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Religion Topic 2 Timeline 2011

C4 BC Birth of Jesus
30 Crucifixion of Jesus
C51 Council of Apostles held in Jerusalem
64 (1) 1st persecution of Christians by Roman Emperor Nero
64 (2) Martyrdom of St Peter, St Paul
312 Conversion of Emperor Constantine
313 Edic of Milan - freedom of Christian religious practice
325 1st council of Nicea - formualtation of Nicene Creed
432 St Patrick's mission to Ireland
529 St Benedict founds monastery of Monte Cassino
570 Birth of Mohammed
787 2nd Council of Nicea deal with iconoclast issue
1054 Great Schism
1095 1st crusade proclaimed by Pope Urban II
1209 St Francis founds Order of Friars and of Poor Clares
1300s Black Death in Europe
1309-77 Papacy based in Avigon, France
1377 Pope Gregory XI returns papal to Rome
1378 St Catherine of Siena succeeds in bringing peace between papal states
1431 St Joan of Arc burned at the stake
1517 Martin Luther begins the Protestant Reformation
1534 Henry VIII establishes the Church of England, persecutes Catholics
1540 Foundation of Jesuits
1545-63 Council of Trent
1665 Bubonic plague in London
1858 Marian apparitions to St Bernadette near Lourdes
1869-70 1st Vatican Council
1917 Marian apparitions at Fatuma Portugal, Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
1962-65 2nd Vatican Council
1978 Deaths of Pope Paul VI, John Paul I, Pope John Paul II elected
2000 Year of Jubilee - 20 Centuries of Christianity
Created by: PCGEEK
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