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Chapter 13 Milady,

Chapter 13 Milady; Basics of Electricity

shampoos that are balanced to the pH of skin and hair (4.5 to 5.5) Acid-balanced shampoo
shampoos that wash away excess oilness from oily hair and scalp, while preventing the hair from drying out Balancing shampoos
shampoos containing an acidic ingredient such as cider vinegar to cut through product build up that can flatten hair; also increse shine Clarifying shampoos
shampoos created by combining the surfactant base with basic color pigments Color-enhancing shampoos
special chemical agents applied to the hair to deposit protein or moisturizer, to help restore its strength and give it body, or to protect it against possible breakage Conditioners
shampoos designed to make the hair smooth and shiny, avoid damage to chemically trested hair, and improve managebility of the hair Conditioning or moisturizing shampoos
chemical mixtures of concentrated protein and the heavy cream of a mositurizer; used to provide treatments when an equal degree of moisturizer and protein treatment is required Deep-conditioning trestments
shampoos that cleanse the hair without the use of soap and water Dry or powder shampoo
water containing certain minerals that reduce the ability od soap or shampoo to lather Hard water
substances that absorb moisture or promote the retention of moisture Humectants
capable of combining with or attracting water Hydrophilic
conditioners that either remain on the hair for a very short period (1 to 5 minutes) or are left in the hair during styling ("leave-in" conditioners) Instant conditioners
capable of attracting oil Lipophilic
conditioners that promote the healing of the scalp Medicated scalp lotions
shampoos containing special chemicals or drugs for reducing the excessive dandruff or relieving other scalp conditions Medicated shampoos
products formulated to add moisture to dry hair, with a heavier formulation than instant conoditioners and a longer application time Moisturizers
description of products that do not remove artifical color from the hair Nonstripping
products designed to slightly increase hair diameter with a coating action, thereby adding body to the hair Protein conditioners
products used to remove oil accumulation from the scalp; used after a scalp treatment and before styling Scalp astringent lotions
products, usually in a cream base, used to soften and improve the health of the scalp Scalp conditioners
rain water or chemically softened water that lathers easily with soap or shampoo Soft water
products applied to the hair prior to any thermal service to protect it from the harmful effects of blow-drying, thermal irons, or electric rollers Spray-on thermal protectors
cleansing or surface active agent Surfactants
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