helen was written in a pair of letters separated in which way? zig zag cuts
By what nickname was Mary Pugin known? little polly
When Hardman Powell announced he wanted to leave the Grange, who did Pugin think had corrupted him? Oliphant
Who long did Hardman Powell stay awy from Ramsgate for? just over 6 weeks
Pugin said you should ornament construction not..what? construct ornament
Which disease did the Pugin children contract in 1848? measles
What news from France in 1848 did Pugin declare had upset him greatly? The dethroning of Louis Phillipe
Where did Pugin build St Aidan's cathedral, a town where the Irish tricolour was first flown? Enniscorthy
Who received Helen Lumsdaine into the catholic church at St Margaret's Edinburgh? Bishop Gillis
On her trip South after becoming a catholic, where did Pugin join her train? Rugby
Who delivered a letter from Helen Lumsdaine declaring she would never marry him? Henry Benson
When Henry Benson delivered Pugin a letter from Helen declaringthat she would not marry him what was Pugin's reaction? he fainted
Of whom did Pugin write ' I would cast her from me with as much disgust as I woulf for the lowest prostitute in the street'? Helen Lumsdaine
From 1 to 18 April 1848 the only word that Pugin wrote in his diary was what? Hardres
Where did Henry Benson meet Helen to plead Pugin's case? Canterbury
What job did Pugin resign from in the aftermath of Helen Lumsdaine's rejection? Hornby Castle
What was the name of the pamphlet that Pugin wrote about Helen Lumsdaine? A Statement of Facts relative to the engagement of marriage between Miss Selina Helen Sandys Lumsdaine of Upper Hardres, Kent and Augustus Wlby Pugin Esq of St Augustins, Isle of Thanet
On the title page of 'A Statement of Facts' Pugin printed 8 lines from which verse? The Betrothed , by Walter Scott
Who persuaded Pugin to stop sending out copies of 'A Statement of Facts' and to destroy remaining copies? Talbot Bury
For whom did Pugin design a gothic veranda in 1848? Henry Drummond
For whom did Pugin design a coronet in 1848? Miss Fox
The East window of which church was found to be two ft two inches longer than the opening? St Oswald's Winwick
Who took responsibility for the window debacle at Winwick? Myers
Pugin was sacked by Mrs Bowden when he built what against her wishes? Rood Screen
Who directed the choristers at St George's Southwark? Herr Meyer Lutz
John Knill was a committee member for which church? St George's Southwark
Where was John Knill from? Herefordshire
Where did John Knill live in London? Walworth House
An article commending the light communion rails at Fulham led to a war of words in which two publications? Tablet and Rambler
What relation was Jane Knill to John Knill? Niece
To whom did Pugin address letters to 'Sancta Johanna'? Jane Knill
Pugin addressed letters to Jane Knill using which affectionate nickname? 'Sancta Johanna'
Who preached at the opening of St George's Southwark? Bishop Gillis
To whom did Pugin write saying “You have saved me”? Jane Knill
The knills could trace their family back to which pre-Norman Earls? Earls of Orkney
To whom was Pugin engaged on 22 July 1848? Jane Knill
Whose was the first marriage to be celebrated at St George's Southwark? Pugin and Jane Knill
Who did Pugin refer to as 'the devil incarnate'? Mr Hoare
From what did Gentili die? Cholera
Which of Pugin's parents' students built St Stephen's Westminster? Benjamin Ferrey
Under what pseudonym did William Leeds criticise St George's Southwark? Candidus
What did Pugin tell Jane in a letter that Edward was not to make at any costs? fireworks
Where did Agnes get sent away to school? Caverswall
What caused Pugin to say he was not surprised at Lord Midleton's suicide at Peper Harrow? when he put old pews in the new aisle
Which former friend of Pugin was a critic in Tablet under the name Fr Thomas? Thomas Doyle
With whom did Pugin by the Caroline? Alfred Luck
What boat did Pugin buy with Alfred Luck? Caroline
how much did Pugin and Luck pay for Caroline? £70.00
What type of boat was Caroline? Lugger
How long was Caroline? 40ft
Who persuaded Pugin to stand for election to the Royal Academy? Herbert, Etty and Stanfield
How many watercolour drawings did Pugin submit for his application to the Royal Academy? 4
Which four buildings did Pugin portray in his entry to the Royal Academy? The spire at St Georges, the dining hall at Alton, Bilton Grange (surrounded by vignettes of St Marie's Rugby), The gRange/St Augustines
After rejection by the Royal Academy Pugin said the only letters he would get after his name were VP. What did VP stand for? Very pointed
What did Pugin satirse as a 'modern temple of Becchus and Terpsichore'? The Oratory
Which of Pugin's churches was boarded up and filled with rubbish? St Aidan's Enniscorthy
Whose death in David Copperfield caused Pugin to cry? Clara
Gillis asked Pugin to build a cathedral and college in Edinburgh at what cost? £400,000.00
What did Pugin say 'pale ruby and yellow 5' windows become? gin shop orange
Pugin visited which French stained glass designer in 1849? Henri Gerente
Who bought the land next to the Grange, planning to build houses right up to St Augustines? Matthew Habershon
Who published 'Floriated Ornament'? Bohn
How many designs were on each page of 'Floriated Ornament'? 5
Pugin used 'Tabernae montanus eicones Pantarum' as a source book for Floriated Ornament? Why did this lead to criticism in Tablet He used pre-Linnaen classifications
The Ecclesiologist pointed out a Latin mistake on the title page of which book? Floriated Ornament
Which book did Ruskin publish in May 1849? Seven Lamps of Architecture
What was the name of the open letter that Pugin wrote to the Weekly Register as a reply to an article in The Rambler by capes? Why this waste?
