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Able to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech VERBAL COMMUNICATION
Works confidently within a group TEAMWORK
Understands the commercial realities affecting the organisation COMMERCIAL AWARENESS
Gathers information systematically to establish facts & principles. Problem solving ANALYSING & INVESTIGATING
Able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & proactive in putting forward ideas & solutions INITIATIVE/SELF MOTIVATION
Determination to get things done. Make things happen & constantly looking for better ways of doing things DRIVE
Able to express yourself clearly in writing WRITTEN COMMUNICATION
Able to plan activities & carry them through effectively PLANNING & ORGANISING
Adapts successfully to changing situations & environments FLEXIBILITY
Manages time effectively, prioritising tasks and able to work to deadlines TIME MANAGEMENT
Able to speak and understand other languages. Appreciation of other cultures GLOBAL SKILLS
Able to influence and convince others, to discuss and reach agreement NEGOTIATING & PERSUADING
Able to motivate and direct others LEADERSHIP
Able to multiply & divide accurately, calculate percentages, use statistics & a calculator, interpret graphs & tables NUMERACY
Word-processing, using databases, spreadsheets, the Internet & email, designing web pages etc COMPUTING SKILLS
Awareness of achievements, abilities, values & weaknesses & what you want out of life SELF AWARENESS
Presents a strong, professional, positive image to others which inspires confidence & commands respect PERSONAL IMPACT/CONFIDENCE
Continues to learn throughout life. Develops the competencies needed for current & future roles LIFELONG LEARNING
Maintains effective performance under pressure STRESS TOLERANCE
Adheres to standards & procedures, maintains confidentiality and questions inappropriate behaviour INTEGRITY
Accepts responsibility for views & actions and able to work under their own direction & initiative INDEPENDENCE
Pays care & attention to quality in all their work. Supports & empowers others DEVELOPING PROFESSIONALISM
Able to decide what steps are needed to achieve particular goals and then implement these ACTION PLANNING
Determines the best course of action. Evaluates options based on logic & fact & presents solutions DECISION-MAKING
Recognises & respects different perspectives. Open to the ideas & views of others INTERPERSONAL SENSITIVITY
Generates & applies new ideas & solutions CREATIVITY
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