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Final Phase exam 2

____ is the art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair cosmetology
____ is the study of cosmetics and their applications cosmetology
who were the first to cultivate beauty in an "extravagant" way, using cosmetics for beautification in religious ceremonies, and when preparing the deceased for burial" egyptians
in rome, wat color did the following class of women tint their hair? * Noblewomen= *Middle class women= *poor women= 1. red 2. blonde 3. black
during the middle ages, women wore colored makeup on their ____ and ____, but not on their____ cheeks and lips but not on their eyes
____ represents the staff that patients would hold onto in order for the veins of their arms to stand out during blood letting the barber pole
____ is based on inner strength and begins with trusting your ability to reach your goals self esteem
___ thoughts are not positive and can work against you self critical
___ is a skill that helps manage your own life, and help you learn well self management
honesty, courtesy, and descretion are all moral principles called ____ by which we live and work ethical considerations
diplomacy, tone of voice, emotional stability, sensitivity, values and goals, receptivity, and communication skills arethe 7 traits of a healthy, well developed ____ attitude
____ is the daily maintenance of cleanliness by practicing good sanitary habits personal hygiene
you should always be guided by your salon when it comes to dress code. choose clothing that is functional and stylish. accessorize your outfits, and choose clothing that is clean, ____ and ____ fresh, and functional and stylish and instep with fashion
promoting a professional image, and accentuating good features while masking less flattering ones is an important thing to keep in mind when dealing with ____ makeup
to a large degree, your physical presentation is made up of your posture and walk, and it should conveyan image of ____ confidence
____ is the science dealing with designing and arranging things people use so that they're used safely and efficiently ergonomics
____ is listening to the client and then repeating, in your own words, what you think the client is telling you. reflective listening
___ is a strategy used in cosmotology reflective listening
how much time should be allowed for a first time guest's consultation 10-15 minutes
if a guest is unhappy with their service and you are trying to find out why, what is one of the first steps you should take? ask for specifics and break down the service piece by piece until you determine exactally what's wrong
what is important when dealing with conflicts that may occur between you and your coworkers? remain neutral
what are the 6 guidelines to keep in mind when interacting and communicating with your salon manager? 1. be a problem solver 2. get your facts straight 3. be open and honest 4. don't gossip or complain about collegues 5. check your attitude 6. be open to constructive criticism
the 2 categories that bacteria can be classified into are ___ and ____ pathogenics, and nonpathogenics
____ bacteria is not harmful. it doesnt cause disease nonpathogenic
bacteria are ___ celled organisms that have both ____ and ___ characteristics one-celled; plant and animal characteristics
____ is the most common human bacteria. staphylococci
____ are microorganisms that can invade plants and animals... including bacteria viruses
a skin lesion is an example of a ____ general infection
the ability to fight off or resist infections and disease and to be able to destroy bacteria that has entered the body is known as ____ immunity
____ is immunity that the body develops after overcomming a disease , or through inocculation (ex. vacine) aquired immunity
____ is the removal of pathogens and other substances from tools and surfaces; helps prevent spread of bacteria decomtamination
nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell membrane are the 3 parts of a ____ cell
the process by which cells reproduce by dividing into 2 identical cells is called ____ mitosis
____ is a chemical process that takes place in living organisms where cells are nourished and carry out their activities metabolism
during ____ energy can be stored by special molecules and used for muscle contractions, secretion, and heat production catabolism
____ is the protective covering on the body surfaces. skins, mucus membrane, and the lining of the heart, digestive, etc. epithelial tissue
what bone forms the forehead frontal bone
____ is the lower jawbone; its the largest and strongest bone of the face mandible
the 3 parts of a muscle are ___, ____, and ____ origin, insertion, and belly
the muscles that are involved in bending the wrist are called ____ flexors
____ is the outermost layer of the skin. its also called the cuticle. it's the thinnest of the skin and forms a protective covering for the body epidermis
___ is the layer of skin that is composed of different shaped cells and contains dark skin pigment stratum germinativum
the papillary (superficial layer)and the reticular (deeper layer) are the 2 layers tha make up ____ dermis