In which open letter did Pugin say the house of god should stand as 'one green spot in the desert'? Why this waste?
Which organisation published 'A few words to churchwardens'? Cambridge Camden Society
What pamphlet by the Cambridge Camden Society did Pugin call 'the best pamphlet they have yet issued'? A few words to churchwardens
In the Autumn of 1841 what treatment was Pugin given for his eyesight problem? 3 grains of mercury every four hours
As well as being prescribed mercury for his eyesight what other treatment did Pugin receive in 1841? bled and blistered
Who, when he told Newman he was going to Oscott was given the response 'mind you don't stop there'? Richard Sibthorp
At Oscott who received Sibthorp into the Catholic Church? Wiseman
Who was the first Tractarian to convert to catholicism? Sibthorp
In which publication did the Cambridge Camden Society recommend True Principles to its members? Ecclesiologist
In November 1841 Pugin's 5th child was born. What was she called? Catherine
At Spa how much did Shrewsbury and Pugin agree to spend on St Barnabas, Nottingham? £10k
Whose house near Southampton was attacked and burnt because the mob believed Sibthorp was there? Kenelm Digby
At Oscott Easter 1842 Pugin observed which liturgy in use? Sarum Rite
On a visit to which cathedral did Webb find Pugin weeping in the Lady Chapel 'in an awful state of mind'? Ely
Who found Pugin weeping and 'in an awful state of mind' at Ely cathedral? Webb
What was Pugin's only building in Cambridge? St Andrews
In an article in which publication did Pugin express his opposition (except in cases of extreme necessity) to brick churches? Ecclesiologist
Which companies fenders encroached on the medieval court? Coalbrook
The rood and crucifix from which church caused complaints at the medieval court? St Edmund's Ware
Who initiated the complaint about the crucifix at the medieval court? Kinnaird
Who was the Prime Minister at the time of the Great Exhibition? Lord John Russell
Which piece by Myers caused some conflict amongst the exhibitors of the medieval court? oak cabinet
Which publication said that Pugin was 'too influentialand too much copied for the health of modern architecture'? New York Ecclesiologist
For which class at the Great Exhibition was Pugin a judge? Class xxx, sculpture models and plastic art
Who was Pugin's ally amongst the judges for Class xxx at the Great Exhibition? Richard Redgrave
By what name was Edmund Pugin usually known due to the feast day on which he was born? Peter Paul
What was the real first name of Peter Paul Pugin? Edmund
What pamphlet was left unfinished at Pugin's death? Apology for the separated church of England
What was Pugin diagnosed with in 1851? nervous fever
For how long did Pugin lose his memory in 1851? 2 hours
Who was blamed by Pugin when the beam fell down in the medieval court? Earley
Who were Pugin's fellow selectors for the national collection after the Great Exhibition? Henry Cole, Richard Redgrave and Owen Jones
Who wrote a supplement to the second Jury report of the Great Exhibition which was fullsome in its praise of Pugin? Richard Redgrave
What did Pugin write by way of apology to Hardman having pushed Hardman too far? mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa
What did Pugin vow to St Mary to complete in return for Anne's recovery having been ill since giving birth to her and Powell's child? The altar in the Lady chapel of St Augustines
The purchase of what object for the national collection enraged Pugin? Vechte
Who placed a relic of the holy cross onto Pugin's head causing him to declare himself cured? Thomas Grant Bishop of Southwark
To what did Pugin liken his urine during his illness? Pea soup
Who was the builder and architect that Pugin worked with at Maynooth? JJ McCarthy
The design of the clock tower at Westminster was prefigured in a design for what other building? Scarisbrick
What was the name of the London doctor that Charles Barry asked to look at Pugin? Dr Tweedie
What was the name of the asylum that Dr Tweedie had Pugin sent to? Kensington House
For how long was Pugin in Kensington House? Nearly 4 months
Where did Shrewsbury ask that Pugin be sent to to recover? Villa Belmonte
In June 1852 Pugin was moved from Kensington House to where? Bethlem Hospital
What was the house that was rented for Pugin when he was removed from the Bethlem Hospital? 16 The Grove, Hammersmith
Who wrote to The Times offering to start a subscription for Pugin's treatment with £10? Lord John Russell
Which convert priest agreed with Jane that Pugin should be removed from Bethlem and helped her to convince Pugin's friends? John Glennie
Who was the doctor suggested to Jane by John Glennie? Samuel Dickson
What name did Jane call herself during Pugin's recovery? Mrs Knight
Whose name did Pugin call out during his illness Mary Amherst
What did Pugin draw 2 days before he died? a rose
At what time on the 13th Sept 1852 did Pugin wake up with his eyes fixed? eleven pm
What did the local doctors prescribe for Pugin the day before he did? bleeding with leaches
