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Merrills Ch.17 Abd

Test Question

• expanded portion of terminal esophagus is called the cardiac antrum
• The part of the stomach in the figure below is the cardiac antrum
• The part of the stomach in the figure below is the pyloric antrum
• The stomach wall has how many layers 4
• The muscle controlling the opening between the stomach and duodenum is the pyloric sphincter
• Which body habitus has the stomach nearly vertical asthenic
• Functions of stomach include Storage of food and chemical breakdown of food (ONLY)
• What is the length of the adult small intestine 22 ft
• The wall of the small intestine has how many coats 4
• How many portions is the small intestine 3
• Area identified in the figure below is the Pyloric portion
• Widest portion of the small bowel duodenum
• Most distal portion of small intestine ilium
• The ilium and jejunum are attached to the posterior wall of the abdomen by the mesentery
• Main functions of the small bowel are digestion and absorption (ONLY)
• Length of large intestine 5 ft
• Wall of colon has how many layers four
• Main functions of large intestine are reabsorption of fluids and removal of waste products
• Vermiform appendage of colon is attached to the cecum
• Area of colon in figure below is ascending
• Area of colon in figure below cecum
• How long does it take barium to go through the alimentary canal and reach the rectum 24 hrs
• Which contrasts used for gastrointestinal tract air, barium sulfate, water soluble contrast (ALL)
• Which are used to record the fluoroscopic image TV, cine, video recording (ALL) (IM NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ONE)
• Most important technical consideration for GI radiography elimination of motion
• Respiration for all radiographs of stomach and intestines expiration
• What is the recommended oblique position and projection for esophagus PA RAO
• Degree of body rotation for PA oblique esophagus 35 - 40 degrees
• Recommended position for series of esophagus recumbent
• What are the advantages of using the recumbent position for esophagus varices better filled, more complete contrast filling (ONLY)
• What plane is centered to grid in the lateral esophagus projection midcoronal plane
• Which best describe the admin of barium for esophageal varies exhale, swallow barium, blow breathe out
• Patient prep for morning stomach exam food and fluid withheld after midnight
• Food and fluid are withheld for how long before a stomach exam 8 hours
• Contrast exams for stomach include single and double contrast
• What are the advantages of using a double contrast technique for stomach small lesions less easily obscured, mucosal lining of stomach more clearly visualized
• Which drug is given before double contrast exam of stomach to relax GI tract glucagon
• Which describes the plane centered to grid for the PA stomach and duodenum on a 24 x 30 cm IR sagital plane between midline and lateral border
• How much lower should the IR be positioned for the upright stomach 3-6 in
• For PA stomach and duodenum, what plane is centered to grid midsagittal plane
• What are the essential oblique projections of stomach and duodenum LPO and RAO
• How much is body rotated for PA oblique stomach and duodenum 40-70 degrees
• How much is body rotated for PA oblique stomach depends on body habitus
• Greatest rotation would be used for which habitus hypersthenic
• Which of the following show the duodenal bulb and loop In profile PA oblique RAO
• Which of the planes is centered to the grid for the PA oblique stomach and duodenum longitudinal plane between the lateral border of the elevated side and vertebrae
• For which projection of the stomach would a positioning sponge be used AP Oblique
• Which level is the IR centered for AP or PA oblique stomach and duodenum L1-L2
• Average body rotation for AP oblique stomach and duodenum 45 degrees
• Degree of rotation for AP oblique stomach radiograph ranges from 30-60 degrees
• Which best shows fundus of stomach AP oblique LPO
Which plane is centered fro lateral stomach and duodenum between midcoronal plane and anterior surface
• Which projection of stomach best shows diaphragmatic herniations AP Trendelenburg
• Which position best shows gastric portion of duodenum and AP stomach supine and Trendelenburg
• Which methods are used to admin barium for small intestine Enteroclysis, mouth, reflux filling (ALL)
• Patient prep for small intestine is food/fluid withheld after evening meal and no breakfast
• The first small intestine radiograph is taken how many minutes after barium 15 min
• Essential projections for small intestine AP and PA (ONLY)
• Where is IR centered for small intestine within 30 min of barium 2 in above iliac crests
• Where is IR centered fro delayed radiographs of small intestine iliac crests
• Which exams require the use of time markers on radiograph small intestine ONLY
• Methods of examine the colon single and double contrast
• High density barium sulfate is used for double contrast exams ONLY
• Prep for colon exam is laxative, dietary restrictions, and cleansing enemas
• Which is true for administering retention balloon inserted by a radiologist USING fluoroscopy
• Which position should the patient be in for insertion of an enema SIMS
• How far is the bag placed for barium enema 18-24 in
• Which radiographs re taken during a single contrast exam spot radiographs and post evac radiographs
• methods of performing a double contrast barium enema include single stage and double stage procedure
• Resp for all large intestine SUSPENDED
• Which projections will show the retrosigmoid area during a BE Lat, PA axial, and AP axial
• Cr angel for PA axial large intestine 30-40 degrees caudad
• Which plane is the CR centered for PA oblique LAO or RAO large intestine plane 1-2 in
• Which projection best shows the ascending colon PA oblique RAO
• Which projection best shows the left colic flexure PA oblique LAO
• Which projection best shows the rectosigmoid area PA axial
• What level is center of IR positioned for lateral rectosigmoid area ASIS
• Degree of body rotation for AP oblique large intestine 35-45 degrees
• Which projections show right colic flexure LPO and RAO
• Which projections show descending colon LAO and RPO
• Where is IR centered for all decub large intestine radiographs iliac crests
• Which show the rectosigmoid area in the axial projection Chassard-Lapine method
• General term to describe the artificial opening in the intestine enterostomy
• Which projections are used for defacography lateral
• Wall in esophagus has how many layers of tissue 4
• The folds of lining of stomach are termed rugae
• Esophagus joins the stomach through an opening called the cardiac orifice
• Opening between stomach and small intestine pyloric orifice
• What percent of population is sthencic and hypersthenic 85%
• The common bile duct and pancreatic duct unite to form the hepatopancreatic ampulla
• The opening inside the duodenum when enzymes enters greater duodenal papilla
• The large intestine is made of a series of pouches called the haustrum
• The pouch like portion of the large intestine cecum
• Which type of habitus is the large intestine bunched together asthenic
• For all projections of the esophagus the top of the IR is positioned at the level of the mouth
• The PA stomach shows stomach contour and duodenal bulb
• How far is the ___ inserted into the rectum no more than 4 in
• The entire colon is best demonstrated in which projection PA or AP
• Which projection of the colon will best show the medial ascending colon and lateral descending AP right lateral decubitus
• Which projections shows the lateral ascending and medial descending left lateral decubitus
• Which projection of the colon shows the posterior portions of the colon lateral ventral decubitus
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