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JRNL 1100

AP Style

Capitalize title when it preceeds _____________________. a name
Presidency: lowercase or uppercase? ALWAYS lowercase: presidency
Elected officials: capitalized or not capitalized? Capitalized
He said _______________ Barack Obama will meet with __________ ______________ Joe Biden tomorrow. He said President Barack Obama will meet with VIce President Joe Biden tomorrow.
Lowercase titles when it ___________ a name or stands ____________. Lowercase titles when it follows a name or stands alone.
When do titles come after the name? When they are long.
Jobs/Job descriptions: Lowercase or uppercase? Lowercase! Ex: ..and gardener John C. Jones ...included rookie left-hand pitcher Bill Bryant
false titles: Uppercase or Lowercase? Lowercase! ex: The speaker was defense attorney John K. Paul
Astronaut: lowercase or uppercase? Lowercase! not a formal title
Professor is (lowercase/uppercase) before a name Lowercase!
(Astronaut/astronaut) John Glenn landed on the moon. astronaut
Have you had Professor/professor Robert Agne yet? professor (before a name)
Union/union? Union - when referring to the United States
Republic/republic? Republic - when referring to the United States
Colonies/colonies? Colonies - when referring to the United Stated
Republic of Korea/republic of Korea? Republic of Korea
French Fifth Republic/French fifth Republic/French fifth republic? French Fifth Republic
Congress/congress? Congress - when referring to U.S. or specific state body
Senate/senate? Senate - when referring to U.S. or specific state body
The (House/house) of Representatives met today on Capitol Hill. House of Representatives
Cabinet/cabinet? Cabinet - when referring to U.S. or specific state body
Legislature/legislature? Legislature - when referring to U.S. or specific body
The (Capitol/capital) building was subject to a terrorist attack. Capitol - building
The (Capitol/capital) of Alabama is Montgomery. capital - state capitals
When do you capitalize committee? when used in their full names ex: The Senate Judiciary Committee met at noon. The House Ways and Means Committee recessed.
When do you lowercase committee? When it stands alone ex: The committee recessed early.
subcommittee: lowercase or uppercase? Lowercase always! ex: The Senate Judiciary subcommittee on rules meets tomorrow.
Names of organizations: Capitalized or Lowercase? Capitalized IF FULL NAME. ex: Birmingham Junior Chamber of Commerce ex: Interstate Commerce Commission
Kappa Theta (Fraternity/fraternity) Kappa Theta fraternity. - fraternity is not a part of the name of the organization!
Boy Scout (Troup/troup) Boy Scout Troup
Commission: lowercase or uppercase? Lowercase - when standing alone!
The (Supreme Court/Supreme court/supreme court) met yesterday due to a civil liberties case that created much debate. Supreme Court
(6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals/Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals/6th U.S. Circuit court of appeals) 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
(Juvenile Court/juvenile court)? Juvenile Court
(District Court/district court)? District Court
The boy's theft case was tried in (Juvenile Court/juvenile court). Juvenile Court
The murder case was tried in (District Court/district court). District Court
(Juvenile Court Judge/Juvenile Judge) William Sanders tried the armed robbery case. Juvenile Court Judge
What is the difference between a title and a job description? title is Capitalized, a job description is not.
He received (Social Security/social security) payments. Social Security
He advocates (Social Security/social security) for the aged. social security
When is Social Security lowercase? when it is used in a general sense.
When is Social Security capitalized? when it is referring to the U.S. system: Social Security Administration/Social Security Act
The (Army/army) unit was sent to Iraq on a mission. Army
He is a member of the (Air Force/air force) Air Force
The (Marines/marines) is a division of the (Navy/navy) Marines; Navy
The (National Guard/national guard) was send to Tuscaloosa to help with tornado relief. National Guard
The (Coast Guard/coast guard) was attacked by pirates. Coast Guard
The (Coast Guardsman/coast guardsman) rescued the man from the plane crash. Coast Guardsman
The (Soldier/soldier) was ready to be deployed. soldier
The (Marine/marine) was sent on a special operations mission. Marine
Most (Sailors,sailors) are content on the open seas. sailors
(Leatherneck/leatherneck)? letherneck
Capitalize Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard when referring to those of the United States lowercase sailor, soldier, and leatherneck BUT capitalize Marine, Coast Guardsman
Capitalize holidays, historic events, ecclesiastical feasts, fast days, special events, hurricanes, and typhoons.
