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Radiography Essentials CH 17

The cervical spine is composed of what number of vertebra? 7
What angle and direction is the CR directed when performing an AP axial projection of the cervical spine 15 Degrees cephalic
The region of the spine that consists of 5 vertebra and has a lordotic curve is the? Lumbar spine
The axis is another name for? C2
The tooth like projection on which the atlas rotates is called the? Dens or odontoid process
What portion of the spine is commonly called the "tail bone"? Coccyx
How many vertebrae in the Thoracic Spine? 12
When radiographed in the oblique projection, the lumbar vertebrae demonstrate a configuration that resembles a? Scottie Dog
What is the SID for the lateral projection of the Cervical spine? 72"
What technique is used for a lateral projection of the Thoracic Spine? Breathing technique to blur ribs and lung markings Low MA, 1-3 seconds
What landmark do you use to position an AP lumbar spine on a 14 X 17 IR. Iliac Crest midline CR
What is placed behind the patient on a lateral T or Lspine xray to absorb scatter? A strip of lead
What are the 3 routine x-ray projections of the lumbar spine? AP, Lateral, and a "coned-down" lateral L5/S1
What angle and direction is the CR directed for the AP sacrum? 15 degrees cephalic
What angle and direction is the CR directed for the AP coccyx? 10 degrees caudad
Created by: cangeli2