What did Doctor Dickson give to Pugin shortly before his death? brandy
Who administered the last rites to Pugin? Father Costigan
When did Pugin die? 10 minutes to 5 on the 14th September
Who died on the same day as Pugin? Duke of Wellington
Who celebrated the requiem mass for Pugin? Thomas Doyle
Who preached the sermon at Pugin's funeral? Bishop Grant
Bishop Grant preached the sermon at Pugin's funeral from which book? Ecclesiasticus
Which Publication called Pugin “The most eminent and original architectural genius of the time”? Ecclesiologist
What civil list pension was Jane Pugin awarded? £100 per annum
How much was Pugin's estate valued at? £10,000.00
Who was the last surviving of Pugin's children? Mary
Who was the only one of Pugin's sons to marry? Peter Paul
What was the name of Pugin's alleged illegitimate half brother? Frederick Hugh Thomas
What adjective did Pugin use I Ecclesiologist instead of Christian or Catholic? Natural
Who noted that Pugin's increasingly erratic behaviour began to 'limit his circle'? Talbot Bury
Who in Canada requested church designs from Pugin? Bishop of Newfoundland
Where did the Rev J Tucker request church designs for? Diocese of Madras
What building with early gothic revival designs did Pugin visit in 1842 and write that he was disgusted? Strawberry Hill
Why did the Houses of Parliament come in for criticism as it was being built? Too symmetrical and its late perpendicular style was deemed inferior to the decorated style
Who laid the cornerstone at St Giles? Bishop Walsh
What proposal from Shrewsbury led Pugin to say "I have lived to see almost every building on which I have set my heart either upset or ruined and now a gallery at Cheadle; perfect Cheadle. Cheadle my consolation in all my afflictions"? To build a gallery
What church did Pugin design for Phillipps at Shepshed? St Winifredes
St Winifrede's at Shepshed and a school at Whitwich were designed for the benefit of which monastic community? Rosminians
Who was the friend and neighbour of the Pugins who helped around the household? Ann Greaves
What cathedral did Pugin design for Lord Kenmare in County Kerry? Killarney
Who did Pugin design Killarney Cathedral for? Lord Kenmare
Who was the builder that Pugin used in Ireland? Richard Pierce
Who nicknamed Pugin 'Bishop' and 'General'? Bishop Walsh
Where did Pugin build a barbican tower a dry moat and his 2nd drawbridge? Alton Towers
Pugin ordered guns made of which metal for Alton Towers? Brass
What stone was used at St John's Kirkham? Longridge
The spire Pugin designed for St George's Southwark was instead used on which church in Scotland? Tollbooth St John's in castlehill
John and Charles Sobestier Stuart published which book on tartan? Vestarium Scoticum
Where did Pugin build a mortuary chapel for Lord Midleton? St Nicolas, Peper Harrow
In December 1842 which tractarian friend of Pugin and collaborator on the glossary of gothic designs converted to catholicism? RB Smith
Who in 1884 claimed to be Pugin's illegitimate son? Byron Pugin
Byron Pugin claimed to be Pugin's illegitimate son by which woman? Mary Bates
What book, Pugn's last extended statement of ideas, was written in 1843 and dedicated to Shrewsbury? An Apology for the revival of christian architecture in England
Which book offered patterns for houses, shops and a railway station for modern towns? An Apology for the revival of christian architecture in England
In 'Apology' Pugin applied which theological concept to architecture? development
How many Pugin churches appear on the frontispiece of Apology? 25
Pugin's frontispiece was a riposte to whose ' Tribute to the memory of Sir Christopher Wren'? CR Cockerell
Whose designs for Balliol College was Pugin asked to comment on? George Basevi
Who was Master at Balliol? Jenkyns
Which Oxford College asked Pugin to submit his restoration designs anonymously? Balliol
Pugin aimed to re-gothicise Balliol College and used whose 1675 drawing as a reference? David Loggan
What technique did Pugin used in 'Glossary' to give the plates vividness? chromolithography
The two Dublin Review articles were published as a single volume in 1843 under what name? The Present State of Ecclesiastical Architecture
Where did Phillipps build a house from the Rosminians? Ratcliffe on the Wreake
What suggestion by Shrewsbury led Pugin to say "I would sooner jump of the rocks"? To lodge priests in the Alton Castle rather than St Johns
What project was cancelled when the moks didn't like the illustration in The Present State? Downside
The intense patterning at St Giles was at least partly inspired by which German Cathedral? Cologne
Where in Ramsgate was The Grange built? Westcliff
What type of brick was used at the Grange? Yellowbrick
Why did Pugin use a curtain rather than a door between the drawing room and the library? doors bang
Born in 1843 who was Pugin's 6th child? Mary
What did Pugin design for Magdalen College? Gateway
Who gave £3000 to St Barnabas Nottingham before later converting back to anglicanism? Sibthorp
