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Revengers Tragedy

Quotes from Revenger's Tragedy

grey haired Adultery Act1 Scene1
marrowless age Act1 Scene1
stuff the hollow bones with damned desires Act1 Scene1
my abused hear-strings into fret Act1 Scene1
two heaven-pointed diamonds were set In those unsightly rings- Act1 Scene1
beyond the artificial shine of any woman's bought complexion Act1 Scene1
The old duke posioned, becaus they purer part would not consent unto his palsey lust Act1 Scene1
old man hot and vicious Act1 Scene1
Faith, give Revenge her due Act1 Scene1
Thy wrongs and mine are for on scabbard fit. Act1 Scene1
A man that wer for evil only good Act1 Scene1
Were there as many concubines as ladies He would not be contained Act1 Scene1
He knows not you, Act1 Scene1
strange composed fellow. Act1 Scene1
Women are apt you know to take fals money Act1 Scene1
their sex is easy in belief Act1 Scene1
Has played rape on Lord Antonio's wie. Act1 Scene1
Royal blood monster! He deserves to die, Act1 Scene1
The Law's a woman, and would she were you Act1 Scene1
Surely I think he died Of dicontent, the nobleman's consumption. Act1 Scene1
Wives are but made to go to bed and feed. Act1 Scene1
stained our honours Act1 Scene2
thrown ink upon the forehead of our state Act1 Scene2
for what is it to have a flattering false insculptioon on a tomb and in men''s heart reproach. Act1 Scene2
My gracious lord I pray be merciful Act1 Scene2
offences gilt o'er with mercy show like fairest women good only for their beauties, which washed off no sin is uglier Act1 Scene2
all the Court Act1 Scene2
Must I rise fruitless then Act1 Scene2
Impartial doom Act1 Scene2
Why flesh and blood my lord: What shuld move men unto a woman else? Act1 Scene2
Oh do not jest thy doom, trust not an axe or sword too far; Act1 Scene2
That lady's name has spread such a fair wing Act1 Scene2
would pleas me well were to do it again Act1 Scene2
beauty was ordained to be my scaffold Act1 Scene2
My fault being sport, let me but die in jest. Act1 Scene2
an old-col duke to be as slack in tongue as in performance. Act1 Scene2
Your too much right does do us too much wrong. Act1 Scene2
we'll have a trick to set thee free Act1 Scene2
so mild and calm as I? Act1 Scene2
an old man's twice a child, Mine cannot speak! Act1 Scene2
walk with a bold foot upon the thorny law, whose prickles should bow under him; Act1 Scene2
wedlock faith shall be forgot Act1 Scene2
I'll kill him in his forehead Act1 Scene2
I would 'twere love, but 't'as a fouler name than lust Act1 Scene2
I am an uncertain man of mor uncertain woman Act1 Scene2
he could ride a horse well Act1 Scene2
I would thank that sin that could most injure him and be in league with is Act1 Scene2
The curse o' the womb, the thief of Nature Act1 Scene2
I'll call foul incest a venial sin Act1 Scene2
Madam I blush to say what I will do Act1 Scene2
Oh one incestuous kiss picks open hell Act1 Scene2
when they rose were merrily disposed to fall again Act1 Scene2
the sin of fests, drunken adultery Act1 Scene2
I was begot in impudent wine and ust Act1 Scene2
I love thy mischief well but I hate thee Act1 Scene2
Women must not be trusted with their own Act1 Scene2
hate all I! Act1 Scene2
A bastard by nature should make cuckolds because he is the con of a cuckold maker. Act1 Scene2
am I far enough from myself? Act1 Scene3
let blushes dwell i'the country Act1 Scene3
let me blush inward that this immodest season may not spy that scholar in my cheeks Act1 Scene3
if Time had so much hair I should take him for Time, he is so near kin to this present minute. Act1 Scene3
Gold though it be dumb does utter best thanks. Act1 Scene3
How dost sweet musk-cat? When shal we lie together? Act1 Scene3
A bone setter Act1 Scene3
notable bluntness Act1 Scene3
surrenders of a thousand virgins Act1 Scene3
fruit fields turned to bastards Act1 Scene3
uncles are adulterous with their neices brothers wit brothers' wives Act1 Scene3
Oh hour of incest! Act1 Scene3
if anything be damned it will be twelve o'clock at night Act1 Scene3
