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Ch. 57 Pharm

Drugs for Mens health and Reproductive Disorders

Androgens Drug family that is most associated with male reproductive processes.
Androgens affect Sexual processes, accessory sexual organs, cellular metabolism, bone and muscle growth.
Testosterone Principle male sex hormone synthesized in the testes. Anabolic steroid
Testosterone therapeutic effects Achieve normal androgen levels and to slow progress of estrogen dependent breast cancers
Major indication for Androgen Therapy Hypogonadism
Hypogonadism Defect of the reproductive system that results in failure of the testes to produce androgen, sperm, or both
Deficiency in sex hormones Results in defective primary or secondary sex development
Deficiency in sperm development Results in infertility
Primary Hypogonadism Reflects testicular abnormalities
Secondary Hypogonadism Reflects hypothalamic and pituitary failure
Side Effects of Hypogonadism Lack libido, testicular atrophy, decreased bone density, decreased muscle tone and hair growth
Growth Delay Delay in bone growth from a deficiency of growth hormone and possible androgen deficiency
Oxandrolone Used to treat delayed growth, and osteoporotic pain
Adverse Reactions of Androgen Therapy Acne, masculinization, irregular menses, urinary urgency, hepatitis and respiratory distress
Contraindications of Androgen Therapy Pregnancy, hypercalcemia, hepatic disfunction and prostate cancer
Anabolic Steroids Increase protein synthesis in cells resulting in tissue buildup. Develop and maintain male characteristics. Increase body weight and muscular strength
Anabolic Steroids cause Increase in weight gain and body size, increased acne and more aggressive mood changes
Risks of Long Term use of Anabolic Steroids Increased LDL, decreased HDL, high blood pressure and liver damage
Two popular steroids Hormone Chorionic Gonadotropin (HcG) and Tetrahydrogestrinone (ThG)
Hormone Chorionic Gonadotropin (HcG) Treats infertility and stimulates testosterone production
Tetrahydrogestrinone (ThG) Escapes urine detection. Not FDA approved
Antiandrogens Block action or synthesis of androgens
Antiandrogen actions Elevates GnRh levels, inhibits testosterone synthesis, blocks testosterone conversion and inhibits receptors
Finasteride Inhibits conversion of testosterone. Treats benign prostatic hypertrophy and male pattern baldness
Sexual Dysfunction Inability to expierence sexual desire, erection, ejaculation
Sexual Dysfunction results from Androgen deficiency, affective disorder and discord in sexual relationship
Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors (PDE) Facilitates erections by enhancing blood flow to penis
Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors (PDE) include Viagra, levitra, cialis
Viagra Prime treatment for erectile dysfunction
Cantharides (Spanish Fly) Sexual stimulant
Cantharides (Spanish Fly) cause Bladder and urethral irritation and possible permanent penile damage
Yohimbine Alpha adrenergic antagonist that affects CNS and PNS. Has positive effect and improvement on erection.
Side effects of Yohimbine Headache, hypertension, sweating, anxiety and sleeplessness
Benign Prostate Hyperplasia enlargement of prostate that causes increased pressure on bladder and lower urinary tract symptoms
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