Where did Pugin meet Mary Amherst in 1843? Alton Towers
Who was hailed as the Anglican Pugin? Richard carpenter
Who did Pugin provide 40 large chasubles, several tombs, 2 compleat altars, fonts, tiles and the models of three small churches to take to Australia? Robert Willson
Where did Pugin restore a Saxon Church and create a mortuary chapel for Henry Drummond? Albury in Surrey
What requirement of the Nottingham building committee caused friction with Pugin and his team? contract
Who commissioned designs for windows at St Saviour's Leeds? Pusey
Pugin illustrated which book edited by Newman? Lives of the English Saints
Who was the first sitting MP to become a catholic? Charles Scott Murray
Where did Pugin undertake a restoration job to remove commandments board where the names of the churchwardens were larger than the verses? Wymeswold
Which French restoration project of Felix Duban did Pugin visit? Saint-Chappelle
Which body advised on decoration of the Houses of Parliament? Royal Commission of Fine arts
What were Pugin's 2nd and 3rd cathedrals to open? Newcastle and Nottingham
Where was John Hardman Snr buried? St chads
What music was played at the opening of St Mary's Newcastle? Beethoven Mass
What illness did Louisa die from? rheumatic fever
Where did Benjamin Ferrey meet Pugin, who was heading home having received a message that Louisa was ill? Derby station
When did Louisa Pugin die? 22 August1844
Who did Pugin write to after Louisa's death begging him to hear his confession? Gentili
How many bishops attended the consecration of St Barnabas? 16
Who said of Pugin at the consecration of St Barnabas: "he has done more than execute great works - he has founded a school; he has formed public taste"? Wiseman
Where was Louisa Pugin buried? The crypt at St Chad's
What was draped over Louisa's coffin? a black velvet pall
At Louisa's funeral what was over the coffin? a chapelle ardente
Louisa's coffin was intered to which tune? In Paradisum
After Louis'a death who was the governess sent with the children to Ramsgate? Miss Keats
What did Hardman's sister Lucy Powell produce? embroidery
What did JG Crace produce? textiles and wallpapers
Who was the heating engineer at the Houses of Parliament? Dr David Reid
In 1844 where did Barry ask Pugin to visit him (due to lameness in the leg) to discuss fittings and decorations at the House of Lords? Brighton
Which of Pugin's Chelsea friends came to live with them at Ramsgate after Louisa's death? Ann Greaves
Who was the carpenter who owned the plots adjoining The Grange who said he would only sell if he got the joinery work? Mr Bing
Who did Pugin say he would rather see 'pegged down at low water mark' than let him design so much as a privy seat? Mr Bing
Who did Pugin write to outlining his plans to build and then donate St Augustines? Bishop Griffiths of London District
What church did Pugin say 'looked like a penny theatre cotton velvet at 10s a yard hung up against the pillars'? St Barnabas Nottingham
What is the focal point of St Augustine's Ramsgate? South Tower Opening
What is St Augustine's covered in? Knapped flint
Who was the brother of Mary Amherst? Kerril
Where did Mary Amherst live? Fieldgate house near Kenilworth
Why did Mary Amherst say she couldn't marry Pugin? She would not defy her mother
To what post was Pugin appointed at the Houses of Parliament? Superintendant of Woodcarving
What did Pugin earn from his post as Superintendent of Woodcarving? £200 per year
Who was the Italian priest that Pugin engaged as a chaplain? Luigi Acquarone
Who arrived at Ramsgate to be Pugin's pupil in the Winter of 1844? John Hardman Powell
Who according to Hardman Powell woke the household up with a bell? Edward
At the Grange at what time were prayers? 8am
At the Grange at what time was compline? 8pm
At the Grange at what time was supper? 9pm
At the Grange at what time was bedtime? 10pm
Who paid the first of his Christmas visits to Pugin in 1844? JR Herbert
In the portrait by Herbert what is Pugin wearing? black velvet gown
In the portrait by Herbert what is Pugin holding? compasses given by Gillespie Graham
Who drew the only picture of Louisa to survive? Herbert
What habit of JH Powell's scared Pugin? sleepwalking
What tendency of JH Powells irritated Pugin? spending all evening writing home
Where was the woodcarving for the Houses of Parliament done? Thames Bank Works
The stalls of which cathedral were used for inspiration in the House of Lords? Lincoln
What was the first interior metal work at the Houses of Parliament for which Hardmas was sub-contracted? Brass railing
What church in Marlow did Pugin design for Charles Scott Murray? St Peters
Who played the organ for the first Easter at The Grange? Ann Greaves
Who owned Dartington Hall? Lord Champernowne
How much did Pugn sugget that he should receive if he superintended work at Scarisbrick? 5% of the costs
How much did Pugin suggest he should receive for his drawings at Scarisbrick? 2.5% of the costs
What alarmed Pugin about Acquarone? Visiting public houses and having a bottle under his bed.
