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Beginning Reading.


Why has teaching students how to read the subject of debate? Reading is percieved as a fairly easy and natural act.
The act of reading is a process that is both _________ and ___________. Real and Complex.
Learning to read requires human______ and _______. Intervention and context.
The act of reading is is complex and intentional; it requires bringing together a number of complex actions involving the _________, the _______,and the ________ of the mind. eyes, the brain, and the psychology of the mind.
To translate letters into sounds a beginning reader should enter school with a _________ _________ of the sound structure of words, and the ability to manipulate sounds in words. conscious awareness
The teaching of _________ __________ is of supreme importance and must be purposeful, strategic, and grounded in the methods proven effective by research? Beginning Reading
What are two process that are essential to teaching beginning reading to children with diverse learning and curricular needs? Phonological Awareness and Word Recognition
Children who have been immersed in a literacy environment in which _______, ______ ________, ________, and _________ reading are plentiful, are more likely to undersand what reading is all about. Words, Word Games, Rhyming, and Story Reading
Reading failure begins early, takes root quickly, and affects students for ________. Life
About ______% of 4th graders score below basic in overall reading skill on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). 42%
Nationally, _______% of all adults are functionally illiterate. 25%
What usually begins as a core phonological and word recognition deficit,ends in poor ________ ___________, poor ________, and poor _________. comprehension skills, poor spellers, poor writers.
Intensive instruction that closes the wide gap between poor readers and their grade level? Effective Instruction
Students cannot and should not bypass any critical skills necessary for fluent and meaningful reading just because of their __________ _______. Chronological Age
Recognition of printed words depends on the ability to map speech sounds to letter symbols? Alphabetic Principle
To recognize letter sequences accurately and quickly? Orthographic Processing
Structured language instruction should include? Phonological Awareness, Decoding, Spelling, Grammar, and other language skills
Name challenge games that will help poor readers? alternate oral reading of passages in small groups, reading with a tape-recording, choral reading of dramatic material, rereading familiar text.
Normally progressing students can read most of the words in their listening vocabulary by _____th or ____th grade? 4th or 5th
This may be the most powerful weapon in the fight against illiteracy? Direct, Systemic Instruction
Decoding problems in reading are primarily associated with problems segmenting _________ and ___________ into phonemes. Words and Syllables
A child becomes a proficient reader when they have learned how sound structures relates to ___________? Print
Slow inaccurate decoding is teh best predictor of poor reading _________? Comprehension
Name 4 causes of poor reading? Neurological (brain function), Familial, Social Disadvantage/Cultural, Instructional
Sensitivity to the sound structure (rather than the meaning)of speech. Phonological Awareness
The ability to deal explicitly and segmentally with sound units smaller than the syllable. Phonemic Awareness
The insight that written words are composed of letters of the alphabet that are intentionally and conventionally related to segments of spoken words? Alphabetic Principle
Sensitivity to the structure of the writing system (spelling patterns, othographic rules, inflectional and derivational morphology, etymology) Orthographic Awareness
Strategies that help students attend to and remember what they read. Comprehensive Monitoring Strategies
Developing a sense of their individual task pace is essential for students to learn ________ ____________. Time Management
Students with learning disabilities need high ___________, explicit teaching, and ___________ opportunities to practice strategies until they develop independent skills. high structure, explicit teaching, and extended opportunities
Created by: rebeccabanks24
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