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www.pharmteacher.com Antihypertensives, Therapeutic Class, Generic/Brand

What is the therapeutic class?What is the Brand name?Brand name
acebutolol cardioselective beta1 blocker with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity Sectral®
aliskiren direct renin inhibitor Tekturna®
amiloride potassium sparing diuretic Midamor®
amlodipine calcium channel blocker (CCB) Norvasc®
atenolol cardioselective beta1 blocker Tenormin®
benazepril ACE inhibitor Lotensin®
betaxolol cardioselective beta1 blocker Kerlone®
bisoprolol cardioselective beta1 blocker Zebeta®
bumetanide loop diuretic Bumex®
candesartan angiotensin2 receptor blocker (ARB) Atacand®
captopril ACE inhibitor Capoten®
carvedilol nonselective beta1, beta2, alpha1 blocker primarily used for CHF Coreg®
chlorothiazide thiazide diuretic Diuril®
chlorthalidone thiazide diuretic Hygroton®
clonidine alpha2 agonist for hypertension Catapres®
diltiazem calcium channel blocker (CCB) Cardizem CD®, Dilacor XR®, Tiazac®
doxazosin alpha1 blocker for HTN and BPH symptoms Cardura®
enalapril ACE inhibitor Vasotec®
eplerenone potassium sparing diuretic / aldosterone antagonist Inspra®
eprosartan angiotensin2 receptor blocker (ARB) Teveten®
felodipine calcium channel blocker (CCB) Plendil®
fosinopril ACE inhibitor Monopril®
furosemide loop diuretic Lasix®
hydrochlorothiazide thiazide diuretic Esidrex®
irbesartan angiotensin2 receptor blocker (ARB) Avapro®
isradipine calcium channel blocker (CCB) Dynacirc®
labetalol nonselective beta1, beta2, alpha1 blocker primarily used for hypertensive emergencies/urgencies Normodyne®, Trandate®
lisinopril ACE inhibitor Zestril®, Prinivil®
losartan angiotensin2 receptor blocker (ARB) Cozaar®
methyldopa alpha2 agonist for hypertension Aldomet®
metolazone thiazide like diuretic Zaroxolyn®
metoprolol cardioselective beta1 blocker Lopressor®
moexipril ACE inhibitor Univasc®
nadolol nonselective beta1 and beta2 blocker Corgard®
nicardipine calcium channel blocker (CCB) Cardene®
nifedipine calcium channel blocker (CCB) Procardia XL®
olmesartan angiotensin2 receptor blocker (ARB) Benicar®
pindolol nonselective beta1 and beta2 blocker with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity Visken®
prazosin alpha1 blocker for HTN Minipress®
propranolol nonselective beta1 and beta2 blocker Inderal®
quinapril ACE inhibitor Accupril®
ramipril ACE inhibitor Altace®
spironolactone potassium sparing diuretic / aldosterone antagonist Aldactone®
tamsulosin alpha1 blocker for BPH symptoms Flomax®
telmisartan angiotensin2 receptor blocker (ARB) Micardis®
terazosin alpha1 blocker for HTN and BPH symptoms Hytrin®
trandolapril ACE inhibitor Mavik®
triamterene potassium sparing diuretic Dyrenium®
valsartan angiotensin2 receptor blocker (ARB) Diovan®
verapamil calcium channel blocker (CCB) Isoptin®, Verlan®, Calan®

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