Which priest did Mary Amherst fall under the influence of? Gentili
Who told Pugin that Mary would never marry him? Gentili
Who owned Bilton Grange? Captain Hibbert
Who convinced Pugin to return letters to Mary Amherst, and Amherst to burn everyhting Pugin had given her? Gentili
Who made the ceiling panels for the House of Lords? Crace
Which publication described Pugin as Barry's right hand man? Artizan
In which publication did Pugin refute the article in the Artizan? The Builder
To what did the cambridge Camden Society change its name? Ecclesiological Society
How much was awarded for the rebuilding of St Patrick's College Maynooth? £30,000
What did Pugin build at Ware? St Edmund's College Chapel
What shape was St Edmunds, Ware? T shaped
Built for captain Hibbert what was Pugin's first post Puginian Church? St Mary's Rugby
What type of roof did St Mary's Rugby have? Saddleback
Who was awarded the contract for the windows in the House of Lords? Ballantine and Allen
Who set up a glassmaking business at Pugin's behest? Hardman
In which year did Hardman make his first window? 1845
By what name did Punch mock Pugin? Pugsby
Which publication mocked Pugin for his ability to design cathedrals in 'five and forty minutes' as well as his habit of monogramming his work? Punch
Where did Pugin and Hardman exhibit their metal work in the Autumn of 1849? Birmingham
Henry Cole was a member of which movement? Design Reform Movement
What did Henry Cole invent? Christmas card
What magazine did Henry cole found in March 1849? Journal of Design
Who was Jane Pugin's first child? Margaret
the great stone was placed over the vault of St Augustine's on the same day as whose baptism? Margaret Pugin
To which Dickens character did Pugin compare himself, on the brink of ruin and saying that something will come up? Mr Micawber
Pugin decorated a dining room for Earl Somers at which building? Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire
By whom was Eastnor Castle built? Smirke
Which cathedral did Pugin declare to be moonshine? Edinburgh (for Gillis)
Who did Pugin say sang so badly in church that he could have stabbed him on the spot? Hendren
How much did Pugin pay for the 2 plots opposite The Grange? £750
What caused the Habershons to sell land to Pugin? He owned the road and refused permission for them to put the services across it
How much did Pugin pay the Habershons for '15 feet of ground'? £450
What year did Pugin declare to be the worst year ever? 1849
Who did Pugin call a first class fool, A1 in everything except his art? Hardman Powell
What caused Pugin to call Powell a first class fool? he allowed the studio chimney to catch fire
In January 1850 Pugin's salary at Westminster was reduced to what? £100
Whose design for a cheap urban church did Rambler publish in 1850 as a reponse to 'why this waste'? Hadfield
To what did Pugin liken Hadfield's church design in Rambler? Hungerford Market
Which 1850 pamphlet is the nearest Pugin came to an adult autobiography? some remarks on the articles which have recently appeared in The Rambler
What did Pugin criticise about St Giles in Some remarks? Size of the spire and the density of the painted decoration
Less than 4 months after which publication did Pugin write 'as for stencilled walls. I dislike them exceedingly'? Floriated Ornament
Although the Ecclesiologist backed 'Some Remarks' against Rambler, what did it say was Pugin's failure in the pamphlet? not addressing constructional polychrome
Who went to Ramsgate to tell Pugin about the Great Exhibition?
In an experiment in which decorative method did Powell cause an explosion? Moulding
In response to a complaint, to whom did Pugin say he was afraid to visit? Captain Hibbert
Who gave Pugin the commission of a Rosminian College at Rugby? Captain Hibbert
What commission did Pugin obtain from Lady Rolle? Funery chapel at Bicton in Devon
For whom did Pugin design a funery chapel at Bicton in Devon? Lady Rolle
Lady Rolle originally wanted a mausoleum at Bicton in whose style? John Soane
Into what class was the Medieval Court entered at the Great Exhibition? Class XXVI , Class 26
What was Class XXVI at the Great Exhibition? decorative furniture and upholstery, paper hangings, papier mache and japanned goods
In Rambler who brought the dispute with Pugin in 1850 to an end saying 'I hit him hard because he hit me hard'? Capes
Who said 'when I hear of a thorough Puginian, I am quite sure he is a dandified, under educated man'? Newman
Who was the ventilation expert at the Houses of Parliament? Dr Reid
Who produced Pugin's designs and reprinted his books in Bruges without permission? Thomas Harper King
What was the name of Dickens' magazine that attacked Pugin and Millais? Household Words
having abandonned his own seamen's hospital Pugin subscribed to the one set up by which two men? Mr Hoare and Lieutenant Huitchinson
How much coal did Pugin estimate the children of his ramsgate school had stolen? 30 tons
Who was the school mistress at Pugin's Ramsgate school? Mrs Bridge
What building in Amiens did Jane remark was 'a very nice clean house'? Hotel des Postes
Who did Anne Pugin marry? Hardman Powell
Where did Powell & Anne settle? 3 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence
What did Pugin design for the Duke of Devonshire at Lismore Castle in County Waterford? Great Hall
What castle in Waterford did Pugin design a great hall for? Lismore castle
The consecration of St Augustine's took place in which feast day? Feast of the Assumption
Who officiated at the consecration of St Augustine's? Father Costigan from Margate
What did Pugin call the 'verte monstre'? Crystal Palace
Who was the architect of Bolton Abbey, Burton Closes and Lismore Castle? Joseph Paxton
