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Middle East Geograph

10-11 Corson/Morgan Middle East Geography and Religions Test

The _____ Mountain range is located in southwestern Iran. Zagros
Methods of _____ are ways of bringing water to dry soil. Irrigation
TRUE or FALSE Long ago, hunter-gatherers in North Africa and Southwest Asia lived by raising crops along the three great rivers. False
The _____ is 4,000 miles long making it the largest river in the world. Nile
The Arabic word "Islam" means _____. Surrender
_____ unlike the rest of the region is cooler, gets more rain, has grasslands and forests. Turkey
_____ during Ramaden is one of the Filve Pillars of Islam. Fasting
The _____ is the holy book of the Muslim People. Qur'an
_____ is the belief in one single God. Monotheism
A believer in Islam is called a _____. Muslim
These people lived outside Jerusalem for 1,800 years. Jews
These people believe that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected. Christians
A list of the fundamental religious duties of Muslims - Five _____ of Islam. Pillars
The _____ Sea is a lake that is about ten times saltier than any ocean, and whose salt and minerals make the water so dense you can easily float on it. Dead
The _____ Sea is a body of water that has long been an important trade route in the region. Red
These are places tha Muslims go to worship Mosques
Muslims pray this many times per day Five
According to Hebrew scripture from the Bible, Yahweh spoke to a man named _____. Abraham
Daily _____ of the Qur'an is NOT one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Reading
Rivers such as the Tigris _____ the soil of SOuthwest Asia by depositing fertile silt when flooding waters flow over the riverbanks. Enrich
The _____ is a term associated with Christianity. Bible
_____ is a very important place to many people including, Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Jerusalem
The _____ Wall is important to Judasim. Wailing
The Dome of the _____ is important to the people of the Islam religion. Rock
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