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Tong APWorld Sandvig

Tong AP World Summer Rebecca Sandvig

emergence It is the way systems change over time, and new systems arise. In history governments and societies emerged from groups of like minded people who all share a common belief or idea.
integration Incorporation or combination to create equality or an integral whole.In society peoples beliefs and ideas are intergrated together to create a stable group.
paradox A statement that has possible truth but seems foolish. Whoever is the "Victor" is the one who writes history.
theory An unproven idea based off ofa set of principles or observations. Modern governments are considered theories.
evolution A change over time; development. Over time technology progresses, values change, standards of living changes and belifs change an of which have major impacts upon the course of history.
regime Rules set by a system or government.When people unify into societies or government a regime is formed to keep order and seek betterment for the society at large.
Created by: RebeccaSandvig