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Geog Voc Final Exam

Archipelago a chain or group of islands
Atlas a book of maps
Channel Body of water wider than a strait between to pieces of land
Climate typical precipitation, wind and temperature for a place over a long length of time
Colony Overseas settlement tied to a parent country
Commonwealth partly self-governing territory
Communist state Country whose government has strong control over the economy and society as a whole
Constitutional monarchy Government in which a king or queen is the official head of state but elected official run the government
Culture the way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs
Developed country A country that has industry
Developing country A country that is working towards having industry
Euro Common currency (money) adopted by countries in the EU
Hurricane Violent tropical storm with high winds and heavy rains
Isthmus Narrow strip of land connecting two larger pieces of land
Landlocked Country with no land bordering a sea or ocean
Latitude A series of horizontal lines used to measure the distance north and south of the equator
Mestizo person of mixed Spanish and Native American background
Multilingual Able to speak several languages
Neutrality Refusal to take sides in disagreements and wars between countries
Parliamentary democracy Government in which voter elect representative to a lawmaking body (parliament), which them choose a leader, the prime minister
Prime minister Government leader chosen in a parliamentary democracy by members of parliament
Republic Strong national government headed by elected leaders
Rural relating to the countryside, not the city
Service industry business that provides services to people rather than producing goods
Subsistence farm small plot where a farmer grows only enough food to feed his family
Urban relating to the city, not the countryside
Welfare state Country that uses tax money to support people who are sick, needy, jobless or retired
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