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Becksy Menu

86'd Out of something
Who is served first? The woman
House Reds Cycles Gladiator: -Cabernet Sauvingnon -Merlot -Syrah -Pinot Noir -Dona Sol White Zinfandel
House Whites Cycles Gladiator: -Chardonnay -Pinot Grigio
Juices -Apple -Orange -Tomato -Pineapple -Grapefruit -Cranberry
Homemade Salad Dressings -Truffle Honey Vinaigrettte -Lemon Lime Infusion -Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette -Chive Peppercorn Ranch -Creamy Maytag -Red Wine Vinaigrette -Italian
What can you add to salad? -Chicken Breast -Grilled shrimp -Peppercorn crusted tuna -Atlantic Salmon
Prosciutto Ham
Hydro Watercress Salad -Prosciutto -Melon with lemon lime infusion
Baby Iceberg Salad -Sliced Onions -Bacon -Blue Cheese Crumble -Truffle Honey Vinaigrette
Sherry Onion Soup Paul Makers Imported Gruyere
Lobster Bisque -Lobster oil -Tarragon creme fraiche
Organic Mixed Green Salad -Onion -Cucumbers -Tomatoes -Toasted pecans
Fire and Ice Grilled Calamari Spicy Cinnamon and Cool Mint Sauce Duet
Prince Edward Island Mussels (app) -Garlic -Butter -White Wine -Fine Herbs
Beef Tartare -Minced red onions -Caper Berries -Lightly poached egg yolk
Fennel and Sweet Pea Risotto -Citrus oil -Fried sage
Roasted beet and pear napleon -Aged goat cheese -Port reduction
Horseradish crusted shrimp -Roasted sea salt -Seaweed salad
Stuffed shrimp scampi -Herb basmati rice -Tarragon garlic butter sauce
Peppercorn Crusted Grilled Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna -Herb basmati rice -Ponzu -Fresh grated horseradish aioli
Roasted atlantic salmon filet -Ratatouille -Ginger jus
Prince Edward Island Mussels (fish) -Herb basmati rice -Thai curry sauce
Seared Diver Sea Scallops -Roasted grape tomatoes -Califlower puree
Seared Wild Halibut -Digon Mustard Pomme Puree -Port Wine Gastrique
31 Day Dry Aged Grilled Bone-In Rib Steak 14oz -Dijon mustard pomme puree -brandy peppercorn sauce -horseradish aioli
coulis thick sauce made from pureed fruit/vegetables
Chinese Five Spice Rubbed Bromme Lake Duck Breast -Blood orange plum coulis -Roasted fingerling potatoes
Braised All Natural Pork Belly -Roasted beet salad -Spicy apple glaze
Filet of Beef Tenderloin -Dijon Mustard Pomme Puree -Bordelaise sauce
Grilled Colorado Half Rack of Lamb -Butter poached yukon gold potatoes -Madeira sauce
What type of food do you ask how the customer wants cooked? -Lamb -Steak
Lemon-Thyme Crusted Free Range Statler Chicken Breast -Herb basmati rice -Citrus beurre blanc
Creme Brulee -Grand Marnier Infused
Bananas Fosters -Vanilla Bean Ice Cream -Flambeed Tableside
Chocolate Bombe Hazelnut carmel sauce
Cherries Jubilee -Vanilla Bean Ice Cream -Flambeed Tableside
Peach Tarte Tatin -Sweet cinnamon syrup -Creme anglaise
White chocolate cheesecake -Raspberry coulis
Traditional Carrot Cake -Carrot Fru Fru -Sugar Glaze
Salads and soups -Traditional Ceasar Salad -Hydro Watercress Salad -Baby Iceberg -Sherry Onion Soup -Lobster Bisque -Organic Mixed Green Salad
Apps -Prince edward island mussels -Beef tartare -Fennel and sweet pea risotto -Roasted beet and pear napoleon -Horseradish crusted shrimp -Fire and ice grilled calamari
Fish/Shellfish -Peppercorn -Crusted Grilled Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna -Seared Diver Sea Scallops -Roasted Atlantic Salmon Filet -Seared Wild Halibut -Prince Edward Island Mussels -Stuffed Shrimp Scampi
Meat and Poultry -31 day dry aged grilled bone-in rib steak 14 oz -`chinese five spice rubbed bromme lake duck breast -braised all natural pork belly -filet of beef tenderloin -grilled colorado half rack of lamb -lemon thyme crusted free range statler chicken breast
Desserts -Creme brulee -Bananas fosters -Peach tarte tatin -White chocolate cheesecake -Chocolate Bombe -Cherries jubilee -traditional carrot cake -artisan cheese board
How many pieces come with the half rack of lamb? 4
What is the shrimp scampi stuffed with? More shrimp
Created by: bphil08