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Religion Topic 2 Definitions 2011

Theology The study of God and God’s action in human history
Protestant Reformation A major religion movement protesting certain conditions in the church and aiming at reform
Bishop Ordained leader of a diocese
Church The whole community of those who believe in Jesus Christ
Orthodoxy The accepted doctrines & practices of a religion
Schism A division/serious split, usually in a religious body
Protestantism A branch of Christianity which emerging from the reformation of the 16th Century
Monasticism A style or order of life or religious communities that is characterised by life in a monastery
Abbot The superior/head of a monastery
Abbess The female head/superior of a monastery
Celibate Abstaining from sexual intercourse and practicing chastity
Icon A pictorial image of Christ, Mary or the saints
Chastity The virtue that regulate our sexual behaviour, attitudes and though in co-operation with God’s plans for human sexuality
Orthodox True/right worship
Creed An official formula of religious belief
Patriarch A high ranking Bishop in any of what were principal cities of the early church
Tonsure The way the head was shaved in the centre to represent the ‘crown of thorns’ that Christ wore when he was crucified
Pope The Bishop of Rome who heads the Catholic Church
Created by: PCGEEK
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