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History Topic 1 Definitions 2011

Arms race competition between nations in the building up of military resources
Capitalist Describes a system in which the means of production, distribution and exchange are privately owned and organised
Communist a person who believes in a political system based on controlling wealth in a belief that the state should provide everyone with an equal share
Conscription the compulsory enrolment of men for service in the armed forces
Defection changing allegience or deserting from a duty
Defoliation the stripping of foliage on trees; used during the Vietnam War to deprive the Vietcong guerillas of cover that they could use for surprise attacks
Guerrillas Small bands of soldiers who harass the enemy by surprise attacks
Ideology the theories, ideas and beliefs associated with a particular policial system
Monolithic a thing that is massive and uniform
Morotorium a general suspension or cessation of something
Policial asylum to provide a refuge or secure home for a person regarded as being at risk from the government of their own country
Stockpiling The holding in reserve of munitions or weapons for possible future use
Subjugation the act of bringing someone under complete control
SEATO Alliance Proposed by US to oppose communism in South East Asia
Colombo Plan A plan to prevent communism by allowing bilateral aid to flow into developing nations to maintain stable government
Frank Hardy Author of Power Without Glory. His views were attacked by politicians & the media
Dr Evatt Labor leader at the time of Menzies
Robert Menzies Prime Minister at the time of the Korean War
Petrov Affair The situation where Mr Petrov defected to Australia yet his wife was kidnapped by Russian agents whom tried to get her out of the country
Created by: PCGEEK
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