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Most farmers in the United States use large equipment, such as tractors, for farming. In Africa, most farming is done by hand. Explain one possible reason for this difference. Farmers in the US have access to more technology
What are drawbacks of using pesticides? It can kill other organisms that are helpful.
In science classrooms, students are not allowed to use real blood to do blood typing. Instead, they use kits containing simulated blood. Why are they not allowed to use real blood? There is a risk of disease transmission.
How has the microscope influenced history? It has helped to cure diseases.
How has the automobile influenced history? It has changed the way people travel.
In a bag, there are 8 marbles. There are 4 red, 2 blue, and 2 green marbles. What is the probability of drawing out a red marble? 1/2
A television commercial made the following claim, “According to Olympic athletes, brand X cereal makes you run faster and jump higher.” What are the reasons that you might question this statement? The athletes are not in the cereal business. The athletes might have been paid to make this statement. The athletes are not medical experts.
How do humans receive energy from algae without actually eating the algae? Humans eat fish that eat the algae.
If a body cell normally has 16 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will the gametes (sex cells) have at the end of meiosis? 8
In a fertilized egg cell, the amount of genetic information from each parent is equal
A family has 2 boys and 1 girl. What is the probability that their next child will be a girl? 50%
The organelle in plant cells that helps to trap light energy is Chloroplast
How does a human get its energy from grass? Humans eat cows which eat grass.
In _____ light energy is converted into chemical energy in the form of sugar. Photosynthesis
What are the products of photosynthesis? oxygen and sugar
What is one product produced by a cell during cellular respiration? water
How does the production of oxygen help to contribute to an ecosystem? It allows animals to use the product for respiration.
Plants are to producers, as animals are to: Consumers
Green plants are important to animals because the plants produce _______ and give off ______ food - oxygen
What are two factors that determine the amount of calories a person requires age - activity level
What is one reason it is important to monitor the quality of our water supply? It is important to our health and the health of other organisms
If a part of system is removed, what will happen? The system is unable to do its original job/function.
Which is a good example of a system? a bicycle
What obstacle did George Washington Carver have to overcome? He was born into a family of slaves.
What obstacle did Isaac Newton have to overcome? His mother abandoned him at a young age.
What obstacle did Jane Goodall have to overcome? She had no formal education when she began her research.
You have found that black fur in a species of guinea pig is dominant over white fur. Using a “B” to represent the dominant allele; and using a “b” to represent the recessive allele you crossed a homozygous black fur guinea pig with a homozygous white fur B B b Bb Bb b Bb Bb
B B b Bb Bb b Bb Bb What percent of the What percent of the possible offspring will have white coats? 0%
B B b Bb Bb b Bb Bb What percent of the possible offspring will have black coats? 100%
B B b Bb Bb b Bb Bb What is the genotype of the homozygous white fur guinea pig? bb
If a horse has 60 chromosomes in its body cells, how many chromosomes are in its sperm? 30
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