The (Mother's Day/mother's day) celebration began with breakfast in bed. Mother's Day
The Catholic school cancelled class on (Good Friday/good friday). Good Friday
We all went to the lake on (Labor Day/labor day). Labor Day
The (Battle of the Bulge/battle of the bulge) survivor wrote a book about this historic event. Battle of the Bulge
The Jewish family celebrated (Passover/passover) last night. Passover
We had mass on (Ash Wednesday/ash Wednesday/ash wednesday). Ash Wednesday
She went home for (Christmas/christmas). Christmas
The little boy dressed up as Superman for (Halloween/halloween). Halloween
We ate turkey and stuffing for (Thanksgiving/thanksgiving) dinner. Thanksgiving
To kick off (National Safety Week/national safety week) they handed out rape whistles. National Safety Week
The worst hurricane to hit Louisiana was (Hurricane Katrina/hurricane Katrina). Hurricane Katrina
The aftermath of (Typhoon Tilda/typhoon Tilda) left many homeless. Typhoon Tilda
On (New Year's Day/New Year's day/New Years' Day) we went to see a movie. New Year's Day
She had a party on (New Year's Eve/New Years' Eve/New Years eve). New Year's Eve
We played a prank on (April Fool's Day/April Fools' Day/April Fools Day). April Fools' Day
We went to the park on Groundhog Day/groundhog day) Groundhog Day
What will the (New Year/new year) bring you? new year
At the start of the (New Year/new year) we went on vacation. new year
The war in the (Middle East/middle East/middle east) began nine years ago. Middle East
She bought a house on (Chicago's South Side/Chicago's South side/Chicago's south side) Chicago's South Side
Kentucky and Virginia are considered (Mideast/Mid East/mid East) of the United States. Mideast
In the (Midwest/Mid West/mid West) there is corn. Midwest
The Rio Grande created the border for the (Texas Panhandle/Texas panhandle) Texas Panhandle
In the (Middle West/middle West/middle west) they have a lot of tornados. Middle West
The (Orient/orient) includes countries in the East. Orient
In (Lower/lower) Manhattan apartments are very hard to come by. Lower Manhattan
In the (Deep South, deep South, deep south) hunting and fishing are popular avocations. Deep South
In Europe, (East-West/east-west) relations were strained during World War II. East-West relations
The wall between (East/east) Germany and (West/west) Germany was torn down in 1990. East Germany; West Germany
If you go towards (West/west) Alabama you will head towards Tuscaloosa. west Alabama
Birmingham is in (Central/central) Alabama. central Alabama
Barack Obama was the (Democratic Party's/democratic party's) representative in the 2008 presidential election. Democratic Party
My (Professor/professor) is a (Democrat/democrat. professor; Democrat
The (Republican Party/Republican party/republican party) has yet to elect a candidate for the 2012 presidential election. Republican Party
Obama is a (Socialist/socialist). Socialist
Adolf Hitler was a (Communist/communist). Communist
Ralph Nader is an (Independent/independent). Independent
When do you capitalize Red? when it is used as a political, geographical or military unit.
China advocates (Communism/communism). communism (same with socialism)
(Democratic/democratic) form of government democratic form of government
(Republican/republican) system republican system
Capitalize Names of fraternal organizations and civic clubs. ex: Lions Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, American Legion
We played on the (Knights of Columbus/knights of Columbus) soccer field. Knights of Columbus
Capitalize political parties ex: Democratic Party, Democrat, Republican Party, Republican, Socialist, Communist, Independent
Capitalize ideological and political areas ex: East-West relations, East Germany
Capitalize specific regions ex: Middle East, Mideast, Middle West, Texas Panhandle, Orient, Chicago's South Side, Lower Manhattan, Deep South
(War/war) in Iraq. war in Iraq - not official name of the war.
Church denominations should be capitalized ex: Catholic, Protestant, Hindu
In (The/the) New York Times there was an article on the president. The New York Times
Do you place quotes around the name of a newspaper? No!
