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Chapter 2 Prefixes


a without no not
ab from away from
ad toward increase
alb white
albin/o white
ambi both both sides
an without not to
ante before in front
anti against
auto self
bi two double
bio life
brady slow
chlor/o green
circum around
cirrh/o yellow tawny
con together with
con together with
contra against contraindication against what is indicated
cyan/o blue cyanoderma bluish disclororation of the skin
de down from descend to come down from
dia through diagnosis knowledge thru testing
dis free of-to undo dislocation displacement from normal condition
dys bad difficult painful dyspnea difficult breathing
ecto outside ectopic outside it's normal location
endo within inner endoscope instrument to look into the body
eosin/o red rosy eosinophil bilobed leukocyte
epi upon over epigastric region over the stomach
erythr/o red erythrocyte mature red blood cell
eu well, easily, good normal eupnea (normal breathing)
ex out away from outside exhale to breathe out
exo outside outward exogenous originating outside of the body
extra outside beyond extrahepatic outside of the liver
glauc/o gray silver glaucoma disorder of the eye due to increased pressure
hemi half hemiplegia paralysis of one half side of the body
hetero different heterogeneous composed of dfrnt or unlike substances
homeo same likeness homeostasis a relative constancy (likeness) in the internal environment of the body
homo same homogenesis having the same origins
hydro water hydrocephalus an abnormal accumulation of fluid within the head
hyp under below beneath less than normal hypoxemia less than normal blood oxygen l
hyper excessive hyperemesis excessive vomiting
hypo under below beneath less than normal hypoglycemia less than normal blood sugar low blood sugar level
idio individual idiosyncrasy an individual sensitive to a drug caused by inheritance
im not impotence
in in inside within not incompetent not capable
INFRA beneath below under infraorbital beneath the bony cavity in which the eyeball is located
inter between intercoastal betwen the ribs
intra within intravenous within a vein
jaund/o yellow jaundice yellow discoloration of the skin
juxta near beside juxtaarticular pertaining to a location near a joint
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