Judas of the hours Act1 Scene3
the eternal eye Act1 Scene3
but let this talk glide Act1 Scene3
disease o' the mother Act1 Scene3
tell some woman a secret over night, Your doctor may find it in the urinal i' the morning; Act1 Scene3
I am past my depth in lust and I must swim or drown Act1 Scene3
In troth my lord I'd be revenged and marry her. Act1 Scene3
Marriage is good; yet rather keep a friend Act1 Scene3
Give me my bed by steath- there's true delight; Act1 Scene3
What breed a loathing in't but night by night? Act1 Scene3
bewitch her ears Act1 Scene3
honesty is like a stock of money laid to sleep Act1 Scene3
We may laugh at the simple age within him Act1 Scene3
A pretty- perfumed villain! Act1 Scene3
mere impossible that a mother by any gifts should become a bawd Act1 Scene3
'cause I love swearing- Act1 Scene3
I've eaten noble poison Act1 Scene3
Swear me to foul my sister! Act1 Scene3
Sword I durst make a romise of him to thee, Act1 Scene3
try the faith of both; Act1 Scene3
Better to die virtuous than live dishonoured Act1 Scene4
She's made her name an empress by that act Act1 Scene4
full of fraud and flattery Act1 Scene4
Judgement in this age is kin to favour Act1 Scene4
Judgement speak all in gold and spare the blood of such a serpent Act1 Scene4
will stick rusty and shame the blade Act1 Scene4
tomb of pearl Act1 Scene4
Were not sin rich there would be fewer sinners. Act2 Scene1
mouth to mouth with you Act2 Scene1
show his teeth in your cmpany Act2 Scene1
bear to him that figure of my hate upon thy cheek, whilst tis yet hot Act2 Scene1
sweetest box Act2 Scene1
A siren's tongue could not bewitch her so Act2 Scene1
a thousand angels can Act2 Scene1
you took great pains for her once, once when it was, let her requite it now. Act2 Scene1
this over come me! Act2 Scene1
We are so weak there words can over throw us Act2 Scene1
she's unmothered Act2 Scene1
'tis no shame to be bad, because tis common Act2 Scene1
forget heavn Act2 Scene1
enchant our sex Act2 Scene1
If she still be chaste i'll ne'er call her mine Act2 Scene1
spoke truer that you meant it Act2 Scene1
celestial soldiers guard her heart Act2 Scene1
virginity is paradise, locked up Act2 Scene1
Pray did you seemy mother? Act2 Scene1
Honesty? tis but heavens beggar Act2 Scene1
Pleasure of the palace Act2 Scene1
hurry, hurry, hurry Act2 Scene1
Ay, to the devil! Act2 Scene1
Lose but a pearl Act2 Scene1
Do you not see her? She's too inward then Act2 Scene1
Oh angels clap your wings upon the skies and give this virgin crystal plaudities! Act2 Scene1
more uncivil, more unnatural Act2 Scene1
Why does heaven not turn black or with a frown Undo the word? Act2 Scene1
Were't not for gold and women there would be no damnation Act2 Scene1
the hooks to catch at man Act2 Scene1
the deepest art to study man Act2 Scene2
rubbed hell o'er with honey? Act2 Scene2
that's good manners my lord; the mother for her age must go formost you know. Act2 Scene2
Was cold and chaste, save her mother's breath did blow fire on her cheeks Act2 Scene2
Great men were gods if beggars could not kill 'em. Act2 Scene2
the pen of his bastard writes him cuckold! Act2 Scene2
I'll damn you in your pleasure; prcious deed! Act2 Scene2
This night, this hour -this minute, now- Act2 Scene2
stong poison eats into the Duke your father's forehead. Act2 Scene2
take 'em twisted Act2 Scene3
villain! strumpet! Act2 Scene3
I have great sins, I must have days , Nay months dear son, Act2 Scene3
You little dreamed his father slept here? Act2 Scene3
thy death shall thank me better Act2 Scene3
our hate and love be woven so subtly Act2 Scene3
unpardonable, black wicked and unnatural Act2 Scene3
Here's not step-mother's wit Act2 Scene3
My wrath like flaming wax hath spent itself Act2 Scene3
envy with a poor thin cover o'er it Act2 Scene3
Like scarlet hid in lawn Act2 Scene3
Many a beauty have i turned to poison Act2 Scene3
My hairs are white and yet my sins are green Act2 Scene3
The duchess' sons are to poud to bleed Act3 Scene1
The falling of one head lifts up another Act3 Scene1