Lowercase 'the' before newspaper names if a story mentions several papers, some of which use the as part of the name and some which do not
Where location is needed, but is not part of the official name, use parentheses: Ex: The Huntsville (Ala.) Times
(God/god) is the almighty power (Who/who) created heaven and (Earth/earth). God the almighty power who created heaven and Earth
Jesus is the (Son of God/son of God/son of god). Son of God
In the name of the (Father/father), and of the (Son/son), and of the (Holy Spirit/holy spirit). Father; Son; Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ is our (Redeemer/redeemer). Redeemer
The (God/god) of the (Islamic/islamic) faith is (Allah/allah). The God of the Islamic faith is Allah.
lowercase he, his, him, who whose, and whom when you are talking about an almighty power aka God Capitalize God, the Father, the Son, the Son of God, the Redeemer, the Holy Spirit, Allah
The (Bible/bible), the (Quran/quran), and the (Talmud/talmud) are the religious texts of (Christianity/christianity),( Islam/islam), and (Judaism,judaism). The Bible, Quran, and Talmud are the religious texts of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
Capitalize Bible, Quran, and Talmud and all names of the Bible. Capitalize the names of all organized religious movements.
Capitalize Satan and Hades. Lowercase heaven, hell and devil
Earth is lowercase unless it is referring specifically to the name of planet. The Earth is round.
Capitalize all wars and revolutions ex: World War II, Revolutionary War, Korean War, Vietnam War, War Between the States, World War I, Bolshevik Revolution
The (War Between the States/war between the states) can also be called the (Revolutionary War/revolutionary war) War Between the States; Revolutionary War
The Bolshevik (Revolution/revolution) was in Russia. Bolshevik Revolution
Capitalize the names of races but lowercase red, white, black and yellow Ex: Caucasian, Chinese, Native American
Use racial identification only when pertinent. Do not use racially derogatory terms unless they are part of a quotation that is essential to a story.
Capitalize the common noun as part of the formal name ex: Hoover Dam, Missouri River, Lee County Courthouse But lowercase dam, river and courthouse when they are standing alone
I had to go to Lee County (Courthouse/courthouse) for my traffic ticket. Couthouse
The Hoover (Dam/dam) was completed in 1936. Dam
The Missouri (River/river) is long. River
We went to the (Courthouse/courthouse) to pay off her parking ticket. courthouse
The (Dam/dam) was being built off the interstate. dam
The (River/river) flooded after the storm. river
Capitalize Empire State Building, Hyatt House, Rainbow Room, Wall Street, Pershing Square, World Trade Center, Twin Towers, etc.
We visited the (Empire State Building/Empire State building/empire state building) while in New York City. Empire State Building
The (Rainbow Room/Rainbow room/rainbow room) is a popular restaurant in New York. Rainbow Room
On September 11th the (Twin Towers/twin towers) fell. Twin Towers
Capitalize trade names and trademark names ex: Dumpster, Coca-Cola, Deepfreeze, Xerox, Band-Aid
Will you hand me a (Band-Aid/band-aid)? Band-Aid
The (Dumpster/dumpster) truck is coming later. Dumpster
I would like a (Coke/coke). Coke- only use when you are specifically talking about Coca-Cola
Please (Xerox/xerox) a copy of that for me please. Xerox
when do you lowercase street, road, and avenue? lowercase when plural
We went down Broad and Main (Streets/streets) while touring the city. Broad and Main streets
Capitalize names of organizations and expositions ex: Boy Scouts, Red Cross, World's Fair, Alabama State Fair but lower case scout and fair when standing alone.
He joined the (Boy Scouts/boy scouts) when he was young. Boy Scouts
The (Red Cross/red cross) came to campus today for blood donations. Red Cross
At the Alabama (State Fair/state fair) there were horses and rides. Alabama State Fair
Capitalize and place in quotations titles of books, plays, poems, speeches, songs, movies, operas, works of art Ex: "Tom Sawyer" "My Fair Lady "Mona Lisa"
News paper titles: Quotations or Underlined? neither, newspaper titles are just capitalized
Don't put the Bible or books that are primarily catalogs or reference material in quotations
The words "a" "an" "in" "of" "the" "etc" are capitalized only if the first or last word of a title ex: The New York Times, The Beatles, "In Her Shoes"
Capitalize the first word of a quotation which comes after a comma or colon and which makes a complete sentence ex: He said, "Omit Needless Words."
