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Speech QIII Final

the first step in the job search process self-analysis
the analysis of your life, your interests, things you're good at, and the experiences that give you the most satisfaction self-analysis
engaged in, or worthy of the high standards of a profession professional
incorporating status, methods, character, and standards professionalism
how others feel about you image
the tendency to form impressions quickly at an initial meeting primacy effect
the short period of time that relationships will be established, reconfirmed, or denied four minute barrier
a pattern of immediate impressions conveyed by appearance such as clothing, fragrance, hairstyle, jewelry, and accessories surface language
a brief record of one's personal history and qualifications that is typically prepared by an applicant for a job resume
how many pages should your resume be? one
phrases that begin with words or phrases that convey action ex: prepared, supervised accomplishment statements
what is the primary function of a resume? to get an interview
how many different fonts at the most should the resume include? two
how many font sizes at most should you incorporate in your resume two
the first item on the resume heading
includes name, mailing address, phone number, and email address heading
part of resume that tells the employer what you're looking for job objective
section of resume that includes most recent college experience education
t/f: education and work experience should be listed in reverse chronological order true
t/f: work experience can include full-time, part-time, volunteer, or charitable work true
t/f: military service can be listed under work experience true
t/f: you should include a photo of yourself in your resume false
t/f: you should avoid used abbreviations for streets on your resume true
using IL for Illinois is acceptable, t/f? true
a resume format which organizes your work history, education, and accomplishments by reverse chronological sequence beginning with the most recent and working backward chronological
this resume format is appropriate when you are continuing in the same profession, occupation, or industry chronological
a resume format which organizes your resume by identifying your major skills and then presenting work accomplishments that illustrate these skills functional
this resume format is appropriate when you are making a career change or you have a history of many jobs functional
this resume format includes both functional and chronological elements combined
a document that communicates to the prospective employer your interest in and qualifications for a position within the organization cover letter
how long should a cover letter be? one page
the name of the person to whom you're writing, name of company, and mailing address inside address
the greeting used to identify the receiver of the letter salutation
this title is appropriate for married or unmarried women Ms.
t/f: the purpose of the first paragraph of a cover letter is to capture the reader's attention true
t/f: the body of the cover letter should include offensive remarks about the reader false
in the cover letter, you should not refer the reader to the resume false
in the closing of the cover letter, you should request an interview, t/f? true
the formal closing of a letter such as sincerely or respectfully complimentary close
the purpose of the interview to get a job
t/f: for an interview, men and women should dress outrageously false
examples of some necessary documents you may need for an interview soc sec card, license, address book
it is the interviewee's job to shake hands and make eye contact, t/f? true
t/f: if the interviewer asks what salary you expect, be prepared to reveal your salary expectations to the penny false, within a salary range
after the interview, it is wise to send a thank you note
Created by: amyziolkowski
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