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Radiology 2

High kVp and low mAs techniques should be used as often as possible to prevent damage to the anode. True
If a radiograph is too light after taking a view of the lateral abdomen, what change may be recommened? Increase mAs 30% to 50%
Density is determined primarily by mAs. True
Which of the following are limitations of the stationary anode? t is unable to withstand large amounts of heat.
Veterinary patients have a tendancy to move while being positioned for radiographs to be taken. The radiographer should help to safely prevent artifacts of movement by: using the shortest exposure time possible
Units of dose equivalents account for differences in tissue damage resulting from different types of radiation. True
A cassette must maintain close contact between the intensifying screens and the film True
Exposure of a radiographic film to x-rays makes the film black. True
Aperture opening
Lamina thin, flate plate
Process projection
Trochanter broad, flat projection on femur
Tubercle Tuberosity projecting part
Spine sharp projection
A greenstick fracture is also known as an incomplete fracture. True
The costo-chondral junction is found in the pelvis. False
The skull, vertebrae, and pelvis are all part of the axial skeleton. False
The fibular tarsal bone is also called the... calcaneus
The scapula articulates with the humerus. True
List 3 positioning aids Sandbags, beanbags, foam pads, wedges, troughs.
Most x-ray film cassettes now have what kind of screens that glow when irradiated? Intensifying screens
According to the Lavin text, when developing a variable kVp technique chart, kilovoltage should be increased or decreased by increments of_____ for each centimeter measurment. 2
Two views at 180 degree angles from each other are always required for each anatomic part. False
The potential difference between the anode and cathode is measured in: kilovolts
Which of the following film-screen systems is most commonly used in veterinary medicine? Medium speed
Grid cut-off can be described as incorrect use of the grid so that the grid absorbs more radiation than it should.
Sante's rule states that if setting up a technique chart you should use what base kVp for the abdomen? (2 x thickness [cm]) + 40
The first written report concerning x-rays and their use for medical and surgical diagnosis was made in 1895. The author and discoverer was Wilhelm Roentgen. True
Which of the following animals has the fewest number of coccygeal bones? Humans
Radiographic contrast is determined primarily by kVp. True
Condyle rounded projection that articulates with another bone
Crest high projection
Foramen hole
Fossa trench or hollow depressed area
Sulcus Groove
Fovea small pit
Meatus passage or opening
Head major protrusion
The Tibia articulates with the tarsal bone to help form the hock.
Cows have more thoracic vertebrae than horses. False
OSHA has established a safe exposure limit for all halogenated anesthetic agents, which is not to exceed 4 parts per million (ppm). False
This organism has been linked to cardiac and pulmonary problems in humans and animals and may be aerosolized during dental procedures. Pasteurella multocida
The proper procedure for diluting checmicals is to add water to the chemical. False
For only 24 hours after administering cytotoxic drugs to an animal, any laundry soiled with their bodily excretions is considered medical waste. False
The ungual process articulates with the tibial tarsal bone. False
The dewclaw is comprised of Metacarpal V and Digit V False
A patient is in ____________ recumbency for a Dp view of the carpus. ventral
Where should you measure for a lateral view of the tarsus? from the distal third of he radius and ulna to the proximal third of the metacarpals.
What is the primary disadvantage of the craniocaudal view of the humerus? Long object-film distance can cause magnification
How many board certified radiologists review one patient's OFA radiograph? 3
The olecranon is the socket component of the ball-and-socket hip joint. False
If a patient's OFA assessment is fair, borderline, mild, moderate, or severe then they do not receive an OFA hip number. False
For an extended projection of the pelvis, the measurement should be taken at the caudal portion of the ischium and the beam should be centered there as well False
The fibula's sole purpose is to serve as a site for muscle attachment. True
Pets must be over the age of __________ in order to qualify for an OFA breed registry number 24 months
A patient would be placed in ___________ recumbency for a caudocranial view of the stifle. ventral
When positioning for a lateral view of the spine, the patient's hind legs should be stretched in which direction? Caudally to reduce the curve at the T-L junction
The collimated area for both a lateral and VD cervical spine should include mid-skull to the spine of the scapula. False
Positioning a patient in a V trough for a VD view of the thoracic spine will help maintain position so that the sternum will be superimposed on the spine. True
C2 is also known as the ___________. axis
What is the purpose of the patella? It protects the tendon of the quadriceps femoris muscle
A (hyper)extended lateral view of the cervical spine can be easily attained by pushing the skull dorsally. False
The vertebral column must always be as perpendicular to the tabletop and cassette as possible. False
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