Oh liberty thou sweet and heavenly dame! But hell, for prison, is too mild a name! Act3 Scene2
privately as he may Act3 Scene3
commend us to the scaffold in our tears Act3 Scene3
Not five and thirty year like a bankrupt, I think so! Act3 Scene4
Be merry, hang merry, draw and quarter merry, I'll be mad! Act3 Scene4
strange that a man should lie in a whole month for a woman? Act3 Scene4
Suffer? I'll suffer you be gone Act3 Scene4
prepare to die. Act3 Scene4
Your hope's s fruitless as a barren woman Act3 Scene4
grief swum in their eyes Act3 Scene4
oh let me venm their souls with curses Act3 Scene4
sweet sport which the world approves; I die for that which every woman loves. Act3 Scene4
Oh sweet, delectable, rare, happy, ravishing! Act3 Scene5
Thinking my outward shape and inward heart are cut from one piece Act3 Scene5
wherein' tis night at noon Act3 Scene5
dreadfully digested Act3 Scene5
violence of my joy forgot it Act3 Scene5
'Tis common to be common Act3 Scene5
that has forgot now to dissemble Act3 Scene5
chide myself for doting on her beauty Act3 Scene5
In sinful baths of milk, when many an infant starves Act3 Scene5
You decieve men but cannot deceive worms Act3 Scene5
What fails in poison we'll supply in steal Act3 Scene5
constan vengence Act3 Scene5
quaintness of thy malice above thought Act3 Scene5
she's somewhat a grave look with her Act3 Scene5
In the gravest looks the greatest faults seem less Act3 Scene5
Royal villain white devil! Act3 Scene5
the skull of Gloriana, whom you poisondest last. Act3 Scene5
Treason, treason, treason! Stamping on him. Act3 Scene5
kiss closer, not like a slobbering Dutchman Act3 Scene5
stick thy soul with ulcers Act3 Scene5
Is there hell besides this, villains? Act3 Scene5
Nail down his tongue Act3 Scene5
such a bitter sweetness fate has given Act3 Scene5
Forget him or I'll poison him Act3 Scene5
The brook is turned to blood Act3 Scene5
'Tis state, in music for a duke to bleed Act3 Scene5
As fast they peep up let's cut 'em down Act3 Scene5
like you brains then; ne'er to come out as long as you lived Act3 Scene6
it shall be as easy for you to be duke as to be honest Act3 Scene6
Ha!Ha ! Excellent! Act3 Scene6
sorrows are so fluent our eyes o'erflow our tongues Act3 Scene6
loudly heard cannot be distinguished Act3 Scene6
Oh! Alive! In health! Released! Confusion Act3 Scene6
Oh death and vengence! Hell and torments! Act3 Scene6
Plagues! Confusions! Darkness! Devils! Act3 Scene6
Mock of thy head? Act3 Scene6
there is nothing sure in mortality than mortality Act3 Scene6
Come throw off clouds brother Act3 Scene6
if neglect in him breed discontent in you Act4 Scene1
I was within a stroke of death Act4 Scene1
perpetual prisoner Act4 Scene1
Faith to curse fates Act4 Scene1
discontent and want is the best clay to mould a villain of Act4 Scene1
How strangley does himself work to undo him. Act4 Scene1
Slaves are but nails to drive out one another. Act4 Scene1
has a humour, or such a toy, about him Act4 Scene1
How that great villain puts me to my shifts Act4 Scene2
only diedst with grief Act4 Scene2
once tripped we fall forever Act4 Scene2
string myself with a heavy sounding wire Act4 Scene2
Merry things sadly Act4 Scene2
nimble and desperate tongues! Act4 Scene2
a usuring father to be boiling in hell and his son and heir with a whore dancing over him Act4 Scene2
I'm sure the whore will be liked well enough! Act4 Scene2
damned indeed than damned in colours Act4 Scene2
'Tas been my want so long tis now my scoff. Act4 Scene2
disgraced you and injured us much Act4 Scene2
trampled beneath his throat spurned him and bruised Act4 Scene2
Has not heaven an ear? Is all the lightning waisted? Act4 Scene2
He shall not live to see the moon change Act4 Scene2
I'll see him bleed myself Act4 Scene2
To bring him hither that's already here Act4 Scene2
It does betoken courage, thou shouldst be valiant and kill thine enimies Act4 Scene2
That's my hope lord. Act4 Scene2
He's not in case now to be seen my lord Act4 Scene2
impudent and wicked should not be cloven as he stood Act4 Scene2
