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Chp 10-11 Drugs that affect the Respiratory/Circulatory System(s)

the process of exchanging oxygen & carbon dioxide respiration
carbon dioxide respiratory stimulant
doxapram hydrochloride Dopram
agents that dilate, or widen, the bronchioles bronchodilators
terbutaline sulfate Brethine
theophylline Theo-24, Theolairm & Uniphyl
albuterol Proventil
bitolterol mesylate Tornalate
fluticasone propionate Advair Diskus
formoterol fumarate Foradil
what does salmeterol do prevents asthma
montelukast sodium Singulair
digoxin Digitek
benazepril Lotensin
enalapril Vasotec
atenolol Tenormin
metoprolol Toprol
guanabenz acetate Wytensin
nicardipine Cardene
____________, in which blood clots are dissolved, has been shown to rescue myocardium, reduce mortality in patients with acute myocardial infarction, & improve left ventricular function Thrombolytic therapy
abciximab ReoPro
propanolol hydrochloride Inderal
olmesartan Benicar
lodocaine hydrochloride Xylocaine
epinephrine injection Adrenalin
glyceryl trinitrate Nitrostat
clonidine hydrochloride Catapres
what is Hytrin used for vasodilator effect
amlodipine besylate Norvasc
diltiazem hydrochloride Cardizem
sodium heparin injection Heparin
warfarin sodium Coumadin
alteplase Activase
atorvastatin calcium Lipitor
what is Zeta used for lowers cholesterol
gemfibrozil Lopid
rosuvastatin Crestor
a person on Coumadin should avoid what food? broccoli or spinach
drugs that promote the formation & excretion of urine & are used in the treatment of heart failure are called ________. diuretics
a condition in which the heart is unable to circulate blood is called _______. CHF
the agents of choice to use for CHF in combination with other agents such as aspirin or diuretics are called ____________. ace inhibitors
drugs that block the beta adrenereic receptors in the nervous system are called ______. beta blockers
drugs that bring about the constriction of muscle fibers in the walls of the blood vessels are called ________. vasoconstrictors
drugs that cause the blood vessels to relax or increase in diameter & play a part in the treatment for hypertension are called _______. vasodilators
medications that increase the time it takes for blood to coagulate are called ______. anticoagulants
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