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Blood clots are kown as? Thrombi
What Happens if Blood does not clot? Hemophilia
Hemophilia Any factor along the the path is missing, blood will not clot.
Class or Classes of drug that reduce blood clots? Anicoaglant & Antiplatetes
DVT stands for? Deep vain thrombosis
What is a pulmonary embolism? Blood clot in the lungs
How can thrombi develop? Abnormalities in Blood coagulation, blood flow, Platet adhesiveness, and Vessel walls form
What are the symtoms? swellinlg, discoloration, and pain
What is most important about antigoagulant therapy? must be monitored regularly
Where are the most common and threatening DVT located? Knee level or above
What is known as "good" cholesterol HDL high density liporoteins
What is hyperlipidemia a precusor to? Atherosclerosis
What are fatty acids Saturated, Monounsaturated, and polyunsturated
Which fatty acid has the greatest effect on raising cholesterol? saturated
What is considered high cholesterol(LDL) 160
What organ processes and produces cholesterol Liver
Excess amount of cholesterol in the blood? Hypercholesterolemia
What calcium channel blockers? Class 4 cardizem, diltazem/ calan, verapamil
When does a person reqiure chonic dialysis? End stage renal disease(ESRD)
Common disease causing renal failure? Polycystic disease
What percent pf cardiac output does the kidney receive? 20%
What do people have to be careful of while on dialysis? fluid and salt intake
Who is the most effected by renal disease? older people
What are the three types of events that take place when someone is havine acute renal failure? Pre renal,Intra renal, Post renal
What are ACE inhibitors Angiotensen converting enzyme-A set of agents that help to reduce blood pressure by causing a decrease of pressure in the arteries
What disease is most responsive to the use of Ace inhibitors? CHF congestive heart failure
What is the most bothersome side effect of ACE inhibitors Dry cough
When are they normally taken? 1 hour before meals
Waht are some benefits of taking Angiotensin 2 receptor VS ACE inhibitors tolerated better because less coughing and swelling associated with the medication
Substances that increase urine output? Carbonbic Anhydrase inhibitors, acetazolamide,methazolamide
Most common condition in the urinary system. Urinary tract infection
What is arrhytima? rhythm of the heart
What is a beta blocker? ?
What is a normal heart rate? 60 to 100
What creates normal cardiac rythme? Electrocardiogram
Comman condition in older men Cardiovascular disease
5 diurectics Thiazide diuretics,loop diuretics, potassium-sparing diuretics, Carbonic Anhydrasse inhibitors and Osmotic diuretics
Hospital acquired infection known as ?
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