Where did Pugin and Jane go in September 1850 to recover their health only for Jane to catch cholera? Salisbury
When Miss Bridge went on strike how great a pay rise did she get? 4 shillings a week
Whose was the first wedding celebrated at St Augustine's? Anne and Hardman Powell
Where did Anne and Hardman Powell go on honeymoon? Maidstone
What was the name of pamphlet Pugin produced on plainchant? An earnest appeal for the revival of ancient plain song
Under what name did English Churchman print passages from 'An Earnest Appeal'? Present state of worship among the Roman catholics
In which year did Pius IX restore the catholic hierachy? 1850
What post was Wiseman appointed to in the newly reconstituted hierachy? Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster
What pastoral letter by Wiseman infamed opinion in England? From without the Flaminian Gate
Which letter by Wiseman caused Queen Victoria to enquire whether she was Queen or not? From without the Flaminian Gate
On bonfire night 1850 which three men's effigies were burnt along with Guy fawkes? Pius IX Wiseman and Faber
A mob marched on the Grange in 1850 carrying what? An effigy of the Pope
In the aftermath of 'From without the Flaminian Gate' whose house was splattered with excrement and daubed with graffitti? Hardman Powell
What treatment did Pugin take in 1850 to deal with sweats and sore throats? a cold bath and a posset of warm milk and spirits
How much stone did Pugin, Edward and Jane use to secure the scaffolding on St augustine's during the gale of 25 November 1850? 15 tons
What did Pugin and the Caroline salvage from the wreck of the Gazelle? 18 tons of Russian tallow
What did Pugin say was not an issue of religion but one of civil freedom? restoration of the hierachy
On a visit to the Crystal Palace where did Pugin fail to find Crace? Hyde Park
Pugin likened failing to find Crace at Hyde Park to what? Like making an appointment on Salisbury Plain
On viewing the crystal palace Pugin said ' it is a capital place for plants but one might as well show pointed things in…' where? Trafalgar Square
Who made 2 great tiled stoves for the Great Exhibition? Hardman and Minton
Who commissioned the 2 pianos that went into the Great Exhibition? Burns and Lambert
What items commissioned by Burns and Lambert were place in the Medieval Court? pianos
Which piece of legislation was the response to the restoration of the hierachy? Ecclesiastical Titles bill/act
What was the title of Pugin's pamphlet about the restoration of the hierachy? Earnest Address on the establishment of the hierachy
In which pamphlet did Pugin reject his romanticised view of the middle ages as shown in Contrasts? Earnest Address on the establishment of the hierachy
On the inside front cover of Earnest Address what did Pugin say his next work would be? A new view of an old subject the English schism impartially considered
Which lter Prime Minister wrote to congratulate Pugin on Earnest Address? Gladstone
Who wrote in 'Stones of Venice' that Pugin was "one of the smallest possible or conceivable architects"? Ruskin
Which magazine in response to Ruskin's criticisms of Puginpointed out their similarities? Journal of Design
What was Pugin's response to Ruskin's criticisms? Let the fellow build something himself
What book did Pugin publish in 1851? A treatise on chancel screens or rood loft, their antiquity, use and symbolic significance
Who wrote an influential letter called ' the proper characteristics of a town church'? George Edward Street
In 'Treatise' Pugin wrote about four sorts of ambonclasts. What were they? calvanist, pagan, revoluntionary, modern
What was categorised into calvinsit, pagan, revoluntionary and modern in 'A Treatise'? Ambonoclasts (screen destroyers)
Because of the Great Exhibition Hardman got behind on the House of Parliament. How did Pugin say he had to lie to Barry? Like Figaro
A delay to the tiles for the stoves at the Great Exhibition meant that Hardman did not have time to galvanise the frames. What did he suggest as an alternative? Gilding them
In True Principles what did Pugin point out as the difference between pointed and classic architecture in their approach to scale? Pointed multiplies details, classical magnifies them
In True Principles which gothic chapel was criticised for departing from earlier medieval excellence? Henry vii's chapel at Westminster abbey
Which medieval authority did Pugin refer to in True Principles? Durandus
In True Principles what did Pugin say was emblematic of the resurrection? height or the vertical principle
Which architectural style did Pugin adopt for St Giles Cheadle, and St Oswald's Liverpool? decorated style
In the second edition of Contrasts Pugin did not blame the reformation for the abandonment of Gothic. What did he blame instead? the church had been consumed by internal decay and infected by paganism
In the second edition of Contrasts Pugin addressed the Queen on the subject of which building? Westminster Abbey
Who did Pugin call the prince of painters? Overbeck
An attack on which architect was omitted from the 2nd edition of Contrasts? Soane
For which aspect of St Mary's Derby did Pugin apologise in Present State? North/South orientation
Which Cumberland church is featured in The Present State and includes every feature deemed essential? St Mary, Warwick Bridge
St george's Southwark was designed to hold how many people? 3000
The brass enrichmens on the missal at Cheadle were copies of a hymnal from which church? Mayence
The décor at St Giles may have been influenced by which French church which was under restoration? Saint Chappelle
Which Nottinghamshire church was agreed to be the model for St Barnabas? Croxton Abbey