this was wisely carried Act4 Scene2
Is there no thunder left, or is't kept up In stock for heavier vengence? Act4 Scene2
conjure that base devil out of our mother Act4 Scene2
Shame heaped upon shame! Act4 Scene3
That breast is turned to quarled poison Act4 Scene4
shell of mother breeds a bawd Act4 Scene4
that women should dissemble when they die? Act4 Scene4
soiled with slander Act4 Scene4
Oh hell unto my soul. Act4 Scene4
base metal Act4 Scene4
Wet will make iron blush and change to red Act4 Scene4
sweet shower Act4 Scene4
The fruiful grounds and meadows of her soul has been long dry Act4 Scene4
this shower has made you higher Act4 Scene4
Take this infectious spot out of my soul! Act4 Scene4
weep is to our sex naturally give, but to weep truly- that's a gift from heaven Act4 Scene4
To have her train borne up and her soul trail i' the dirt Act4 Scene4
Break ice in one place it will crack in more Act4 Scene4
Our hearts wear feathers that before wore lead Act4 Scene4
what fury did transport me Act4 Scene4
to prostitute my breast to the duke's son Act4 Scene4
I am, as you, e'en out of marble wrought Act4 Scene4
on your blessing to be a cursed woman! Act4 Scene4
Sons set in storms and daughters lose their lights Act4 Scene4
heavenly intellectual fire with in thee oh let my revive it to a flame. Act4 Scene4
deny advancment, treasure, the duke's son? Act4 Scene4
young courtiers they are sure to be old beggars Act4 Scene4
twine about your neck Act4 Scene4
A virgins honour is a crystal tower which being weak is guarded with good spirits Act4 Scene4
be thou a glass for maids, and I for mothers Act4 Scene4
flesh-flies after him that will buzz against supper time, and hum for his coming out Act5 Scene1
slain him over his father's breast! Act5 Scene1
oh I'm mad to lose such a sweet opportunity. Act5 Scene1
Death rot thse few! Act5 Scene1
'Tis a good child he calls his father slave! Act5 Scene1
let him reel to hell Act5 Scene1
being so full of liquor I fear he will put out all the fire Act5 Scene1
he that dies drunk falls into hell like a bucket 'o water; qush, qush. Act5 Scene1
strange spectacle Act5 Scene1
father Act5 Scene1
his lips are gnawn with poison! Act5 Scene1
Oh villain-oh rogue- oh slave-oh rascal! Act5 Scene1
Old dad dead? Act5 Scene1
Bear him straight to execution. Act5 Scene1
the excuse may be called half the murder Act5 Scene1
who would not lie when men are hanged for truth? Act5 Scene1
Welcome sweet titles! Act5 Scene1
I shine with tears like the sun in April Act5 Scene1
Then heavens give me grace to be so Act5 Scene1
Griefs lift up joys, feasts put down funerals. Act5 Scene1
In this time of revels tricks may be set afoot. Act5 Scene1
And do you think then to be duke, kind brother? Act5 Scene1
drop one, and there lies t'other. Act5 Scene1
We cannot justly be revenged too much. Act5 Scene2
Let our hid flames break out as fire Act5 Scene2
of all their joys they shall sigh blood! Act5 Scene2
We are for pleasure; Act5 Scene3
Thou hast comitted treason!- A blazing star! Act5 Scene3
When stars where locks they threaten great men's heads. Act5 Scene3
'tis my hope lord that you shall ne'er die. Act5 Scene3
Mark; thunder! Dost know thy cue, thou big-voiced crier? Act5 Scene3
When thunder claps, heaven likes the tragedy. Act5 Scene3
Pistols, treason , murder, help, guard! Act5 Scene3
Those in the masque did murder us. Act5 Scene3
New marrow! Act5 Scene3
He that climbs highest has the greatest fall. Act5 Scene3
'twas Vindice murdered thee! Murdered thy father! and I am he! Act5 Scene3
somewhat wittily carried Act5 Scene3
Twas we two that murdered him! Act5 Scene3
You that would murder him would murder me! Act5 Scene3
Tis time to die when we ouselves are foes. Act5 Scene3
Are we not revenged? Act5 Scene3
time will make the muderer bring forth himself Act5 Scene3
our mother turned, our sister true, we die after a nest of dukes! Adieu. Act5 Scene3
Pray heaven their blood may wash away all treason. Act5 Scene3
royal lecher Act1 Scene1
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