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CADD-1 Lesson 9

Isometrics, Sectional Views, and Plotting

Isometric Drawing A 2 -dimensional drawing technique that resembles 3 dimensions.
Angle of horizontals 30 degrees
Linetype that is not generally shown in an Isometric Drawing Hidden
In an Isometric drawing, verticals are drawn how? In their normal vertical position
What are the three Isoplanes? Right, left, and top.
Are centerlines ever shown in an Isometric drawing? Yes, to locate dimensions.
Secondary operation used to adjust extension lines in an isometric drawing. Oblique.
To represent a circle accurately, which command should you use? ELLIPSE command and the Isocircle option.
Which function key allows you to toggle Isoplanes? F5.
What is the main purpose of an isometric drawing. Visualization.
What is the main purpose of a Sectional View? To show internal details as clearly as possible.
How is a sectional view made? By passing an imaginary Cutting Plane thru an object.
What linetype is the cutting plane drawn with? Phantom
What command is used to draw the Cutting Plane? PLINE with a .03 width.
What linetypes are generally not shown in a section view? Hidden.
What are Cross-Sectional Lines? Lines that represent the material where a part has been cut.
What command is used to create cross-sectional lines? HATCH
What command allows you to change an existing hatched object? HATCHEDIT
What is the relationship between the cutting plane and the line of sight? They are perpendicular to each other.
Size of an A-size sheet? 11,8.5
What is a Full Section? Developed when a cutting plane passes completely thru an object, and half of the part is removed.
What is a Half Section? Developed when a cutting plane passes halfway thru an object and a quarter of the part is removed.
What is the size of a B-size sheet? 17,11.
What is the size of a C-size sheet? 22,17.
What is the size of a D-size sheet? 34,22.
In AutoCAD, what determines the scale of the plot? The Limits and the sheet size to be printed on.
After printing a drawing, what should you always do? Evaluate your work thoroughly for mistakes.
What is the size of a E-size sheet? 44,34.
Conventional Break Lines Used to recuce the length or size of a drawing so it will fit the sheet size.
Created by: tmurphy