what part of the body had the most nerve endings the fingertips
as we age, elastin fibers naturally weaken, causeing a loss of ____ elasticity (or skin sagging)
what are the 6 main functions of the skin? 1. protection 2. sensation 3. heat regulation 4. excretion 5. secretion 6. absorption
the technical term for the nail is ____ onyx
____ is the most visible and functional part of the nail module. it's the hardened keratin plate that sits on and slides across the nail bed. nail plate
the average rate of growth of fingernails in adults is ____ 1/10th an inch (3/7 mm) per month
____ is the folds of normal skin that surrounds the nail plate. the folds form the nail grooves nail folds
approximately how many layers of nail cells make up the nail? 100
water content of the nail is between ___ and ___ percent 15%-25%
the 2 main parts that full grown human hair is divided into are ___ and ___ hair root and hair shaft
____ is the lowest area or part of the hair strand. it's the thickened, club shaped structure that forms the lower part of the hair root bulb
___ are tiny grains of pigment in the cortex that give natural color to the hair melanin
hair is composed of cells arranged in 3 layers. these 3 layers are the ___, ___, and ___ cuticle, cortex, and medulla
the 3 phases that all hair follicles go through are ___, ___, and ___ anagen, catagen, and telogen
the ability of hair to absorb moisture is called ____ hair porosity
____ is the ability of the hair to stretch and return to its original length without breaking elasticity
____ is the shape of the hair strand, and it's described as straight, wavy, curly, or ectremely curly wave pattern
the technical term for gray hair is ____ canities
the technical term for split ends is ___ trichoptilosis
if a product has a pH of 8.9, what would it be considered alkaline
how many natural occuring elements with their own dintinctive physical and chemical properties exist? 90
what is the technical term for (or chemical term) for table salt? sodium chloride (NaCl)
____ are liquids that are mutually soluble; they can be mixed into stable solutions... it mixes easily miscible
___ means that it dissolves a substance solvent
the branch of chemistry that deals with products that do not contain carbon is called ___ inorganic chemistry
___ is the unit of measurment that meausres the pressure or force that pushes the flow of electrons forward through a conductor volt
the term used for measuring the resistance of an electric current is an ___ ohm
___ measures how much electric energy is being used in one second watts
a nonconductor or an ____ is a substance that does not easily transmit electricity insulator
____ forces acidic substances into deeper tissues using galvanic current from the positive to the negative pole anaphoresis
you would not use ___ on a guest if they were/had pregnant, epileptic, asthmatic, high blood pressure, sinus blockage, pace maker, metal implants, or excessive teeth fillings telsa high requency current
visible light makes up what percent of natural sunlight 35%
which type of lines will soften a design curved lines
___ are an example of styling hair using parallel lines fingerwaves
color can help define ___ and line texture
___ colors recede or move in toward the head. the create illusion of less colume in the simension of color dark colors
light or warm colors create the illusion of ___ volume
you can draw a line in a hairstyle in the direction you want the eye to travel toward by using what? light colors
using too many pattern combinations together could create a look that is ___ very busy
what are the 5 important principles for a hair desing? 1.proportion 2.balance 3. rhythm 4. emphasis 5. harmony
what is considered the "ideal" face shape? oval
what is considered to be the universal solvent? water
___ is often in well water and contains minerals that reduce the ability of soap and shampoo to lather readily hard water
what is the main ingredient in all shampoos? water
the ___ end of a surfactant molecule is considered to be water atractting hydrophillic
when brushing the hair prior to shampoo, how should you brush the hair? rotate the brush by turning your wrist slightly
when giving a massage, the length of the fingers, the cushions of the palms, and the ____ are used fingertips
to create a good haircut, you must begin with the understanding of ____ head form (the shape of the head)
____ refers to how tightly the hair is pulled when cutting the hair tension
why are even amounts of moisture throughout the hair important when cutting? 1.dry hair responds to cutting differently then wet hair 2. may give you uneven results in the finished hair cut if moisture is not even
the impliments used to create very short tapers quickly are called ___ clippers
___ occurs when you lift a subsection of hair above 0 degrees elevation
___ is a stationary or nonmoving foundation of a pincurl which is the area closest to the scalp; the panel of hair on which a roller is placed base
a section of hair that you mold into a circular movement in preparation for the formation of curls is called ___ shaping
