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Explor Lit

Books Midterm

After the First Death Robert Cormier Fiction Raymond, Miro, Kate Forrester,Artkin, Sedeete, Ben Marchand, Mark Marchand, Antibbe, Ben's mother, Stroll, Nettie Halversham, Aniel, Kevin McMann Hijacked bus, take to bridge, child dies b/c of drugged candy, Terrorists wear masks, then takes off and Kate knows her fate, Kate tries to escape w/ bus, Sedeete captured, RAymond killed, Ben commits suicide and dad goes insane b/c of guilt Charish family, put family before work, bravery in challenging times Hole in Ben's chest (literal- shot) (mental/emotional- problem w/ father), Bus & bridge
Ender's Game Orson Scott Card Science Fiction Ender (Andrew Wiggins), Peter, Valentine, Bean, Bonzo, Petra, Bernard, Alai, Shen, Graff, Stilson, Mazer Rackham, Dink, Demosthenes, Locke, Major Anderson, Ender -battle school, pretend battles, misses family/Val, Ender thought playing game,it was real, wanted beat buggers, sad b/c adults lied, didnt want to kill bugger population, cannot go back earth b/c ppl want to kill him, finds bugger cocoon,repopulate Never give up, don't let loneliness defeat you, friendship, determination, betrayal (adults & peers) (blank)
Night Elie Wiesel Nonfiction memoir Elie, Moshe the Beadle, Dr. Mendel, Chlomo Wiesel, Tzpora, Hilda, Mia, Madam Schacter Lived in Trans., in ghetto, concentration camps, Elie give up gold tooth, 42 mi walk/run, gets food poisoning (almost dies), lost faith Courage, Don't lose hope, role fate leads, friendship/love w/ father (blank)
Farewell to Manzanar Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston Nonfiction memoir Jeanne, Papa, Mama, Woody, Kiyo, Kaz, Bill, Sister Bernadette, Eleanor, Aunt Toyo, Radine, Attack on Pearl Harbor, Jeanne &family move from Long Beach to Terminal Island, Papa accused and arrested, to Boyle Heights, Manzanar, bad bathrooms, fear of slanted eyes, becomes reg. community, freedom, Cabrillo homes, girl scouts, move to Cali. Acceptance, betrayal (by their country), friendship, family stick together Fear of slanted eyes, "secret that lived in all of our lives", "The Mess Hall Bells
Created by: K1