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wcc necropsy

WCC necropsy

Necropsy to view death
autopsy human only (auto = self)
necropsy reason cause of death, nature of disease and pathology, confirm diagnosis
Record Gross pathology, tentative diagnosis, histologic findings
Fixatives neutral buffered formalin,
Information included Signalment, Hx, Gross pathology finding, tentative diagnosis, Histological findings, lab findings
lesion description objectively, location, #, color sz, shape, distribution, consistency, odor
storage Refrigerate
main fixative 10% neutral buffered formalin
tissue trimming large enough, < 1 cm, normal and abnormal included
impression smear small piece of tissue from lesion, blot, touch sample to clean microsope slid in ~7 places, stain with Dif-quik
pluck tongue, esophagus, trachea and thyroid, lungs, thymus, heart
thoraic cavity incision look for content size color and position of all organs
joints exam coxofemoral joint(hip), stifle joint of 1 hindlimb (tibia femur), carpus (knee), elbow, shoulder of one forelimb
rabies protocol entire head removed intact
rabies only experienced tech, send whole body or if done in house head,
cosmetic necropsy limited ot the abdomen and chest, does not pursue any other diseases
IFA (blank)
Created by: wccvettech