Capitalize fanciful nicknames: ex: Tigers, Crimson Tide, Sunshine State, Old Glory, the Magic City, the Big Apple, the Big Easy, Sin City
We went to the (Big Easy/big easy) for her (21/twenty first) birthday. Big Easy; 21
We cheered on the (Tigers/tigers) while booing the (Crimson Tide/crimson tide) Tigers; Crimson Tide
They went to (Sin City/sin city) on spring break. Sin City
The (Magic City/magic city) is Birmingham Alabama. Magic City
Capitalize medals, decorations, and awards ex: Silver Star, Purple Heart, Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize in Physics, Medal of Honor (NOT Congressional Medal of Honor), Presidential Medal of Freedom (NOT Medal of Freedom)
Capitalize: City Council, County Commission...when the reference is to a specific one ex: The City Council voted on...(Auburn), The County Commission voted...(Lee County), The Department of Education...(Alabama)
when are council, commission, and department lowercase? if not directly referenced and condensed...the council met, the department is down the hall.
The (Department of Education/department of education) at Auburn is a large department. department of education
Do not capitalize directional terms (north east west south) capitalize regions: the North, the South...
She went to college in the (South/south). South
We traveled (North/north) to our destination. north
Room numbers: if there is a room number then you capitalize Room, if not then it is lowercase ex: Room 314, the room is down the hall
We were looking for (Room/room) 3234 in the Haley Center. Room
The (Room/room) you're looking for is down the hall. room
In general, spell out the names of firms, organizations, and groups on first mention. Abbreviate thereafter, if there is a commonly known abbreviation. ex: The American Civil Liberties Union announced Wednesday plans to...ACLU has been an advocate of...
The (AFTRA/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) announced Tuesday that there was an issue dealing with Piracy. The (AFTRA/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) continued to say that the music industry took the biggest hit. American Federation of Television and Radio Artists; AFTRA
Abbreviate time zones when used with a specific time Ex: at 9:30 a.m. CDT
Spell out time zones when a specific time in not given Auburn is on Central Daylight Time
Auburn is in the (Central Time Zone/Central time zone/central time zone). Central time zone
Auburn is on (Daylight Saving Time/daylight saving tiime) daylight saving time (it is not the official name! official name is Central Daylight Time)
Abbreviate the names of business firms if the firm in question does so: ex: Warner Bros, Brown Implement Co., Amalgamated Leather Ltd., Smith & Sons Inc.
The (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad/Baltimore and Ohio Railroad) Company wanted to merge with another company. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
The head of (J.C. Penney Co. Inc/J.C. Penney Company/J.C. Penney Co.) announced the new line. J.C. Penney Co. Inc.
In addresses that include the number, abbreviate St. Ave. Blvd. (StAB), if they do not include numbers, spell out Street, Avenue, Boulevard Spell out all other road names; Road, Drive, Place, Circle, Lane, Terrace, Court
I live on 823 Maxwell (Court/Ct.). Court
We are looking for 674 Jones (Street/St.) St.
On Second (Street/St.) there was a big parade. Street
If the number is given abbreviate N., S., E., W., NW SW NE SE Ex: 100 Cox St. SW, 9 S. Gay St., 3 E. Magnolia Ave.
The bank is 8 (8th/Eighth) (Avenue/Ave.) (SW/S.W.). The bank is 8 Eighth Ave. SW.
Spell out First through Ninth if they are street names, then use figures after ninth ex: 222 10th Ave., Eighth Avenue Southwest
lowercase abbreviations that do not involve proper names. Those that spell words take periods ex: c.o.d. (collect on delivery/date) f.o.b. (free on board/father of the bride)
Abbreviate versus as vs. (with a period) It was Auburn vs. Alabama.
Auburn (versus/vs.) Oregon was the best game of the year. vs.
Abbreviations for states are NOT the same as postal abbreviations!
What are the eight states that do not get abbreviated? Alaska, Hawaii, Ohio, Iowa, Idaho, Maine, Texas, Utah
Abbreviate states when they follow cities or towns, military bases, national parks, or reservations: Ex: She was born is Boise, Idaho, and moved to Auburn, Ala., at the age of 18.
