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Saving the Rain Fore

Vocabulary Words

basin land drained by a river and the streams that flow into it
charities organizations for helping those in need or the environment
equator imaginary circle around the middle of the Earth
erosion process of gradually wearing away by glaciers, running water, waves, or wind
evaporates changes from a liquid to a gas
exported sent goods out of one country for sale and use in another
industrial connected with business, trade, or manufactured goods
recycled processed or treated so it can be used again
tropics regions near the equator that are the hottest parts of Earth
biodiversity wide variety of different species living together in one place
carbon dioxide colorless, odorles gas that is absorbed by plants to make plant tissue
tourism process of traveling for pleasure
air pressure pressure caused by the weight of the air
disaster event that causes much suffering or loss
grass plant with green blades that covers fields, lawns, and pastures
prairie large area of level or rolling land with grass but few or no trees
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