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Golden Bk19 1stVa-Wi

Volume 1960 Encyclopedia

Chemicals produced by white blood cells that kill germs antibodies
contains weakened or killed disease germs vaccine
not vulnerable to a disease immune
made the first vaccine in the late 1700s Edward Jenner
a vacuum a space with nothing in it
to suck liquid from a straw creates a vacuum
Christian priest who married people in secret Saint Valentine
a long and low place between two mountains or hills. valley
valley is the floor and the hillsides or cliffs are the ________ of the valley walls
valleys formed as soil & rock are worn away due to running water. wearing away is called erosion
Some valleys are formed by slow-moving sheets of ice called glaciers
Valley Forge is in the state of Pennsylvania
George Washington & the Continental Army spent the winter of 1777 to 1778 at _________ Valley Forge
German officer who helped George Washington train troops in the winter at Valley Forge Baron von Steuben
Valley Forge is now a historical park
Vincent Van Gogh was a painter born in the Netherlands
to a scientist fruits develop from _______ and contain __________ flowers seeds
The heads of cauliflower & broccoli are _________ parts flower
Carrots, parsnips, radishes, turnips, & sweet potatoes are ______with lots of ________. roots minerals
young plants that recently emerged from seeds sprouts
an island archipelago in the Pacific Islands consisting of approximately 82 relatively small, geologically newer islands of volcanic origin Republic of Vanuatu
archipelago a group of scattered islands
Vatican the chief residence of the popes in Vatican City
we eat tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants as vegetables, but scientifically they are fruits
We eat green peas, lima beans, and corn as vegetables, but scientifically they are seeds
methods of preserving vegetables & other foods include salting, drying, freezing
preserve roots in the cold ground or store in a root cellar which is an underground room for storing root vegetables
brine is salty water
beets,broccoli,brussel sprouts from Europe, were planted and now are also common in North America
fiber helps food go down the digestive system
vein a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart
Venezuela is a country in northern South America
Venezuela has a mountainous coast along the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
34the Orinoco River drains into the ___________ _________ through the huge ______ named _________ ___________. Atlantic Ocean delta Orinoco Delta
Venezuela's large ______ _________ have made it one of the wealthiest nations in _______ __________. oil deposits South America
Most important crop in Venezuela coffee
capital and largest city of Venezuela Caracas
The highest waterfall in the world is _______ in _____________. Angel Falls Venezuela
The second planet out from the sun on our solar system is _______________. Venus
Venus is the only planet with a __________ orbit instead of an ______ shape. circular oval
We always see Venus and _______ near the sun. Mercury
Venus and Earth are similar in _________ and ______, but the surface of Venus is covered by dense clouds of _________ &_______ ________. size density sulfur sulfuric acid
The Diameter of Venus is about 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) in _______________. diameter
diameter means straight line completely through the middle
In 1975 a _________ __________ landed on Venus & sent back photos of its surface. Soviet spaceprobe
Surface temperatures on Venus are close to __________ C ____________F 477 degrees 900 degrees
Like the moon, Venus reflects the light of the ________. sun
An _________ for this year will tell us where to look for Venus on any given day. almanac
Bordered on the North by Canada,south by Massachusetts,east by New Hampshire & west by New York Vermont
Vermont is one of the __________ ________ states. New England
In 1609, the French explorer ____________ visited what is now Vermont. Samuel de Champlain
A French settlement and fort were built on an island in _______ ___________ in 1666. Lake Champlain
At the end,1763, of the French and Indian War _____________ won control of the area. England
The __________,led by Ethan Allen, captured Fort Ticonderga from the British in 1775. Green Mountain Boys
In 1777, Vermont became a republic and the 1st to ban _______. All adult males could vote. slavery
In 1791, Vermont became the __________ state of the United States. 14th
Until after the Civil War, _________ was the leading economic activity in Vermont. agriculture
As of 1960, list Vermont's 7 major manufactured products. machine tools, computer parts, paper, lumber, furniture, stone, and clay items.
What are the only two states that have fewer people than Vermont? Alaska and Wyoming
Vermont is the most _______ state in the USA. Only a ____of its people live in cities. 3rd
Vermont's largest city is _____, located on Lake Champlain. Burlington
The state capital of Vermont is ____, a granite-quarrying region. Montpelier
A French author who was one of the first writers of science fiction, born in 1828, was Jules Verne
Jules Verne described ______ and _______ before they ever existed. airplanes spaceships
Jules Verne wrote Twenty Thousand Leages Under the ____, Around the World in ____ Days, and Voyage to the Center of the ______. Sea Eighty Earth
_________ _______ was a _____. North and South America are named after him. Amerigo Vespucci navigator,
North and South America were named after him, and he was born in _____, ___, in 1454. Florence Italy
Amerigo Vespucci made a close estimate of the _______ around the equator. distance
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