With whom did Pugin publish a small book on organs and organ cases? John Sutton
Which church is most closely related to Pugin's book Floriated Ornament? St Mary's, West Tofts
From which architect in Antwerp did Pugin gain inspiration for floral designs? Durlet
In the introduction to a translation of which Durandus book was Pugin attacked by Neale and Webb? Rational Divinarum Officiarum
In the intro to the translation of Durandus's Rationale Divinarum Officiarum Pugin was attacked as a schismatic. Who were the authors? Neale and Webb
A pictur eof which city was framed and hung in Pugin's library at the Grange? Bruges
Pugin's birds eye view technique was influenced by which author? Loggan
Where near Camelford did Pugin design a parsonage? Lanteglos
What was the name of the exhibition in Birmingham that Pugin and his colleagues exhibited at? Birmingham exhibition of arts and manufacture
Who resigned from the Ecclesiological Society in response to the 1846 attacked on Pugin in the Ecclesiologist? Stokes and Paley
In which pamphlet did Pugin say ' I have passed my life in thinking of fine things, studying fine things and realising very poor ones'? some remarks on the articles which have recently appeared in The Rambler
When Pugin was placed in Bethlehem hospital what was his illness diagnosed as? Mania
Where did Pugin say he had begun furniture for Morel prior to Windsor Castle? Carlton Palace
On the recommendation of Grieve for whom did Pugin build a temporary private theatre and stage? Marquis of Stafford
As a young man Pugin said “there is nothing worth living for but christian architecture and...” what? a boat
Who was The Grange let to after Pugin's death? Alfred Luck
Of which painter did Pugin say “that's going to be the man.He has got the medieval spirit in him'? Millais
The cathedral in Kilarney is built with which material? granite
Who gave Pugin permission too survey Rochester castle? 5th Earl of Jersey
What did Pugin design for Rundell Bridge and Rundell? plate
About which building did Pugin complain that after fundraising two handfuls of mortar were bought and a stained glassed windowfor the subscribers' names? Malvern Abbey
What cathedral led Pugin to exclaim ' gothic forever'? Wells Cathedral
What did Pugin say was ' the finest tower of the kind in England'? Taunton
What did Pugin say was 'one of the most perfect castles I have ever seen'? Chepstow
Which cathedral's stained glass did Pugin say was ' the most beautiful I have ever seen? Lichfield
Whose stained glass designs at New CollegeOxford did Pugin say had figures that look like ' third rate actresses' with ' dirty brown clouds'? Joshua Reynolds
The exterior of St Chad's was based on which German church? Munich cathedral
Which one of the thinkers extolled in True Principles was present at the opening of St Giles? Montalembert
What event delayed the completion of Killarney until after Pugin's death? Potato famine
When Pugin went insane where was he originally taken? Golden Cross, Strand
Who wrote the text to Glossary? Bernard Smith
Which play by Victor Hugo did Pugin work on in Paris? Hernan
What did Pugin give to Oscott as a votice offering after surviving a storm at sea? candlesticks
What design was on the foresail of the Caroline? Cross of St George
How heavy was the Caroline? 20 tons
In 1845 Pugin organised a mass for 80 shipwrecked sailors of which nationality? German
Pugin's first recorded train ride was between which cities? York to Manchester and Liverpool
What was Pugin's last drawing? weather vane for St Mary's Beverley
Which Thomas Hardy novel references Pugin by saying “it was a house in which Pugin would have torn his hair”? The Hand of Ethelberta
The carpets at the Great Exhibition were decorate with which floral design? cabbage roses
What was Catherine Welby's nickname? The Belle of Islington
Where did Pugin meet George Sayes? Morel and Seddon's workshop
Which one of Pugin;s ideal schemes was the only one to cover a secular topic? Le Chasteau
Which is the largest of Pugin's Ideal Schemes with 74 plates? The Parish Church
In which publication did Pugin demonstrate his x-frame design and revealed construction? Gothic furniture of the 15th century
What entertainment venue did AC Pugin design? Diorama
What was referred to as TRDL in Pugin's diary? Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Queen Victoria and Napoleon iii saw which production that Pugin had been involved with? Kenilworth
For which production did Pugin produce a moving Panorama? Henry VIII
Pugin's moving panorama for Henry VIII was based on whose 1647 work? Wenceslaus Hollar
What was Pugin's last theatre production? Hop o my thumb
Pugin designed scenery for operas by Rossini and Halevy in which city? Paris
What was the 2nd house designed by Pugin? Oswaldcroft
Where did Pugin build a 2 storey corridor using skylights to light the lower storey? Scarisbrick
In which book did Pugin justify the use of brick in towns? Apology for the revival
The farm buildings at Oxenford Grange were part of which estate? Peper Harrow
What was Pugin's major work at Alton Towers? Dining Room
What style did Pugin use in the crypt of St Chad's to suggest greater age? Norman
What was the only complete new private chapel attached to a catholic seat built by Pugin? Ackworth Grange
Which country church became the much copied model of a small country church? St Oswald's, Old Swan
What did Pugin complain made St Mary's Newcastle look naked? Lack of a rood screen
Which 2 Irish cathedrals appear on the frontispiece of Apology? St Michael's Gorey, Killarney Cathedral
Who made the stained glass at St Chad's? Warrington
The stained glass at St chad's was based on which other building's? Tewkesbury Abbey
What stone is St Barnabas built of? Ashlar
