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Radiography Essentials CH16

Name the 3 basic parts of the foot. Forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot
The bones of the midfoot are called what? Tarsal bones 3 cuneiform bones (medial, intermediate, and lateral), cuboid, and navicular
What is commonly referred as the "heel bone" and is located in the hindfoot? Calcaneous
What is the name of the two long bones in the lower leg? Tibia and Fibula
Anterior to the distal femur, and commonly called the "kneecap" is called what? Patella
A common positioning landmark on the anterior surface of the body in the hip region is called? ASIS
Another positioning landmark that is rounded, palpable, and superior to the ASIS is called? Iliac Crest
Name the 3 x-ray projections of the foot? AP axial, AP oblique, and Lateral
What is the CR angle for the AP axial foot? 10 degrees cephalic entering the base of the 3rd metatarsal
What is the CR angle for an axial projection of the calcaneous? 40 degrees cephalic to center of IR
What projection of the lower extremities would the CR be perpendicular to a point midway between the malleoli? AP, and AP oblique ankle
What size IR would we use for a lower leg x-ray examination? 14 X 17 1 on 1 Can be done diagonal and try to include both joints.
What is the projection of the patella called? Tangential or "Sunrise" projection
Describe the 2 routine projections of the knee. AP- CR perpendicular entering 1/2"distal to apex of patella. Lateral- Angled 5-7 degrees cephalic, knee flexed 20-30 degrees
What is the proper rotation of the femurs for an AP projection of the pelvis? 15 degrees medially
What is another "name" for the lateral hip position? Frog-leg
Created by: cangeli2