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Radiography Essentials Final Review

National organization that accredits Radiography Schools. JRCERT
Medical X-rays were discovered by? Wilhelm Roentgen
A Doctor who specializes in Radiology Radiologist
Organization that establishes standards and exams to certify Radiologic Technologists. ARRT
Oldest and largest radiological science professional organization ASRT
Radiation that exits the opposite side of the patient to expose the film is called? Remnant Radiation
Term used to describe radiation that is absorbed by matter is? Attenuation
The "unseen" image that is contained in the film before it is processed Latent Image
Radiation that exits the body in all directions and causes unwanted exposure on the film Scattered Radiation
Boxlike device attached under the tube housing that allows the LXMO to vary the radiation field size Collimator
Process of causing the AC to flow in one directions only is called? Rectification
Formula for determining mAs? mA X Time = mAs
The Electron shell in the atom most important for the production of x-rays? K
Thin plate that is placed between patient and IR when larger body parts are being x-rayed? Grid
Greatest portion of the x-ray beam is made up of what type of radiation? Bremstrahlung Radiation
What is varied automatically when using automatic exposure control (AEC)? Exposure
Primary controller of radiographic density mAs
Primary factor controlling contrast and x-ray penetration kVp
"Fuzzy" unsharpness at edges of body parts on an radiograph is called? Penumbra
Term used to describe a grainy or mottled image Quantum Mottle
Spectral sensitivity of the film must be matched to? The color of the light emitted by the screen
The digital images made in the X-ray Department are stored in a system called? PACS
The special type of filter used in the darkroom in the safelight GBX
Wattage Range of the safelight bulb 7-15 Watts
What is the negative effect of scatter radiation reaching the film? Fog
A grid must be used when a body part becomes larger than what? 10-12cm
What term describes what happens when a grid is tilted? Grid Cutoff
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