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Matching for Test #1

consists of multiple facts used on all tests after #1

Promised Land Canaan
Jews The people of God
A Patriarch Isaac
Mosaic Law The 10 Commandments
Covenant A promise between God and His people
Passover's main meal is called... Seder
Rebekah A Matriarch
God freeing the Israelites from Slavery Exodus
The Holy Name of God "I am who I am"
Abraham Belonged to this tribal group Hebrews
Book of Genesis story of creation
Rachel a matriarch of Judaism
Wife of Isaac Rebekah
belief in many gods polytheism
belief in one god monotheism
Sabbath sacred day of rest and worship
A judge Samson
Samuel a prophet
Joshua Moses' Assistant
Jacob Rachel's Husband
Sarah Abraham's Wife
Hierarchy #1 physiological needs
Hierarchy #2 security needs
Hierarchy #3 belonging needs
Hierarchy #4 esteem needs
Hierarchy #5 meaning needs (self actualization)
Created by: marissa321_study