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Chinese fourth year flash cards! - Harshil Sahai & David Eng

員工 employee
左右 more or less
主任 director
學位 academic degree
商務 business
科學 science
月份 (a certain) month
從商 to engage in business
影響 to influence, influence
了解 to know, understand
咨詢 to consult, consultation
開發 to develop
軟件 software
技術 technology
提供 to provide
大量 large quantity
儘管 although
上市 to go public, to list on the market
業務 business
開展 to carry on
除了..外 besides, except (for)
主修 major
專業 major subject
副修 minor
平均 average
成績 grade, score, result, success
曾經 once
嘉獎 to award, award
擔任 to take the position of
學生會 student committee
主席 chairman
組織 to organize, organization
凡是 all,every
之一 one of
項目 project
論文 research paper, thesis
出差 to go on a business trip
哪怕 even if
文如華 (name) Ruhua Wen
國際 international
貿易 trade
高科技 hi-tech
發展 to develop, development
方面 side, spect
領導 to lead, leadership
才能 talent
踏實 dependable
獎學金 scholarship
高材生 excellent student
Created by: harshil