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Grimes-WG 2nd Semester Exam Review-PHYSICAL GEO

The longest river in Europe? VOLGA
On what peninsula do Spain & Portugal lie? IBERIAN PENINSULA
What narrow body of water connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean? STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR
This is the longest river in China. YANGTZE (CHANG JIANG)
These are main rivers in China. YELLOW (HUANG HE), YANGTZE (CHANG JIANG), AND XI
This Australian mountain range blocks precipitation from part of Australia. GREAT DIVIDING RANGE
This landmass is like a continent, but on a smaller scale. SUBCONTINENT
This is expansion of dry conditions to once moist areas. DESERTIFICATION
This is a huge monolith in central Australia. AYERS ROCK (ULURU)
These are seasonal winds found in South Asia. MONSOONS
These mountains form a natural barrier between France & Spain. PYRENEES MOUNTAINS
This forms a division between Europe and Asia. URAL MOUNTAINS
This is the largest island of Greece. CRETE
These countries make up the Baltic Republics. ESTONIA, LATVIA, AND LITHUANIA
This is an oil rich area of Southwest Asia. PERSIAN GULF
This silt makes the Huang He River yellow. LOESS
These are the countries of Scandinavia. DENMARK, NORWAY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, AND ICELAND.
These insects carry human diseases in E. Asia. TSE TSE FLIES
This is the deepest lake in the world. LAKE BAIKAL
This Indian river often floods. BRAHMAPUTRA RIVER
The largest eastern European country entirely in Europe. UKRAINE
This is the largest desert in the world. SAHARA
The largest country in area and 9th in population RUSSIA
These are major rivers in South Asia. INDUS, GANGES, BRAHMAPUTRA
This is the largest lake in Africa. LAKE VICTORIA
This water body separates Africa from the Arabian Peninsula. RED SEA
This is the largest "saltwater" lake in Russia. CASPIAN SEA
This was caused by continental shift causing land to sink. GREAT RIFT VALLEY
These are South African deserts. KALAHARI AND NAMIB DESERTS
This plain runs from the French Alps to the Baltic Sea. NORTH EUROPEAN PLAIN
These are things you might see in Antarctica. ICEBERGS, ICE SHELF, PENGUINS, AND SCIENTISTS
Created by: mcgrimes