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WCC misc terms

Stack #64776

bad termsdefinitions
AMA Against Medical advice
DDx diferential diagnosis
-genesis producing
-tome instrument used to cut "e-equipment"
-oma tomor
aden/o gland (adenistis) adenoma (tumor of the gland)
blephar/o eyelid 1. Eyelid; eyelids: blepharospasm. 2. Cilium; flagellum: blepharoplast. 1. Eyelid; eyelids: blepharospasm. 2. Cilium; flagellum: blepharoplast. Noun 1. blepharism - condition in which a person blinks continuously
onych/o nail-claw Onychectomy is the act of surgically removing the claws, most often of a household cat, though occasionally of other animals such as circus lions or dancing bears. This process involves amputating the entire distal phalanx, or end bone.declawin
cost/o rib costalgia Pain in the ribs.
trich/o hair Hair; thread; filament: trichocyst.
ile/o small intestines
pyel/o renal pelvis
spondyl/o spine
viscer/o internal organs
mast/o mammary glands (mastectomy)
rhin/o nasal
neuro nerves
arter/o arteries
sclerosis abnormal hardining
osteo bones
arthro/o joints
cardi/o heart
-itis inflammation
-osis condition
-ology study of
AAHA American Animal Hospital Association
ENT ears nose throat
EENT ears eyes nose throat
CHF congestive heart failure
CNS central nevrous system
MM mucous membrane
mm millimeter
em- en- within
im- in- within into
intro into
mes/o middle
gnath jaw
ophthalm/o eyes
angi/o vessels
chondr/o cartilage
cyst/o bladder or sac
cyt/o cell
gastr/o stomach
hist/o tissue
ut.dict as said; as directed
CRT capillary refill time
melan/o black
erythr/o red
cyan/o blue
lip/o fat
hyal/o glassy
ele/o; ole/o oil
ur/e; ur/ea, ur/eo... urine
sial/o saliva
sangui/o blood
sebum semi-fluid secretion of the sebaceous glands
heme deep red O2 carrying non-protien component of blood
collagen fibrous protein fibers, cartilage, tendons and connective tissue
cerumen ear wax
serum plasma without fibrogen
pus loc w/in infected tissue; WBC, cellular debris, necrotic tissue
bpm beats per minute
hct hematocrit
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
EEG electroencephalogram
-lith- stone or calculus
-asis- state or condition
chrom/o color
xanth/o yellow
hidr/o sudor sweat
hem/a, hemat/o, hem/o blood
galact/o, lact/o milk
dacry/o, lacrim/a tears
hydr/o water hydrogen
xer/o dry
stere/o solid, firm, 3 dimensional
sinistr/o left
scoli/o crooked twisted
ple/o multiple
platy broad, flat
lutein lipochrome from corpusuteum, fat cells and egg yolk
hormone chemical transmitter, prod by cells of the body and trnsprtd by the bld stream
plasma formative substance, fluid portion of blood
mucus free slim of the MM
chyle milky fluid taken up fromt he intestine during digestion
myocardium thick middle layer of the heart wall
diastole relaxation stage
antibody protien formed to protect body from antigen
lymphocyte cell that stains with basic dye
pulmonary valve base of pulmonary artery AKA semilunar valve
hemolytic anemia resulting from destruction of erythrocytes
hemothorax accum of bld in the pleural cavity
epistatxis nose bleed
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart muscle Dx found in cats
myx/o mucus
pale/o old
orth/o straight normal
macr/o large long
lei/o smooth
is/o equal alike same
hom/eo, hom/o similar same
heter/o other dissimilar
glyc/o glucose sweetness
dipl/o pair double
cel/o, coel/o cavity
-plegia paralysis
salping/o tube
rhod/o red
chlor/o green
alb- white
endocardium endothelial lining chambers of the heart
pericardium external membranous saces covering the heart
antigen sub that triggers formation of specific anitbodies
hemogram written record of CBC
lymphosarcoma malignant neoplasm of lymphoid tissue
thrombocytopenia decrease in platelet ct
granulocytosis large # of granulocytes in the bld
neutropenia decrease of neutrophils in bld
hematoma clotted bld, accum in tiss, organ or space due to blood vessal wall break
deficiency anemia iron-deficiency
gli/o glue
mening/o membrane lining CNS
myring/o ear drum
phren/i, phren/ico, phren/o diaphram
caus, caut burning
-ectas- dialation
-flect-, flex- bend
op/ia vision
schist/o, schiz/o cleft or dividided
spasm/o involuntary
troph/o nurishment, dev of growth
ankyl/o bend or stiff
gen/o formation
brachy short
brev/i short
dextr/o right side
lept/o thin
ung ointment
capit/o head
cheil/o, chil/o lip
faci/o face
irid/o iris
om/o shoulder
omphal/o umbilicus
papill/o nipple like
phall/o penis
somat/o, somatic/o body
adren/o adrenal gland
bronchiol/o bronchiole
cerebell/o cerabelum
cleid/o clavicle
copl/o vagina
encephal/o brain
BUN blood uria nitrogen
CO 2 carbon dioxide
CO carbon monoxide
CSF cerebreal spinal fluid
diff differential
ED effective dose
ED 50 median effectiv dose
pre- before
re- again anew
retro backward back
sub below beneath
super, supra above or over
sym-, syn together, united, similar
ultra- beyond
rrhaphy surgical suture
tel/e, /o distant end
poikil/o irregular variable
olig/o few
necr/o death
meg/a, meg/alo, meg/aly large
dolich/o long
-statsis maintenance of
stern/o sternum breastbone
GDV gastric dilation volvolus (bloat0
hb, hgb hemoglobin
OFA Orthopedic Foud for animals
PU/PD polyuria polydypsia
PP Plasma protein
pan- all or entire
per- through
trans- across through beyond
peri- around
poly- multiplicity many
semi- one half partly
later/o side
bronch/i, o bronchus bronchial tube
bio- life living
path, pathy disease
-phage eating
-phil having strong preference for
lith/o stone
amyl/o starch
adip/o fat
dv diarrhea vomiting
D/V dorsal Ventral
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