What is the only part of St Barnabas to retain its original décor? Blessed Scarament Chapel
Who was the clerk of works at Cheadle? John Denny
What was the inspiration for the dark tones and stained glass design at St Giles? Saint Chappelle
Who painted the Last Judgement at Cheadle? Hauser
AS well as flint what stone is used at St Augustine's? Ashlar
What two items from St Augustine's were exhibited at the Great Exhibition? Tabernacle and font
Who designed Pugin's tomb? Edward Pugin
Where was the first public calvary erected in England since the reformation? Mount St Bernards
Where is Ambrose Phillipps buried? Mount St Bernards
Who finished Mount St Bernards? Edward Pugin
What is the French word for a Rood screen? jubé
Where did Pugin see a rood and say "now at last I have found a christian after my own heart"? Grace Dieu
What are the fixed wall seats near the high altar called? sedilia
What is the name of the sacred tomb for the host? sacrarium or piscina
What did Pugin prefer to a pulpit? Litany desk
Which 1493 publication did Pugin buya copy of? Nuremburg Chronicle
what duty was charge on the import of antiquities? £1 per ft2 for paintings, 1 shilling per lb for manuscripts
In the drawing room at The Grange Pugin hung 2 large oil paintings by which artist? Durer
Pugin bought paintings from the auction of which person's collection? Charles Aders
At Pugin's post death sale how many Durer prints were auctioned? 11
Prints entitled 'melancholy' and 'The knight of death' were among the works of which artist owned by Pugin? Durer
Pugin owned 26 views of Venice by which artist? canaletto
Pugin owned 27 prints by which 17th century artist? Hollar
The Oscott lectern and the St chad's pulpitt originally came from which town? Louvain
Who painted the wings of the reredos at Oscott? Herbert
Which publication caused Pugin to say 'I am a marked man here at Salisbury'? Contrasts
What is the only building picture in Contrasts to be mentioned in the text? Christ Church Oxford
Which building went from being admired in the 1se edition of Contrasts to condemned in the 2nd edition? Kings College Cambridge Chapel
the towns compared in Contrasts were from which years? 1440, 1840
In Contrasts what did the churchyard of 1440 turn into in 1840? Pleasure grounds
An Earnest Appeal for the revival of ancient plain song' countered opinions in which publication? Rambler
How many copies of An Earnest Address on the establishment of the hierachy did Pugin distribute? 10,000
what did Pugin call "the most profound awful book I ever read - better than all the moral sermons put together"? Vanity Fair
the first recorded mention of Puginand wallpaper is in relation to which building? Alton Towers
Who as a subcontractor printed Pugin and Crace's wallpaper? samuel Scott and co
What wallpaper design was only used in conference and committee rooms at the Houses of Parliament? fleur de lys and pomegranate
the rose and portcullis wallpaper design was used at which building? Houses of Parliament
Pugin's x frame chair for the Houses of Parliament is similar to which person's engraving? De Passe
Which chair was a source for the x frame chair used at the Bishops House at Birmingham? Glastonbury Chair
How big was the standard Pugin/Minton tile? 6 inch square
Minton's wall tiles were made by which technique? wall press
What type of tiles decorated the stove at the Great Exhibition? Majolica
What was the catalogue numbr of the Minton/Pugin trefoil design tableware? 8659
What inscription was on Pugin's own tableware? Ubi Amor Ibi Fides
Pugin's best known plate design had which motto? Waste not want not
What did Minton call dinner service designs with moralising proverbs? Motto dinner services
What did Pugin call the design on the cover of the Roman breviary? St Augustine's mark
In which year did Pugin make his first visit to Oscott and Scarisbrick, meet Hardman and receive the patronage of the Earl of Shrewsbury? 1837
Who was the practical superintendent of the Thames Bank Workshop? Richard Bayne
the ceiling of the House of Lords bears which inscription? Dieu et mon droit
the throne in the House of Lords was based on which other chair? Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey
Who made the throne in the House of Lords? John Webb
Who made the octagonal tables in the House of Lords? John Webb
How much did Pugin charge per window design at the House of Lords? £84
The only surviving piece of Pugin glass in the House of Lords is of which king? William 1
What is the best known wallpaper design for the Houses of Parliament known as? Crace Diaper
Which tiles at the Houses of Parliament did Pugin tell Minton were the best in the world? St Stephen's
The heads of nails used on chairs in the Houses of Parliament were in what shape? cinquefoil flower
Which external features of the Houses of Parliament are Pugin designs? metal vanes and roof cresting
In what classes did Minton exhibit at the Great Exhibition? 25 and 27 ceramics and tiles
In which class did Hardman exhibit at the Great Exhibition? 22, general hardware
Who organised the Hardman part of the Great exhibition? thomas earley
Whose tomb did Queen Victoria like when she visited the Great Exhibition? Dr Walsh
On her second visit to the Great Exhibition Queen Victoria enquired about which piece of furniture? bookcase with brass gates
What object of Myers' led to a dispute? cabinet
Which item was moved to Minton's stand in order to solve the Myers dispute at the Great Exhibition? Stove
What was the first Pugin church in Australia? St Paul's Oatlands
Which Sydney Church was extended by Pugin? St Mary's
How many different church designs did Pugin provide for Australia? 9
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