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Literary Elements 7t

My 7th grade Literary terms.

Internal Conflict Conflict in the characters mind
External Conflict Conflict with some outside force
Exposition The part of the plot in a short story, novel, or play in which the character, setting, and situation are introduced
Complications more problems
Climax Point of greatest emotional intensity, interest, or suspense in a narrative; turning point
Resolution concludes the falling action or suggesting the outcome of the conflict
Setting The time and place in which the events occur
Dialogue Conversation between characters in a literary work
Aesthetic Sensitive to art and beauty
Debilitate To make weak
Dissemination To scatter about
Dogmatic Asserted without proof
Aloof At a distance
Ominous Serving as an evil omen; threatening
Petulance Impatient or irritable
Virulent Extremely poisonous; deadly
Gluttonous One who eats to excess
Mundane Ordinary
Indolence Feel pain
Ferocity Fierce; savage; violently cruel
Efface Rub out; erase
Elucidate To make clear; explain
Ephemeral Lasting one day; short lived
Amorphous Without definite form
Buoyant Having the ability or tendency to float
Cajole To coax with flattery or insincere talk
Dormant in a resting or torpid state
Enigmatic A perplexing or baffling matter, person, ect.
Affable Pleasant friendly
Audacity Bold courage
Incorrigible Cannot be corrected or reformed
Trepidation Fearful uncertainty
Pacifistic Opposition to the use of force under any circumstances; refusal to participate in war
Pretentious Making claims to some distinction, importance, ect.
Servile Humbly submissive
Nullify To make legally null or valueless
Loathe To feel intense dislike or disgust for; abhor
Erudite Learned; scholarly
Created by: reba353
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