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MGMT test Ch. 1-2

questions directly off the quiz for MGMT 301 at FSU

What's a Manager's Responsibility? Achieving organizational objectives through efficient and effective utilization of resources.
What are the 4 functions of Management? Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling
What is Globalization and Diversity? All involved either directly, there are now more "diverse" people in the market so diversity is more of an issue.
What's My personal management style? Participative
What are some characteristics of a Participative manager? Less directive, highly supportive. This is appropriate for highly capable employees
What is culture? The values, beliefs, and assumptions about appropriate behavior that members of an organization share.
What's a stakeholder? Person whose interests are affected by organizational beavior.
What are 6 examples of stakeholders? Customers, Suppliers, Governments, Communitty, Employees, shareholders
What is EVA? Economic Value Added; the amount of value you add to a product when transforming the raw materials into a finished product.
What is TQM? Total Quality Management; the process that involves everyone in an organization focusing on the customer to continually improve product value.
What are the 5 artifacts of an organization's culture? Heroes, stories, slogans, symbols, ceremonies
What are the three levels of the orgaizational culture piramid? top: behavior; Middle: Values and Beliefs; Bottom: assumptions
What are the 9 external factors that effect business? Customers, competition, suppliers, labor force, sharholders, society, technology, the economy, and governments.
What are the 6 internal factors that affect business? Management and culture, mission, resources, systems processes, struture.
What are ethics? the standards of right and wrong that influence behavior. Golden Rule, 4-way test
What are the 5 ways people justify unethical behavior? Displacement & diffusion of responsibility, advantageous comparison, disregard/distortion of consequences, attribution of blame, and euphemistic labeling.
What is social responsibility? the consicious effort to operate in a manner that creates a win-win situation for all stakeholders.
Created by: marissam06