what type of curls are used to create a wave behind a ridge ridge curls
____ is a base position that gives full volume.the curls are rolled and directed 45 degrees away from you on base
wat should combs for thermal curling be made of hard rubber or nonflammable combs
hair is considered ___ or ___ when there are no chemicals or dyes in the hair natural or virgin
what face shape are most braided styles appropriate for oval
how can you minimize the width of the forehead when working on a guest with an inverted triangle face shape style with partial bangs (fringe), and/or braids that frame the face. it will add fullness aroudn the chin
____ dries the hair without disturbing the finished look and without dehydrating the hair diffuser
____ is manufactured synthetic fiber of excellent quality. the texture is extremely curly andcomes in a varietyof colors kanekalon
blow drying the hair softens it, makes it more managable, loosens it, and elongates the wave pattern while ___ the hair shaft length stretching
____ are natural textured hair that is intertwined and meshed together to form a single or seperate network of hair. No chemicals are used dreadlocks
when ___ hair is burned, it burns slowly and gives off a distinctive odor human hair
when ___ hair is burned, it burns very quickly and gives off no odor synthetic hair
before taking ____ it is necessary to brush hair down smoothly and pin it as flatly and tightly as possible to the scalp measurments for a wig
what are the most expensive wigs made of human hair
for a temporary toupee it is attatched with ___ and ___ tape or clips
for a semi permanent toupee it is attatched with ___,___, ___, or ___ weaving, tracks, adhesive, or sewing
what is the main active ingredient or reducing agent in alkaline perms? ammoniumm thyoglcolate (ATG)
____ perms are activated by an outside heat source, usually a hairdryer (hood type) endothermic
he chemical action of ____ breaks the ___ bonds and softens the hair thio relaxers ; disulfide
the straight set wrap is also call what? basic perm
what technique uses zigzag partings to divide base areas weave technique
____ wrap is when you place 1 end wrap on top of the hair strand, and holding it flat single flat wrap
the process of permanently rearranging the basic structure of overly curly hair into a straight for is called ___ chemical hair relaxing
what stops the action of any chemical relaxer that may remain in the hair after rinsing? neutalizer
compensation with base pay and a percentage of sales is called ___ salary-plus-commission
what can result by increasing your service prices increase your income
____ is when you schedule a guest for a future service before he/she leaves the salon form the service they are recieving that day rebooking
when should local authorities be contacted and asked questions about local sales taxes prior to opening a business
when opening your own salon, what will ensure that all clients and associates are beign treated fairly and consitently through the use of the policies implements and salon policies
____ is inventory that is used in the daily business operations consumption supplies
the best form of advertising is through a ___ satisfied guest
during a relaxer, ___ is applied tot he scalp last because processing is accelerated by body heat near the scalp relaxer cream
when using the comb method, how is the relaxer cream applied with the back of the comb
thio and __ are the most commonly used methods od hair relaxing sodium hydroxide
____ is a system for understanding color. when combining colors, you'll get the same results from the same combinations law of color
colors with predominance of ___ are considered to be cool tones blue
colors with predominance of __ or __ are considered warm tones red or yellow
__ refers to the strength of a color tone intensity
____ is used to open the cuticle of the hair fiber so that the tint/color can penitrate it alkalizing ingredients: amonia or amonia substitute
____ is a technique of coloring strands of hair darker than the natural color lowlighting
a ___ is a non-amonia color that adds shine and tone to the hair glaze
a ____ tells you how hair will react to color and indicates processing time preliminary strand test
the free form technique of hair painting is also called ___ baliage
as weage, elastin fibers naturally weaken, causing the ___ and ___ of tissue wrinkles and sagging
___ is a spot or discoloration on the skin such as freckles. they are neither raised nor sunken macule
___ is a skin sore or abrasion produced by scratching or scraping excoriation
the technical term for excessive perspiration is ___ hyperhidrosis
___ is the technical term for a wart verruca
___ is the most serious form of skin cancer. characterized by black or dark brown patches on the skin that may appear uneven in texture, jagged or raised malignant melanoma
the american cancer society reccomends using the ABCDE cancer checklist to help make skin cancer easier to recognize... hwat do the letters stand for A- asymmetry B- Border C- color D- diameter E- evolving