They lived at Maxwell Air Force Base, (Ala./Alabama), for three years. Ala. (it's after a military base)
Spell out the names of states when they stand alone: He was born in Alabama and moved to Louisiana at the age of 18.
Alabama Ala.
Arizona Ariz.
Alaska Alaska
Arkansas Ark.
California Calif.
Colorado Colo.
Connecticut Conn.
Delaware Del.
Florida Fla.
Georgia Ga.
Hawaii Hawaii
Idaho Idaho
Illinois Ill.
Indiana Ind.
Iowa Iowa
Kansas Kan.
Kentucky Ky.
Louisiana La.
Maryland Md.
Massachussettes Mass.
Michigan Mich.
Minnesota Minn.
Mississippi Miss.
Missouri Mo.
Montana Mont.
Nebraska Neb.
Nevada Nev.
North Carolina N.C.
North Dakota N.D.
New Hampshire N.H.
New Jersey N.J.
New Mexico N.M.
New York N.Y.
Maine Maine
Ohio Ohio
Oklahoma Okla.
Oregon Ore.
Pennsylvania Pa.
Rhode Island R.I.
South Carolina S.C.
South Dakota S.D.
Tennessee Tenn.
Texas Texas
Utah Utah
Vermont Vt.
Virginia Va.
Washington Wash.
W. Va. West Virginia
Wisconsin Wis.
Wyoming Wyo.
Abbreviate Unites States and United Nations in titles when used as ajectives and as nouns ex: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.N. Headquarters, U.S. foreign policy
(U.S./United States) foreign policy is a very important diplomatic tool. U.S. foreign policy
The (U.S./United States) Marine Corps is a highly esteemed branch of the military. U.S. Marine Corps
The Greenbrier resort is in White Sulfur Springs, (W. Va./West Virginia). W. Va.
We went to Sacramento, (Calif./California) on vacation. Calif.
We visited the museum in (Ark./Arkansas) on our way to Texas. Arkansas
What months are abbreviated? Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.
What months are not abbreviated? March, April, May, June, July
Abbreviate months only when used as a calendar date, even if there is no year: Ex: John went to Chicago in January and returned Feb. 3.
The Battle of Iwo Jima started in (Feb./February) 1945 when Marines stormed the beach. February (there is no calendar date)
The United States of America was granted freedom on (Jul./July) 4, 1776 July
I was born on (Oct./October) 4. Oct.
Do not abbreviate days of the week days of the week are capitalized
We went to Niffers last (Tuesday/tuesday). Tuesday
Today is (Wed./Wednesday), May 3. Wednesday - never abbreviate days of the week
Do not abbreviate Elizabeth, Benjamin, Charles, etc., unless the person does so Ex: DO NOT use Liz or Ben or Charlie
What is wrong from this sentence? Charlie Jones saved the little boy from drowning. Charlie - do not abbreviate unless instructed to.
The full name of a person normally is used only once in a news story, and that is upon first mention. Then use last name only and drop the title. NEVER use first name
John J. Jones of Auburn received the (Navy Cross/navy cross) today. (John J. Jones/John/Jones), a retired bank clerk, was cited for gallantry in action in 1942 during war. Navy Cross; Jones
Professional titles normally are used on first mention, either before or following the name. Ex: President Jay Gogue of Auburn University has called for a change in...
Dr. Anne-Katrin Gramberg, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, has called a meeting with the student board today. (Dr. Anne-Katrin/The Auburn dean) said that action needed to be taken regarding the student deaths. The Auburn dean said that action needed to be taken regarding the student deaths.
Do NOT abbreviate president, vice president, association, detective, department, deputy, assistant, commandant, manager, general manager, secretary, treasurer professor, district attorney, attorney general, superintendent, Christmas
Titles that should be abbreviated when appearing before the name include Sen., Rep., Gov., Lt. Gov., the Rev., Dr., and police and military titles ex: Dr. Chad Jones is a heart surgeon at St. Thomas Hospital.
(Prof./Professor) Tim Smith gave the lecture. Professor - never abbreviated!
The (v.p./vice president), John Stamps, was elected with the (Pres./President), James Mason. Vice President; President - Never abbreviate!!
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