what is the technical term for an unusal amount of hair on parts of the body normally bearing downy hair hirsuties
___, ___, ___, and ___ are all types of information you should get from your guest when doing a consultation for hair removal service medications (topical or oral), skin disorders, allergies, and sensitives
____ is the use of intense light to destroy the growth cells of the hair follicles photo epilation
in laser hair removal, a laser beam is pulsed on the skin, impairing the ___ follicle
hat 4 things should you never apply wax over? 1. warts 2. moles 3. abrasions 4. inflamed skin
____ a condition that the client has, or treatment the client is undergoing that may cause side effects during facial treatment contraindication
a product that is designed to lower the pH of the skin after cleansing, and to help remove excess cleaning milk is ____ toner
___ is a mechanical exfoliation. it's a scrub product that has small crystals to remove dead cell build up on the surface microdermabrasion
all facial treatments should begin with what step? consultation
name the skin type: pores arevery small or are not visible dry skin
name the skin type: even pore distribution throughout the skin (soft smooth surface and lack of wrinkles) normal skin
name the skin type: obvious and large pores oily skin
name the skin type: obvious pores in some places, and smaller pores in other places on the face combination skin
____ is shading a specific area... light brings out and dark brings in shadowing
accentuating an area when applying makeup is known as ___ highlighting or contouring
___ is heavy makeup used for theatrical purposes grease paint
color is very important for makeup services. list primary and secondary colors primary= red, yellow, blue secondary= orange, violet, green
____ colors are dominated by blues, greens, violets, and blue-reds, while ___ colors are dominated by reds, oranges, and yellows cool; warm
___ means bitten nail. it is safe to work on a guest with this condition bitten nail
bruised nails may be a sign of ____ blood clot under the nail
____ is one of the several common bacteria that can cause infection... it's whent he nail tips and wraps are applied under unsanitary conditions pseudomonas aerugmosa
___ is the technical term for the lifting of the nail onycholysis
a lump of red tissue that grows from the nail bed to the nail plate and causes nail inflammation is called ____ pyogenic granuloma
when doing a nail service, you use equiptment which is also called ___ permanent tools
disposable implements for a nail service would include ___ wooden pushers
the reccomended treatment for brittle nails is ___ conditioning oil manicure
using ___ to shorten nail length will shorten filing time if the client has a nail plate that is extending past the free edge nail clippers
when is base coat applied during a manicure service? over and after nail polish is applied
how frequently should a guest recieve a pedicure to ensure healthy feet monthly
advising a guest is important to complete during what part of the pedicure service during post service procedure
how often should a foot spa be disinfected? after every service, and at the end of the working day
when disinfecting a foot spa, ___% of bleach solution should be used 5
another name for the ___ that is fully plumbed with a basin chair and footrest in a throne ultimate foor bath
a ___ is an artificial nail made of ABS , and its adhered to natural nail for length nail tip
the nail tip should cover no more than how much of the natural nail 1/3
how should you remove a softened nail tip sliding them off
damage to the natural nail can be reduced when applying nail tips by ____ the nail tip pre-blending
no light gels are hardened by applying a small amount of ____ on top of the enhancment activator
___ are nail enhancments created by combing monomer liquid andplymer powder acrylics
the ___ in acrylic nail enhancements represents the liquid monomer
____ is a chemical reaction that creates plymers; also called curing or hardening polymerization
using the wrong ___ with your chosen liquid could result in nails that are not properly cured powder
if too little powder is used,the nail enhancment can become ___ weaker
____ are the steps that make UV gel nail enhancements different from others... UV light is required to harden the nail tip curing
____ is designed to specifically improve adhesion of UV gels to the natural nail plate UV gel primer
UV gel enhancements can be removed by reducing thickness with a medium to coarse abrasive, soaking in ___ or product remover, or by gently scraping with a ___ acetone ; wooden pusher
what is one way to determine what type of market a salon will serve watch an examine the salon's advertising
how many pages should your resume be? one page if possible
what type of topics are illegal to ask about on an employment application? questions about race, religion, or natural origin
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